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  1. maddhin

    Regular Expressions and Rules

    Anybody any idea how this could work? 🤔🤯😜🙏
  2. maddhin cannot load full text

    any chance this gets fixed? 😜 Articles can be read on the website and with other RSS readers. Cheers!
  3. maddhin

    Tags as Feeds/Folders for easy reading

    if we'd have "single tag folders", this would already be very helpful! Having folders of tags sounds interesting indeed but in my setting, tag=folder works fine. Cheers!
  4. maddhin

    Old tagged articles do not show/disappear

    Thanks and sorry for the trouble. I guess there is a stupid little glitch somewhere. But maybe it's good having such a "big" incident now maybe making it easier to track down. For some reason I always feel the (rules/)tagging system is not reliable and has some weird life of it's own 😲😝 Over the years I came across a number of notes which I thought should have been tagged based on a rule but haven't been tagged. I usually checked the rule and thought there must have been some other reason why the tagging didn't work. But as I rely more and more on tags/rules/filters, having a reliable system would be swell... haha Good luck hunting and let me know if I can help somehow!
  5. maddhin

    Old tagged articles do not show/disappear

    I haven't done extensive research but I went through about 10-15 feeds and in none of the feeds there is the tag "news" anymore. There is the chance that the news tag didn't work in those feeds but as the rule should have tagged all incoming messages with the news tag, all messages prior to May 2018 should have the news tag. In fact, at the moment, I cannot find a single article tagged news except for the articles tagged with news tag through new/different rules after May 2018. It's odd. While I wouldn't care much about the news tag as all incoming message have been tagged, what really hurts are the other tags that are missing. It would be very important to being able to go back based on that tag. Especially since the messages are marked read after 30 days, you effectively killed the only method left to read (filtered) feeds/tags that I "binge-read" unregularly.
  6. maddhin

    Old tagged articles do not show/disappear

    Actually, a thought: I got the following email from Inoreader on 23rd of May 2018: Is it possible that there was more happening than just deactivating the rule?!? Is it possible that Inoreader removed that "news" tag and all the other tags? I checked a few feeds (from the folders/feeds) and none of the old messages seem to have the news tag anymore (I had that tag assigned to all incoming messages). I cannot 100% confirm that other tags have been removed as some old message do have some tags but I can confirm that if going through the "tags"-browser, I cannot find a feed which scrolls down further than May 2018 - it is possible it only affected the handful of feeds I checked but even then, it seems to be a bug of sorts. As the messages per se do not seem to be erased: Is it possible that some some "internal tag marker(s)" or actual tags were accidentially erased?!?
  7. maddhin

    Regular Expressions and Rules

    Hi, a question for guys who have experience with complex rules and/or regular expressions. I am looking for the best practice solution for this problem: What I want to do is to tag an article based on which tags it has. For example: an articles comes in and gets tag A based on rule/criteria list A and gets a tag B based on rule/criteria list B. So far so simple and the article is tagged A and B. But now I want to make a rule "if the article is tagged A and is tagged B, then add a tag "C" to it" In my understanding such a rule is not possible with the standard tools. Many thanks in advance! EDIT/PS: I know I could do the rule if article is tagged A and criteria B is fulfilled, add tag B and C". This works but has the huge disadvantage that one has to update the "criteria B" in multiple rules plus the fact that their is another rule necessary to tag B.
  8. maddhin

    Old tagged articles do not show/disappear

    definetely strange. 27k unread tagged articles, ~55 tagging rules. I will try to pay close attention to the missed tagging but - if I remember correctly - the missed tags are often in rules which tag a lot and usually the rule log does not come up. I assume it's "too many" hits (say 100 a day) and the log does not load - which is odd in itself as I also tried to figure out why articles where not tagged. I cannot imagine the "tagged articles not showing prior to May 2018" problem is only my problem but even if so, it is a problem... It's hard for me to further comment without understanding the internal "mechanics" behind Inoreader. Maybe the cut off date is somehow helpful for you guys to zero in on what could be the problem....
  9. Hi, as I have a lot of feeds and a lot of folders, I very actively use (more or less complex) rules to filter what I really want to read into tags. Random example: I would make a rule to add a "football" tag if an article has football in title/content and another rule (triggered by first rule) making a "ManU" and "read" tag if the football news is about Manchester United. This way I collect different news into a "read" tag - which I then - well - read. While it is possible to read this tag, it is always a bit cumbersome to get to this tag (as I have a long list of tags = always a lot of scrolling) and it feels "unnatural". Especially changing between folders and tags is inconvenient. Furthermore, I do miss the option to to "combine tags into a folder" (analog to feeds in a folder) and I would love to have "offline tags" (offline folders). There is the option to export the tag as feed and then subscribe this tag-feed in Inoreader but that method is not practical because a lot of the original feed info such as author etc as well as tags is lost. Would there be the option to add a "show this tag as folder" feature? That would be awesome!
  10. maddhin

    Old tagged articles do not show/disappear

    Just as a comment as this is a different problem: I do have a big number of articles which should have been tagged by a rule but never got tagged. The rule is usually very simple "for new articles in account -> title or content contains "football" -> assign tag "football" - still some articles manage not to get tagged this way although "football" is even in the title...
  11. That would be super!! I totally understand your standpoint but in a way it feels a little bit like being at an email provider who marks your unread email as read after 30 days... 😲😝 Paying for retention seems to be a quite fair solution. Have a great weekend!
  12. maddhin

    Old tagged articles do not show/disappear

    I just went through a number of tags - there seem to be 3 scenarios: 1. all articles before May 2018 (the May 2018 articles are visible - don't know whether complete for may 2018) are missing although the tagging rule runs for years: seen in at least 7 tags 2. all articles between May 2018 and July 2015(!) are missing: seen in 1 tag 3. all articles seem to be still there: seen in 1 tag I cannot go through all tags as some tags do have a large number of unread articles and it would take too long to scroll through. But except for the 2 exceptions, all tags I checked stopp at May 2018. It seems the rest is not loading properly? As May 2018 is longer than 30 days, I assume something happened around that date? EDIT: I just found 2 tags which have everything to May 2018 and the month of August 2017 and then nothing... All old tags, which I do not tag anymore with a rule do not show any articles.
  13. Actually just a thought: why isn't the retention depending on what plan is booked - say 1 year retention for professional, 6 months for plus and 3 months for starter and 1 month for free - doesn't that make a lot of sense? And if there is a work by-feed "mark-as-read-after-X-days feature" I would imagine you guys have even less unread articles and quirky clients like I, are super grateful as I am happy to get my read count down, too - but not at the cost of missing important information.
  14. When I go into my list of tags and open the associated articles, it seems to be impossible to see the old articles (older than 30 days?). If I click "older articles" no old articles are loaded. Is Inoreader removing the tags after a while?!? How can I see my old tagged articles (say older than 30 days)?
  15. no, not AT ALL! Having to split feeds "which below together" into different folders doesn't make any sense and completely defies the purpose of the given folders. Besides all the "soft factors" like reading comfort, there are also hard factors such as that tags will change and I would have to find a way to manually "merge" tags (I use folder names as tags). One could argue that I could make another rule to assign a new tag over the split folders, etc. but that creates useless tags in e.g. Evernote which have to be manually removed and what not. So, if the reading comfort wasn't a KO-criteria, the tag-mess is :) IMHO the implementation of this feature has to be on feed level.