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  1. rules exceptions?

    well, I don't know if there is a particular reason why "tag" has not been added to the matching criteria but IMHO it makes sense to add it. A rule "if XYZ tag is applied and the article is not tagged ABC [=folder name] then..." makes sense to me and also has the advantage of running after other rules. Would be great to consider this "new feature". Thanks!
  2. rules exceptions?

    ya but I don't see how this is helpful as I cannot filter e.g. by folder to make a rule "if XYZ tag is applied and the article is not in folder ABC then..." It is basically the same problem in reverse: the trigger "new article in folder" doesn't allow to do things with tags and vv. IHMO "tag" should be added as matching criteria as this also allows to work with folders (as folders are automatically added as tag)
  3. rules exceptions?

    would it be possible to add "tag" as criteria (like "title or content", "Title", etc)? That would allow to filter out certain folders. I guess this depends on in which order the rules are run but this should be a major improvement.
  4. blocked by Apple?

    Thanks, it works! (but I only tested it with a single email)
  5. rules exceptions?

    Hi, I try to create a rules that does the following but cannot get it done: I have a lot of folders which I sometimes read but usually not and set up a rule "all new articles which contain" e.g. "soccer" should be tagged "Soccer Tag". This is to alert me if there is news in a folder I usually don't read. Easy. But now the problem: I have a folder where all my "soccer" related news come together ("Soccer news"). That folder I read and I do not want to have those articles tagged with the above rules as this defies the purpose of the rule. Is there any way to tell Inoreader to ignore that "Soccer news" folder? I tried 2-3 ways but exceptions seem very hard to create with Inoreader. I would be grateful for any help!
  6. blocked by Apple?

    Glad I could help! If possible, please let us know when it is working again!
  7. column view: thumbnails do not show

    well, the screens are getting bigger and the glasses thicker! But on a more serious note: the size difference between compact and ultra is not that much. I have a normal sized 16:9 screen and think the pictures in compact are still rather big But as always: There is no accounting for taste
  8. column view: thumbnails do not show

    Alright, that worked!! Thanks! Just two comments: that ultra/compact/etc option is well hidden...! Any chance to get thumbs in ultra in the future? I find column-ultra a super-efficient view to scan/scroll through feeds/folders with a lot of articles but only a few I want to read. Cheers
  9. column view: thumbnails do not show

    PS: icons are also only showing sporadically and not at all for the Engadget feed above.
  10. column view: thumbnails do not show

    for me, not a single feed is showing thumbnails in column view but I have no problem seeing thumbnails/pictures in e.g. magazine view. One example would be:
  11. I cannot send emails to a icloud ( address through the webinterface and get the following message (through my email client). Otherwise the emails send fine to this email: Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: ??? Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's email provider rejected it. The following organization rejected your message: Diagnostic information for administrators: Generating server: ??? Remote Server returned '< #5.7.0 smtp; 550 5.7.0 Blocked - see>' Original message headers: Return-Path: <???@????.com> Received: from (unknown []) by (Postfix) with SMTP id 4F397BFF1E; Tue, 1 Aug 2017 07:43:11 +0300 (EEST) EDIT: this was sent / tried through the website.
  12. Hi, although there is a function in the preferences, I cannot get the thumbnails to show on different computers with different browsers (Firefox, Edge, IE). Is this function live? If not, I would really love to see this working. Thanks a bunch!
  13. iOS scroll bar jump marks articles as read

    @wesson super, thanks a bunch!
  14. iOS scroll bar jump marks articles as read

    Hi, as mentioned ~2 weeks ago, there is still/again some issues with new articles coming in - at least a part of the newly added articles is marked as read when important (original problem).