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  1. Now I am a bit more confused but I am also understanding one point you are making. I have mixed "offline folder content download" (as defined in the "offline folder settings") and "general download & updating of the folder" (as general app behavior). So, if I understand you correctly, the offline folder setting only define how the folder "is filled". But the offline folder settings do not define the general folder behavior. That's why when the "download only on wifi" switch is turned on, the folder still gets new articles when on 4G (like any other folder) and when opening the folder. OK, although this is not really intuitive. So, the "download only on wifi" option is basically just preventing "background folders" from being updated. But this means that the not-downloading of images and full text content is "hardcoded"? But I still don't understand why specific offline folder options are overturned by "general rules". So, then I guess part of the solution is to ask where I could change that general behavior - say that thumbnails are loaded when on 4G. Confusing. Let's try a different approach and maybe you can tell me how to realize this behavior: 1. while on 4G I do not want that offline folders are automatically updated (in the background). 2. if I open a offline folder when on 4G, it should behave normal = show / download images - like all other folders do. (to use offline folders only when really offline doesn't seem to be a realistic solution - most people would want to read their most frequently use folders offline and not a folder only used on an airplane. IMHO offline folders are most frequently used by commuters who have patchy 4G or simply want to save 4G data. Using them completely offline seems to be more of an awesome luxury for large commutes like flights)
  2. @ono OH. MY. GOD. You are my hero! 🤩 I just tested it for 2 seconds but I love it already (using a & s to go up and down)! That's what Inoreader has been missing for me for years! Just reading the news without that annoying fumbling with the mouse to hit that tiny down arrow! THANK YOU! Well, this sounds a bit tedious / experimental but what is fumbling one little thing once a day compared to fumbling with every article you want to read!! Thanks again!
  3. this is valuable info to me and I'll try to figure out "what goes wrong" with this in mind. I'm aware of this, I don't think the buffer per se is the problem. I actually do like this design as it always keeps something to read ready even if not updated. Here is a slight misunderstanding: I do not want to download read articles. But what happens is that Inoreader downloads new unread articles into the folder (while being in the folder or reading an article in the folder) and THEN those newly downloaded, unread articles are by Inoreader marked as read. That means if one doesn't scroll to the top of the reading list and double-checks, these articles will disappear when leaving the folder. This is definetely a bug and needs top be fixed. I remember we had this bug in the past with the old version and you fixed it. For some reason it is back now. I might be wrong but I think you had fixed this in version 6 already but it must have come back with one of the recent bug fix releases. Yes, of course, the offline folders are designed for complete offline use but they are "on" in wifi and 3/4G environments. Except for the moved article in the other thread, I didn't come across deleted articles, etc. Newer articles do have the bug mentioned above. But IMHO the problem lies in the "offline settings": 1. it is 100% correct that offline folder should only be loaded in wifi. BUT in a 3/4G environment Inoreader ALSO looks for new articles and downloads them. There is no option to control this behavior 2. New articles which are downloaded in 3/4G environment do not have images nor full content. IMHO this is fine for automatically downloaded content. This is especially fine if Inoreader updated those articles with images and full content when back in an wifi environment. 3. When reaching the end of the "buffer" - X recently unread articles as defined in settings - and the app downloads new (older) articles, these are also downloaded without image and full content. Here there should be the option to allow images and full-content if one chooses to. Simplified, what I am proposing is basically to have the option to tell Inoreader to act either like in a wifi OR a offline environment while in 3/4G. Depending on whether people want to use 3/4G data or not. At very least (besides fixing that bad bug) there should be an option to load images in 3/4G if one choses to. I might be wrong but IMHO this was the standard setting in the old app. The other options are a logic analogy. Looking at the problem from another angle, one could say: the "download only on wifi" option doesn't work correctly... If this option is switched on, Inoreader should not download new articles on 3/4G!!! 😋
  4. maddhin cannot load full text

    Hm, 99% of the articles on are freely accessible. All articles are in the feed. They chose a few articles and put them behind a paywall, so I totally understand and respect if those doesn't work with Inoreader. I quickly tested with FeeddlerRSS app as I had this one on my phone and this app loads the full content without any problems. That "W" (key) is not working I do understand to a degree but "Q" is also not working which just should open the website link, or? That shouldn't be "illegal" Not sure if you changed something or it was a error on my side before, but the thumbnails are working for this feed now. Cheers!!
  5. hm. 1. The issues I am having with not fully loaded content and missing pictures are within those (100) recent articles. Sometimes within the recent 10 articles... Which is particularly weird as (I think) I saw Inoreader "updating" at very least the thumbnails for the 100 recent articles in the past. Currently my reading list is mixed between fully loaded + thumb articles and articles without downloaded content and thumbs. This never happened in the old app. 2. I am always a little irritated as of which articles are recent (100) articles and which ones are "newly downloaed when on the road". After 20-30(?) articles, my phone needs to reload more articles. At some point, the reloading takes quite a while so I am assuming this is the point where the 100 recent articles buffer is empty. The "older articles" usually comes when there is a gap between recent and still unread articles. Say I have 200 unread articles and 30 are 3 weeks old, my phone would load the articles as decribed above until it hits those 30 old articles and "Older articles" appears to load those 30 articles. In my experience, I never connected the "100 recent articles buffer" with "Older articles". It would actually makes sense to implement it this way but as far as my experience goes, Inoreader doesn't work that way... It would actually be great to mark (or make a counter) for the offline articles so one knows when they are empty. 3. In the latest version 6.0.5, there are still issues with offline folders. Today some articles have been download and added on top of the reading list and again have been maarked as read. In fact, I had 2 sections (each about 7 articles) which were marked as read but I have not read them (I do have the "mark read on scroll" function switched on). So there is definetely something weird going on with offline folders. I generally think offline folder do have some issues when operating in a 3/4G enviroment. But IMHO, the "classic" use of the offline folders is in a 3/4G enviroment. I tried using the offline folders a few times in an airplane in true offline enviroment but it was difficult as content wasn't downloaded completely, etc. Offline folders are certainly a great feature and I do not want to miss it but it's not a "Pocket" reading list yet.
  6. fair enough. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
  7. that's good I guess because that means it is a bug. I'm usually reading articles and seeing this behavior when on 3/4G. Yes, the articles seem to be older than the recent 100 (but I am not sure when Inoreader has to reload articles). But what I'm seeing at the moment is that there are always "blocks" of articles which do not have a thumbnail and no full content. So, what I'm imagining is that when on 3G, articles are downloaded without thumb / full content and stay this way. Although I have seen articles being "updated" with thumbnails (cannot confirm full content) when back on wifi. But this doesn't seem to be consistent because then the most recent 100 should all be having thumbs and full content but which is not the case. So, for me it's hard to figure out what really goes wrong as I don't know the intended behavior. One of the possible reasons why things could go wrong is that I might change from wifi to 3G while the offline folder is updating. As the background update/sync "is not perfect yet", I usually open my main offline folder shortly before I leave to update it. As the update is usually slow, it is very possible, I'm switching from wifi to 3G while the update is happening. At least this is the only possible explanation I could find for the weird behavior on my side. But I never had those issues with the old app.
  8. I don’t know if this is designed behavior or a bug but when on 3/4G (read: not on WLAN), it seems that no image/thumbnail nor full content/text is downloaded when new articles are loaded after the offline articles are read (hitting bottom of reading list and Inoreader loads new articles). At the Offline settings, I have all options on “on” (max article: 100). I have not paid very much attention but this could also be happening at simple reloading (after 20? articles) before hitting my 100 articles limit. In any case, I do always have sections with articles without images and no full content. So either there is some problem during the WLAN download or for some reason articles are downloaded during 3/4G in the background (which should not happen as I switched "Download only on wifi" on). Besides this, there is still wierd stuff going on when new articels come in. E.g. when reading an article while the new articles are added, the screen goes white and irresponsive for a while until the article appears again but not at reading position but from top of article...
  9. Hi, I removed one feed from one folder and moved the feed into another folder - so all the related articles of course moved to the new folder and all is fine on the web version. But on iOS - although updating the offline folder repeatedly - I still have the "moved" articles in the offline folder... Weird. Please check and fix:) Cheers
  10. Hi, for quite some time now, I do have issues with the feed (important German newspaper) The feed is loading ok but when I load the mobile content ("W" key) the loaded text looks something like this: ------------------------------------ ',e.appendChild(e.resizeSensor),e.resizeSensor.offsetParent!==e&&("relative");var r,s,d,a,l=e.resizeSensor.childNodes[0],c=l.childNodes[0],u=e.resizeSensor.childNodes[1],h=e.offsetWidth,f=e.offsetHeight,m=function(){"100000px","100000px",l.scrollLeft=1e5,l.scrollTop=1e5,u.scrollLeft=1e5,u.scrollTop=1e5};m();var p=function(){s=0,r&&(h=d,f=a,e.resizedAttached&&},v=function(){d=e.offsetWidth,a=e.offsetHeight,(r=d!=h||a!=f)&&!s&&(s=t(p)),m()},y=function(e,t,n){e.attachEvent?e.attachEvent("on"+t,n):e.addEventListener(t,n)};y(l,"scroll",v),y(u,"scroll",v)}}(e,o)}),this.detach=function(e){n.detach(i,e)}};return n.detach=function(t,n){e(t,function(e){e&&(e.resizedAttached&&"function"==typeof n&&(e.resizedAttached.remove(n),e.resizedAttached.length())||e.resizeSensor&&(e.contains(e.resizeSensor)&&e.removeChild(e.resizeSensor),delete e.resizeSensor,delete e.resizedAttached))})},n}),function(e,t){"function"==typeof define&&define.amd?define(["./ResizeSensor.js"],t):"object"==typeof exports?module.exports=t(require("./ResizeSensor.js")):(e.ElementQueries=t(e.ResizeSensor),e.ElementQueries.listen())}("undefined"!=typeof window?window:this,function(e){var t=function(){function n(e){e||(e=document.documentElement);var t=window.getComputedStyle(e,null).fontSize;return parseFloat(t)||16}function i(e,t){var i=t.split(/\d/),o=i[i.length-1];switch(t=parseFloat(t),o){case"px":return t;case"em":return t*n(e);case"rem":return t*n();case"vw":return t*document.documentElement.clientWidth/100;case"vh":return t*document.documentElement.clientHeight/100;case"vmin":case"vmax":var r=document.documentElement.clientWidth/100,s=document.documentElement.clientHeight/100;return t*(0,Math["vmin"===o?"min":"max"])(r,s);default:return t}}function o(t,n){t.elementQueriesSetupInformation?t.elementQueriesSetupInformation.addOption(n):(t.elementQueriesSetupInformation=new function(e){this.element=e,this.options={};var t,n,o,r,s,d,a,l=0,c=0;this.addOption=function(e){var t=[e.mode,,e.value].join(",");this.options[t]=e};var u=["min-width","min-height","max-width","max-height"];{for(t in l=this.element.offsetWidth,c=this.element.offsetHeight,s={},this.options)this.options.hasOwnProperty(t)&&(n=this.options[t],o=i(this.element,n.value),r="width",a=n.mode+"-",d="","min"!=n.mode||o>r||(d+=n.value),"max"!=n.mode||r>o||(d+=n.value),s[a]||(s[a]=""),d&&-1===(" "+s[a]+" ").indexOf(" "+d+" ")&&(s[a]+=" "+d));for(var e in u)u.hasOwnProperty(e)&&(s[u[e]]?this.element.setAttribute(u[e],s[u[e]].substr(1)):this.element.removeAttribute(u[e]))}}(t),t.elementQueriesSetupInformation.addOption(n),t.elementQueriesSensor=new e(t,function(){})),,l&&c.indexOf(t)o[e].minWidth&&(n=e);if(n||(n=s),d!=n)if(a[n])i[d].style.display="none",i[n].style.display="block",d=n;else{var l=new Image;l.onload=function(){i[n].src=r[n],i[d].style.display="none",i[n].style.display="block",a[n]=!0,d=n},l.src=r[n]}else i[n].src=r[n]}var i=[],o=[],r=[],s=0,d=-1,a=[];for(var u in t.children)if(t.children.hasOwnProperty(u)&&t.children.tagName&&"img"===t.children.tagName.toLowerCase()){i.push(t.children);var h=t.children.getAttribute("min-width")||t.children.getAttribute("data-min-width"),f=t.children.getAttribute("data-src")||t.children.getAttribute("url");r.push(f);var m={minWidth:h};o.push(m),h?"none":(s=i.length-1,"block")}d=s,t.resizeSensor=new e(t,n),n(),l&&c.push(t)}function d(e){var t,n,i,o,r,s;for(e=e.replace(/'/g,'"');null!==(t=h.exec(e));)for(n=t[1]+t[3],attrs=t[2];null!==(attrMatch=f.exec(attrs));)i=n,o=attrMatch[1],r=attrMatch[2],s=attrMatch[3],void 0===u[o]&&(u[o]={}),void 0===u[o][r]&&(u[o][r]={}),void 0===u[o][r]?u[o][r]=i:u[o][r]+=","+i}function a(e){var t="";if(e)if("string"==typeof e)(-1!==(e=e.toLowerCase()).indexOf("min-width")||-1!==e.indexOf("max-width"))&&d(e);else for(var n=0,i=e.length;i>n;n++)1===e[n].type?-1!==(t=e[n].selectorText||e[n].cssText).indexOf("min-height")||-1!==t.indexOf("max-height")?d(t):(-1!==t.indexOf("min-width")||-1!==t.indexOf("max-width"))&&d(t):4===e[n].type?a(e[n].cssRules||e[n].rules):3===e[n].type&&a(e[n].styleSheet.cssRules)}var l=!1,c=[],u={},h=/,?[\s\t]*([^,\n]*?)((?:\[[\s\t]*?(?:min|max)-(?:width|height)[\s\t]*?[~$\^]?=[\s\t]*?"[^"]*?"[\s\t]*?])+)([^,\n\s\{]*)/gim,f=/\[[\s\t]*?(min|max)-(width|height)[\s\t]*?[~$\^]?=[\s\t]*?"([^"]*?)"[\s\t]*?]/gim,m=!1;this.init=function(e){l=void 0!==e&&e;for(var t=0,n=document.styleSheets.length;n>t;t++)try{a(document.styleSheets[t].cssRules||document.styleSheets[t].rules||document.styleSheets[t].cssText)}catch(e){if("SecurityError"! 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Abonnieren Sie unsere FAZ.NET-Newsletter und wir liefern die wichtigsten Nachrichten direkt in Ihre Mailbox. Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an den F.A.Z.-Newslettern. Sie erhalten in wenigen Minuten eine E-Mail, um Ihre Newsletterbestellung zu bestätigen. --------------------------------------- If I load the full text ("Q" key), there is nothing happening and nothing loads. There is also no pictures loaded for this feed. Any change this can get fixed? That would be awesome and many thanks in advance! EDIT EDIT: Does anybody know how to get rid of this crossed out formatting?!? For some reason it marked my text as crossed out!!!!!!!
  11. maddhin

    Bug: newly added articles are marked as read

    This is a different issue (although potentially related to offline folders) but I do not want to open a new thread: for some articles I do not get pictures / thumbnails - I don’t know how this happens exactly but it seems to be related on how the articles are downloaded as there is always a complete batch/segment not downloaded. What I can say though is that if the articles are download while reading in the same folder, pictures seems to be downloaded (at least in WiFi). So imho the problem is somewhere else but I cannot tell for sure.
  12. maddhin

    Bug: newly added articles are marked as read

    hm. I predominatly read folders which are also offline folders, so I basically only refer to offline folder behavior. In the previous versions (v5, 6, 6.0.1, 6.0.2) downloaded articles were added on top of the current reading position basically not distrubing reading. If I recall correctly, this was the standard (or a long existing bug LOL). Automatically jumping to the top (WITHOUT manual refreshing!!!!) is new to me. IMHO Inoreader 6.0.3. now triggers a "refresh" once the article are download causing the jump to top and removal of read articles. I'll have to check the normal (not-offline) folder behavior. Jumping to the top is IMHO ok but kind a annoying for people with the "mark read on scroll" option on. Removing the read articles should not happen (as you, too, say) because this causes a totally confusing reading experience.
  13. maddhin

    Review of Inoreader 6 iOS

    well, if you ask me, I would accept as low as 8/5 haha
  14. maddhin

    Bug: newly added articles are marked as read

    6.0.3 seems to fix the issue as one is pushed to the top of the article list after all articles are downloaded now - but at the same time the "old" read articles are remove (I'm using the "show unread only" option). The new behavior is better than the old but it would still be good (read: necessary) to keep the old read articles in the list so one knows where one was in the list or can actually go back into an article which was marked as read because one took a glimpse at it but it was not really read yet. The new behavior literally "takes the article away" before one has the chance to makr it as unread or star it.
  15. maddhin

    New Update 6.0 is a fall back in last century

    Hm. I don't think posting the changelog in a thread here will take THAT much time. Although I clearly hear you in terms of being overloaded. But what I don't quite understand: shouldn't the TestFlight program be finished BEFORE the app is released? Why are the TestFlight users are finding so many bugs NOW? I know you are not quite saying this but should the average user now wait until the internal FlightTest program is finished before posting bugs here? I think it would be practical to also collect the bugs here and you also have a platform to comment on which bugs are acknowledged and for which you still need info or whatever. IMHO a dedicated version thread also makes it easier for the Inoreader team to monitor rather than following 7 "I dislike the new version" threads and 10 individual bug threads Anyway, just my 2 cents - I actually do not want to make a discussion out of this. Do as you see fit. But your honest feedback is highly appreciated! I do hope you guys are getting some sleep these days and fingers crossed you squash 'em all efficiently!