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  1. xInstead

    Mark as Read/Unread and Star buttons needed

    Hm, this is odd. The stars in the Magazine view suddenly appeared where there were shown none before. And the buttons in the Extended view only show up when the article footer is enabled. Thanks for adding the images, it made me figure it out right away.
  2. Only recently I found out that you have a great working mobile version of the site. I love it and actually prefer it over the app. But how can it be that there's no way to mark content as unread again or at least star it. Currently it's a one way ticket the way it works, but sometimes you might want or need to postpone or save content for later but there's no way to do it in the mobile version. Do you think you could insert or find some place for the buttons?
  3. xInstead

    Another take on Twitter feeds

    The wrapping in Facebook feeds works fine I think, but the problem you mention occurs in Instagram feeds when you use them with the websta aggregator ( But regarding Facebook in general, apparently there are limitations within their api as far as I know or heard. That's why you still have to open or visit the original page to properly view or see the whole content in some cases, because the image previews are too small and displaying of multiple images isn't supported.
  4. xInstead

    Another take on Twitter feeds

    It's not Twitter related, though. That's a feature Feedbin implemented a while ago and is meant to work with links to artcicle pages only. It basically works like the reader button or function some web browsers have by analyzing the links and stripping web pages down to the core whenever it's possible or makes sense.
  5. xInstead

    Another take on Twitter feeds

    I‘m referring to the titles or rather huge walls of text you see when you open the full view of tweets no matter which your preferred view is. You can‘t possibly tell me that you like seeing or reading a cluttered huge wall of text when down below there‘s an almost perfectly formatted view of the same thing. So it‘s definitely possible to remove titles for the full view of tweets and leaving previews for any other view intact at the same time.
  6. xInstead

    Another take on Twitter feeds

    That‘s fine. I‘m just saying it‘s possible to optimize things without affecting your personal behaviour in this case.
  7. xInstead

    Another take on Twitter feeds

    If you cut off titles in the expanded view, it doesn‘t affect any other view, so there still will be titles where they are needed as you‘re right by saying it. Titles for Twitter feeds in the expanded view are an overkill on the other hand since you have profile images and names that tell you right away what‘s going on there.
  8. xInstead

    Another take on Twitter feeds

    That's not really the problem. If you cut out titles from the expanded view, you will be able to work yourself smoothly through your timeline. At the moment I'm handling all the clutter and cosmetics with the Stylish extension. The main problem is that you in roughly 70% of the cases still have to open or redirect to Twitter's page for certain tweets because the feeds look rather half-baked here on Inoreader. Like missing previews in certain cases, article links are sometimes shown as abbreviated shortlinks and aren't clickable, same goes for usernames and hashtags that aren't highlighted or clickable in nested tweets and other little matters. It is fun reading tweets on Inoreader, but it could be way beyond that. There's definitely room and possibility for improvement and I have no doubt that the team would be able to handle it if they really wanted to and took proper time working on it. I'm not expecting it to happen overnight, but it should at least be one of the priority things. At the moment I'm looking forward to what that next big thing is going to be that wesson mentioned.
  9. xInstead

    Another take on Twitter feeds

    I'm reassured to hear this. Thank you. Also appreciate all your efforts and hard work. Keep it up.
  10. xInstead

    Another take on Twitter feeds

    Just a heads up. Feedbin is about to take over the Twitter game while Bazqux is close behind them. Feedbin recently introduced Twitter feeds and they managed to do a superb job I have to say. If one doesn't care about realtime updates, it actually works, looks and feels better than using Twitter's homepage. They handle the most complex tweet structure without a problem. On top they embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos and even whole articles from attached links whenever possible. Even after personally seeing it in action, I have a hard time believing that it actually works, but it does, and very smoothly on top of it. This is just supposed to be a motivation post and I'm not asking you to completely do the same thing, but fact is that there are still some weak spots on Inoreader regarding Twitter feeds and considering how we almost get realtime updates here, it kind of hurts to see this rather wasted potential. I love Inoreader and it really grew on me. I originally joined because you were the first ones that introduced Twitter to the RSS game. Since the very first day I've been fighting for the most perfect Twitter experience here. Seeing what other services manage to do with the api these days, I realized there's finally this possibility to fully enjoy Twitter outside of their homepage or an app and rather beside all your other web activities by using one single service. I'm not going to keep bothering you regarding this, but I hope you consider giving it another try and push Twitter on Inoreader to the next limit or level because I still think this is the best place for all your web activities, and it actually has the potential not just being a place but rather the home of all your web activities where you feel the most comfortable and satisfied whenever you enter it. If you got this far, thank you for reading.
  11. Can I ask you again to try giving Twitter feeds some final improvements. Overall I love how Twitter feeds work on Inoreader, but there are some quirks regarding embedded content in quotes or retweets that make things somewhat unclear. It depends on the case actually and I haven't really figured out when or why it sometimes works fine and other times not. The priority for my request would be: 1) Looking into not clickable links to other websites 2) Displaying of embedded files or content The perfect Twitter account for experimentation would be the one of Dwayne Johnson ( There you get to see pretty much every possible structure of a tweet. So, if you could find some time and try to look into it another time, I would really appreciate it.
  12. xInstead

    Dashboard improvements

    I once again want to point out how useful and convenient the Dashboard is, but it has much more potential to be a real productivity booster. Even though it gives you many possibilities to customize it, it still lacks the necessary flexibility. The following things for example would make it even more powerful. 1. The 'What's new in your Inoreader' gadget should be as customizable as the 'New articles' gadget. So I should be able to pick a specific folder or subscription to be displayed and not just being limited to the 'most read' or 'recently updated' option. 2. You should be able to mark articles as read/unread or starred directly on the dashboard. 3. The most desired feature. You should be able to view or preview articles directly on the dashboard as well. Something like an onscreen card or box that you get to see when you use the card or magazine view after selecting articles. Or even better but harder to imagine, previewing the content by hovering over the article titles on the dashboard. The functionality of the Dashboard is probably restricted to some limitations, but it would be great to see some improvements regarding it in the future.
  13. xInstead

    Limit article title lines

    Is it possible to add an option to limit the number of lines for article titles? Having the situation on the desktop is one thing, but reading through my Twitter timeline on the phone is really a hassle and takes a lot of time with those walls of text as article titles. So it would be nice being able to set a max number of lines for article titles in the article view. Such an option would even appease the situation on the web interface. Since it's another option, everybody would be free to choose their preference.
  14. xInstead

    YouTube Time Indicator

    Do you think it would be possible to add a time indicator to YouTube feeds? I'm referring to the magazine or card view. Sometimes I have a little time left before I move on to other activities and would like to watch one or two short YT videos. Now you probably can imagine what follows. Each time I have to click through the videos or cards until I find a fitting time, but until that happens I already wasted quite some time with all the clicking and marking things back as unread, so it's rather inconvenient. It would be great if the time was displayed in the corner of the thumbnails as it's the case on YouTube.
  15. xInstead

    Article Titles

    Yeah, our reading behaviour simply differs. The great thing about Inoreader is that it's pretty flexible in every way, so I hope the team finds a way here as well. And I totally agree, I would love to see Twitter cards integrated on Inoreader. I mentioned it as well in one of my Twitter threads, but unfortunately it seems to be rather complicated to implement.