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  1. maddhin

    Sending Email and Captcha

    Well, I have the problem that all Google services are blocked - on top of the fact that I also use uMatrix and Pi-hole which would block it, too. Therefore I cannot send out emails anymore which is very annoying and costs time to switch to mobile app and find article, type on tiny keyboard and transfer other info from PC to phone to add to email. Its a PITA. If captcha, can you please use a different provider than Google? Could it be an option to e.g. have the email open in external app like Outlook? I'd generally prefer that anyway (as this would create a sent-record) and this should also prevent your spam issues. That solution would create added value for users - and maybe a marketable feature for plus/pro subcriptions...
  2. maddhin

    Firefox Inoreader Companion working?

    OK. If somebody has any experience/info on how this problem can be prevented in Firefox, I would be very grateful. I don't use any specific cookie-blocking measures/addons and have http and on the cookie whitelist...
  3. OK, that explains... So no graphics for now Cheers for the fast response
  4. maddhin

    Firefox Inoreader Companion working?

    Update: to check out another issue, I switched off all addons and since then the companion is working as advertised - even though I have switched on all addons again. Could this be some "cookie-blocking" issue? Firefox seem to have some issues with this recently.
  5. Hi, it might be just my setup but on my laptop "load full article contents from remote site" (aka "Q" key) in Firefox 61.0.2 (Win10) is not working. On the same laptop it works with Edge and IE though. I switched off all add-ons and restarted but same behavior. Odd. Does anybody had or has the same problem? Any ideas what could be wrong?
  6. maddhin cannot load full text

    push... I guess you guys do not have enough German subscribers (although the feed shows 1048 subscribers)... LOL But the FAZ is one of the 2-3 most important newspapers in Germany and it is very annoying it cannot be read with Inoreader while other RSS readers load the full text ("W") without any problem. Please fix. 🙏
  7. Hi, for me the Last month/Weekdays/Time of day graphics are not showing. Only the "loading dots" show. I always assumed - as I am behind a firewall - that these graphics link to some Google-related links which are blocked here. But if this is not the case, this is some sort of bug:) The statistic section works, but, again the graphics are not loading.
  8. maddhin

    Firefox Inoreader Companion working?

    I tried to log out and then log in again via the "Inoreader account" link but no change in behavior. Actually, it seems that I am logged in while it shows "Please sign into your Inoreader account" as it says "You have 9999 unread articles in Inoreader" and shows a 9999 marker - if I sign out the "9999" marker on the icon also disappears. When I click on the popup showing the "Please sign in..." it brings me to the Inoreader Firefox tap where I am logged in...
  9. just for guys struggling with the issue that you have to do the re-loading thing: I just figured out that the re-loading is not necessary if you use Tampermoneky instead of Greasemonkey on Firefox. See @ono: again, thanks for the tip! Love this script.
  10. Hi, I installed the Inoreader companion on Firefox but all I get is a "Please sign into your Inoreader account" and after signing in that never disappears. Do I do something wrong?
  11. maddhin

    deactivated feed still considered in rules

    cheers guys for the quick response!
  12. Hi, I deactivated an feed / subscription but articles from this feed are still tagged by an rule and showed under that tag accordingly. Shouldn't deactivated feeds be ignored by rules?
  13. Actually, today I saw that Inoreader as "Control how long to keep unread articles in a folder" listed as feature for the professional plan (only). 1. I think that is misleading as this basically implies that I can choose how long I want to keep the articles unread but in reality the opposite is the case: I can only shorten the time articles are marked read! 2. For my use cases, the current implementation is a nice feature but has limited practical value to me. Part of the reason why I use RSS / Inoreader is that I do not want to miss news. In my case it doesn't make much sense to e.g. mark news automatically read after 2 days. Inoreader already has the feature to mark old articles as read (manually). And the things that annoys me is that the feature only works per folder not per feed. Per feed would be useful to "filter out" old, less important feeds while reading the folder. An implementation via a slider (per feed) between 1 and say 90 or 180 or 360 days would be great (depending on tier). This would allow to finetune the information flow significantly (mark unimportant stuff as read after 3 days and keep important things for 360 days / until read). From my point of view, the free plan then only keeps articles only unread for say 14 days as "incentive" to upgrade to a paid plan. But that's for the marketing guys to decide haha Have a good weekend y'all
  14. maddhin

    Regular Expressions and Rules

    Anybody any idea how this could work? 🤔🤯😜🙏
  15. maddhin cannot load full text

    any chance this gets fixed? 😜 Articles can be read on the website and with other RSS readers. Cheers!