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  1. zen

    Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    same feed, different issue. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-04-25-humble-capcom-x-sega-playstation-bundle-features-dead-rising-alien-isolation-and-more this time nearly all the content is missing.
  2. zen

    Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    ok...thanks anyway
  3. zen

    Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    hi wesson, i've found an article that presents the "mobilized content" issue: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-04-17-after-six-months-animal-crossing-pocket-camp-adds-randomised-loot-boxes try to compare all the viewing mode and you'll see the difference.
  4. zen

    Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    it seems to work now! sorry but i can't remember which article i've tested yesterday and in case i'll discover some new issue i'll report them here. thanks wesson
  5. zen

    Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    nearly ok...still missing the images..correctly shown before the latest changes...
  6. zen

    Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    any update on the broken mobilized content for this feed? thanks
  7. zen

    Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    i had to resubscribe this feed cause it stopped working for a while. also, the mobilized content is not working correctly on the the new feed address. can anyone confirm?
  8. i've tried but as i said this just move the issue to the other viewing mode. instead of loading the "web page" now come up the "mobilized content". yes, this way you're not leaving the reader, but it keeps loading unecessary stuff. i think the only way to solve is implementing a "keep pulling" (like half second) for both viewing mode.
  9. in this way i'm just moving the issue to the other viewing mode...am i wrong?
  10. invert gestures? do you mean "all the gestures"?
  11. hello wesson, any news about the "pull up to open the web page" behaviour? having to close all the unintentionally opened pages just because we scrolled fast to the end of the article is becoming really annoying. how about "keep pulling to open the web page"? (like half second)
  12. hi guys, would it be possible to have a "real black theme" optimized for the OLED screen on the iPhone X? i think i've seen a similar option long time ago inside the android version of the app. also, i thik the "pull-up to open the web page" at the end of the article must be less sensible and must require a longer pull-up gesture. sometime you're just scrolling the article fast to its end and the web page pop-up from nowhere! thanks
  13. got it! thanks for the the quick response wesson.
  14. it's happening from this morning on every article of this feed (lifehacker) and yes, i had already reproduced this behaviour on multiple browsers and systems (Firefox and Chrome on mac OS and Win 10).
  15. unfortunately isn't that easy, cause i would need "a lot" of screen space to show this issue. anyway, i will cut the image in two parts. look at the empty space from the bottom of the title/image (part 1) and the where the text of the article really start (part 2).