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  1. RSSCircus, thanks for chiming in. Yahoo Pipes was a great utility. I wish it was still around, but if Inoreader could more of YP's functionality, that would be great!
  2. I love using filters and rules to limit the content in feeds. It seems like the "Title or content" search option limits the searching to certain parts of a feed rather than all of the XML in the file. I wish it were possible to search *all* the XML. That might make it possible to search for XML tag content with these types of strings to limit feed items by author or day-of-week: <author>Mary Smith</author> <pubDate>Sunday Thanks for such a great feed reader! -Russ
  3. russdw

    More Rule Options

    I found this posting while wondering if there was a way to pause or sleep a feed and have it automatically wake up at some point in the future, like in four months or two years. Deactivating a feed is nice, but a setting to have it automatically turn itself back on would be a nice feature. For example, I might deactivate a baseball RSS feed when the season is over and have it automatically reactivate in March or April. Or an election oriented blog might "wake up" in a year or two depending on the election cycle. With some feeds at some times, my interest varies from intense interest to no interest. I find myself marking the entire feed as read for periods of time, and at other times wanting to read every article all the way through. It would be nice to, in essence, to tell a feed to "go away and come back later" by putting it to sleep, but also setting a "wake up call."
  4. Here's a possible feature idea to address the issue above. Make a preference that would allow setting the "height" of the body text for each Expanded View article listing. This would allow the user to set how tall each item in the list would be. Some might want one to a few lines, while others might want all the body text that is available. Thanks for considering this.
  5. My favorite Inoreader view is Magazine view, but I also really like the way Expanded view scrolls. It would be great to somehow combine the two. (I'm talking about using Inoreader in the Chrome browser on Windows, by the way.) I like to navigate the article lists with the "n" and "p" keys, marking as read as I go with the "m" key. Expanded view has this great feature where the selected article always stays at the top of my browser window. Because of this, I can see ahead several articles, which is really nice. The articles I've dealt with are out of view off the top of the screen, which is great. Magazine view behaves the opposite way. As I press "n" to move down, the selected article is at the bottom of my browser window. I can't see ahead any articles, and the stuff I've already dealt with is lingering above the selection on the screen. This scrolling behavior is not as nice as what Expanded view does. So I wish Magazine view would auto-scroll like the Expanded view does, or perhaps make an option that allows this type of scrolling to be enabled. Thanks for the great product. -Russ
  6. russdw

    Rule preview and apply to existing

    Inoreader has added a feature similar to that described in the previous post: Jump-start your automation by manually running Rules
  7. I'm exporting a folder to an RSS feed, and I have two questions about how rules affect the exported RSS feed: If I set a rule on the folder, should the resulting RSS feed only include items that match the rule? If I set a rule on a feed within the folder, should the resulting RSS feed only include items that match the rule?In both cases above, the rule seems to get ignored and the RSS contains everything. It appears that the only way to export RSS based on a rule is to apply a tag as part of the rule, and then export RSS from the tag. Is this correct, or are there bugs in the bullets above? Thanks.
  8. russdw

    Rule preview and apply to existing

    joshg253, thanks for the suggestion. That is a novel approach that I might try. I have already been adding additional feeds that are more likely to have matches as a means of testing. But your idea is even better. Nevertheless, I'd prefer an actual feature to reset the feed or rule somehow: remove all tags and stars, set all entries to unread, and reapply the rule. Perhaps a checkbox in the Edit Rule dialog box that says something like, "Reset affected feeds before applying rule changes for the first time."
  9. russdw

    Rule preview and apply to existing

    Kind of related to this post... I am new to Inoreader Plus and I'm trying to learn rules, some of which use regular expressions which can be tricky. The way rules only work soley on new content makes them hard to troubleshoot because after editing a rule, I basically have to wait around for more content to arrive. I wish there was some way of resetting a feed or a rule to "like new" so that I could re-run the rule in order to get more immediate feedback on how my rule editing is affecting the feed. Not quite the feature mwisnicki requested, but maybe an implementable alternate? (A little background: I currently use Feedly Pro along with Yahoo Pipes to filter some of my feeds. With Yahoo Pipes going away, I'm looking at using Inoreader because of its rules, tagging, and active search abilities. Also, the ability to export feeds may allow me to use Inoreader to filter some podcast feeds before handing them off to my podcasting app. This forum is also a great source of information. So far I'm very impressed.) Thanks.