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  1. Fixxeren

    Android App Update Status

    Very simple question. Can we please get an update on the ETA for the Android app overhaul. I know you guys might have two different development teams for each platform but once again iOS is getting something before we on the Android side are. So as a consultation it would be great to get some type of an update or even sneak peek at whats going on with development.
  2. Fixxeren

    Articles Not Opening (Randomly)

    I can attest to this issue. It happens randomly and without any type of pattern. I am running a Google Pixel 2XL (Android 8.1). I have found that the best way to mitigate the issue is to use the "Cards" view. This seems to ensure that the articles always open on tap. I notice the issue when I am in the "Magazine" view.
  3. Fixxeren

    Tablet Layout Suggestions

    Hello Inoreader Team, I figured I would provide another post about improvements that can be made to the tablet layout on larger screen devices. One caveat I would like to mention is that this is all with a Chromebook in mind since frankly Android tablets are dead. So the first focus area for the overhaul of the tablet mode would be for it to be optimized for use on Chromebooks. That means ARM and Intel Based Chromebooks since it seems this is the future tablet platform for Android apps. Second I would like to get into design and layout I have included some images of the current tablet layout below. I am using a Pixelbook running a Core i5 Intel Chip and 8 gigs of RAM. Even with those specs I still experience significant performance lag while using the "Cards View". If I use the "Magazine" or "List" view I don't experience this. I can only think the lag is caused by images loading in. So to keep this post short and get right to the point, I think a two pane view should be implemented for "List" view. Also, there should be an option to enable/disable thumbnails for the list view. This will essentially combine the elements of the current "List" and "Magazine" view into one view. The only difference in the two views currently is one has thumbnails and the other does not. The content is presented the same way when the post is clicked regardless of view. This implementation will free up the team to create the "Full Bleed" Image heavy "Magazine" view that every user expects. I think if you want to see a great example of this check out the Feedly app implementation on larger screens. I have included an album just for reference of how Inoreader looks today on tablets. As you can see it doe snot take advantage of the screen area which results in tons of "White Space" or just stretched out graphics. Below are the two examples of how I think a great "Magazine" View and "List" View could be implemented. So far as the "Cards" view. I think the current view is serviceable and I really don't have any good design ideas for that one yet. I hope this feedback helps because I am really looking forward to a design overhaul. I love the web interface because of how data rich it is. I would love a more modern "Magazine" view on the web interface as well maybe following Flipboards web example but I can't get to in-depth as that is a different topic. Lastly and more importantly. As you can see the text on the app on Chromebooks is very small and that's regardless of the font size options you choose. I highly recommend reviewing those to make the text larger for larger screens. This is a quality of life feature that all users will need. One last request. IS it possible to mimic the dashboard view (Widgets and all) on the mobile and Tablet version of this app? That would be so killer. It's good to have those "Suggested Feeds" or Read/Unread metrics available on the web. That was a great add to the web client, love the information I am able to see at a glance so I know the health of my feeds and which I can get rid off. Thanks Inoreader Team I hope to hear from you soon!
  4. So this has been an area of the app that has bothered me for quite sometime. This feeling has been intensified due to the release of the 2017 flagship phones and the bezeless trend. Now that we have these near bezeless devices having navigation keys at the bottom and top nav bars really feel like wasted space and can be mitigated at a minimum by having the top and bottom bars fade away on scroll like other modern apps do. I have submitted feedback to the developers through support and have been told that they are working on a new design for the app but no timeline was provided. I wanted to take a moment and provide an in-depth post about everything that I think is wrong with the current implementation of “Full Screen” or “Immersive Mode” and why I think this needs to be addressed either before the new design roll-out; or as a part of it. Let’s get into it. Currently, Immersive mode can only be invoked via a double tap on the screen as long as it is not on an interactive image or link. The issue here is that it can actually only be invoked while in an actual post. This locks the user into that specific feed or folder until they reach the end of that feed or folder. Below is an example of my “Deals Feed” You can see based of the images below what I have described above. Inoreader (Non-Immersive) Inoreader (Immersive) The other issue I have noticed with this approach is that while swiping I occasionally receive a “Failed to Load Screen”. This presents a usability issue because I now have to swipe up from the bottom of the phone (Native Android Gesture) to invoke the nav bar and tap the back button to go back and repeat the process I outlined above all over again to get back into immersive mode. This is not a good user experience. One last issue with Immersive mode in current form. If the user actually utilizes the FAB button to for example TAG a post. The interface reverts back to standard. This means the Android Nav bar reappears and the user must again reinvoke Immersive mode. Another bug is that when you reach the end of a feed and it slides you to the next the FAB will sometimes disappear and not come back until you pull yourself out of immersive mode (via double tap) and reinvoke it again. I feel that all of these issues can be mitigated by Inoreader simply creating an immersive mode in options menu. This should allow the top bar and Android navbar to hide while scrolling, then implement a swipe from left edge feature to either go back a page; or invoke the subscription or feed menu. In it's current state "Immersive Mode" feels shoehorned into this app and it feels halfbaked and unreliable. I can add more screens if needed to provide more input to this point. Many apps already do this “Feedme” app is a great example of a well implemented “Immersive Mode”. This is just one feature of many I would like to see changed but it's the one that’s most nagging at the moment. Aside from this critique I still think Inoreader is a wonderful app and I am happy to see the devs embrace material design. I feel confident to post this because Inoreader support has always been so responsive, and I feel this input will not go to waste.
  5. Fixxeren

    Optimized Tablet Layout

    Thank you for the feedback. I am really looking forward to some type of design overhaul. The current layout is just not effective for modern content consumption.
  6. Fixxeren

    [Feature Request] A Selfish Plea

    So I have posted about this before, but I thought "Hey it's an open forum why not try it again". I am once again coming to the alter of the all powerful development team for this great app and begging that you please implement the public search and all the search functionality of the website to mobile app. Please. This is the one and only feature missing from an otherwise fantastic reader. I have some observations about the UI and things I would like done a bit better on the beautification front, but those can surely wait if the search features are being implemented. So again, please consider moving this to the top of the list for updates, it would be infinitely helpful and amazing. Thanks for all your hard work.
  7. Fixxeren

    iOS app screen estate and usability issues (list view)

    Lechukor. The load full article in RSS view can be down by pulling down form the top of the article. This will load the content in the "Readability View". Not sure if that's what your talking about.
  8. Fixxeren

    [Feature Request] Full Search Capability

    Thanks for the response. I have one more question. Is it at all in the card for a full screen reading view. Basically the top bar fades away as we scroll up to read content? The current top bar is a bit distracting as its always there when reading.
  9. Is there any plans to incorporate the same search capabilities as in the web site to the mobile app? Like being able to search public feeds etc? Also, are their any plans to allow Pro users to create Global search and manage them via the mobile app?
  10. I think Inoreader would be the perfect app for Apple Watch integration. Maybe show the most recent story or hottest story from All Categories in the Glance. Then in the full app allow the user to see maybe the hottest 10 stories in their feed.
  11. Fixxeren

    PinBoard Integration

    I am talking about Pinboard. Sorry auto-correct must have struck during the post. I have not been able to find where pinboard integration was incorporated into the website. I must need to look harder. Also, will Pinboard also be integrated into the Rules as well? Thanks for responding.
  12. Fixxeren

    Can the Share menu be cleaned up?

    I think it would be much better for a usability perspective if the custom share menu be removed from this app. iOS 8 now has its own native Share Sheet which honestly pulls data a lot better than the custom solution in the current inoreader app. It's actually very redundant at this point. I think when the Share icon is tapped it should just bring up native IOS share Sheet. This seems to be a pretty simply fix, but would go a long way for usability.
  13. Having this feature when incorporated would be fantastic. When in List or Magazine view as I am scrolling I may not want to read all the articles. Being able to long press on the article title in my list and then select Mark as Read above or Below would be a great way to do a quick clean up of the list without having to mark all as read. Or have mark as read on scroll turned on.
  14. Fixxeren

    PinBoard Integration

    You guys allow Inoreader to integrate with a great assortment of services. Is it possible that Inboard could be added to this list. I believe it is open source and allows integration from other services.