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  1. Offline Folders: loading extremely slow

    no worries - but I am sorry how much time I wasted starring at this loading wheel instead of just making a new install... Should have posted earlier... Anyway, many thanks!
  2. Offline Folders: loading extremely slow

    Dear Wesson, many thanks - the posting came too late... I erased and reinstalled the app. Weirdly, some of the data seem to have persistend - eg immediately after download the logo showed the unread articles and folders inside the app also but preferences seem to have been reset. As far as I can see now, it works as advertised again and offline folders are loading almost instantly. I will continue testing and revert if the problem persists or comes back. Thanks for your help!
  3. Offline Folders: loading extremely slow

    will try - anything I should consider/save before removing the app? All preferences will be gone, or?
  4. Offline Folders: loading extremely slow

    Hi Wesson, I'm using an iPhone6 and in the offline settings everything is switched on with maximum articles at 100. Cache is 125.5 MB, database 250.5 MB. I absolutely understand that it loads slower if images and a lot of articles are switched on, yet "none-offline folders" load generally much much much faster (almost instantly if you don't count the loading of the images) even though they need to get the data from internet first. I think, the offline folders also only load 20 articles firstly. So, if the offline folder needs ~1 minute to load 20 articles, something seems to be stuck in the background. IMHO offline folders should load fast (at least while in airplane mode) than normal folders, or? Many thanks EDIT: the download of the articles for the offline folders is also very slow - which is understandable to a degree consindering the options I chose but in combination with the extremly slow loading of the folders, offline folders are only for patient people :))
  5. Just to bring this out of the depth of the threads again. Any solution is sight yet? Why can't the cursor up/down keys be mapped for scrolling up/down in the column view like it works in the other views? At the moment I can use "j", "n", "space", "cursor right" AND "cursor down" to go to the next article. 5 shortcuts for (almost) the same - no wonder there are no shortcuts left for scrolling But seriously, it's really annoying - especially on a laptop - to switch back and forth between keyboard and trackpad and fiddle the way to the little down arrow just to scroll down a bit. Curser up/down should be/stay native behavior in the browser. If it is too complicated to change the global shortcut settings, any chance there could be a "use columne view shortcut mapping" as a option? Many thanks for the consideration.
  6. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    Now a more appropriate question: I have different computers (office, home plus phone, pad) and read news on both. I'm only using Inoreader and do not plan to add any other feeds to RSSguard - does RSSguard "stay in sync" in this scenario? Say if I am on holidays and catch up with reading on one computer and the office computer is not on for a week or two and then RSSguard needs to sync a couple of thousand messages...
  7. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    here is a naive question: how do I install RSSGuard from the repository on my Win10? EDIT & answered myself: RTFM! ->
  8. Is the link working? I always get a Your request appears to be from an automated process. If this is incorrect, notify us by clicking here to be redirected. followed by a We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found. The URL may be misspelled or the page you're looking for is no longer available.
  9. Hi, when I open an offline folder to read it, it takes 30 seconds but often 1-3 minutes(!) until the content is presented. That is really annoying and doesn't seem to be related as to whether the mobile is connected to the internet or not. After all this time, it also seems that not even all 100 articles are loaded but ~20 and it will load for a while again to load the next batch. Frustrating. After clicking on the folder, it shows the moving loading wheel. Somtimes also "Downloading 0%" etc. But the "downloading" is inconsistent - sometimes it shows, sometimes not; sometimes it seems to wait until the download of new articles is finished to show the folder content, sometimes it shows the content after a waiting time and THEN adds the new articles in the middle of reading... I first though this is a issue with the connection to the server. So I changed away from the jp. server to the normal server. No change. Then, I went into airplane mode. No change, it still takes forever to load the pre-downloaded(!) offline folder... Normal folders load at normal speed and do not have the lack of the offline folders. I think there are still major issues with the offline folders. Besides the frustrating waiting time, there is still some weird behavior when reading an offline folder and new articles are added (weird scrolling and marking unread arcticles as read - I posted this issue a while ago and it was fixed back then but I guess got broke in a update version). Could you please look into this? Many thanks in advance!
  10. rules exceptions?

    well, I don't know if there is a particular reason why "tag" has not been added to the matching criteria but IMHO it makes sense to add it. A rule "if XYZ tag is applied and the article is not tagged ABC [=folder name] then..." makes sense to me and also has the advantage of running after other rules. Would be great to consider this "new feature". Thanks!
  11. rules exceptions?

    ya but I don't see how this is helpful as I cannot filter e.g. by folder to make a rule "if XYZ tag is applied and the article is not in folder ABC then..." It is basically the same problem in reverse: the trigger "new article in folder" doesn't allow to do things with tags and vv. IHMO "tag" should be added as matching criteria as this also allows to work with folders (as folders are automatically added as tag)
  12. rules exceptions?

    would it be possible to add "tag" as criteria (like "title or content", "Title", etc)? That would allow to filter out certain folders. I guess this depends on in which order the rules are run but this should be a major improvement.
  13. blocked by Apple?

    Thanks, it works! (but I only tested it with a single email)
  14. rules exceptions?

    Hi, I try to create a rules that does the following but cannot get it done: I have a lot of folders which I sometimes read but usually not and set up a rule "all new articles which contain" e.g. "soccer" should be tagged "Soccer Tag". This is to alert me if there is news in a folder I usually don't read. Easy. But now the problem: I have a folder where all my "soccer" related news come together ("Soccer news"). That folder I read and I do not want to have those articles tagged with the above rules as this defies the purpose of the rule. Is there any way to tell Inoreader to ignore that "Soccer news" folder? I tried 2-3 ways but exceptions seem very hard to create with Inoreader. I would be grateful for any help!
  15. blocked by Apple?

    Glad I could help! If possible, please let us know when it is working again!