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  1. toddlohenry

    Authority of feeds?

    I'd like a way to know the authority of a feed inside Inoreader. I currently look at a sites SEMRush ranking before adding it to Inoreader. I would love a way to be able to check the authority of sites I've already added...
  2. When cleaning up subscriptions, I'd like to be able to select multiple subscriptions at once for deletions, etc. Currently, it's too slow to be effective...
  3. When should I create a rule and when should I use active search?
  4. toddlohenry

    Inoreader startup

    I came here to answer your question but I see you've already connected with the best resource there is. I tell myself I must be learning because I would have answered the same way as @cleverclogs. I recommend that you read the notebook she offered. It turned me into an 'almost power user'. Rejlan, you have chosen the best product and a big part of the reason why is this forum. Good luck on your new path...
  5. toddlohenry

    Active search and rules

    Please help me to understand this. My goal is to find all occurrences of "content marketing" in the feeds I have already downloaded. What is the difference between these two queries: title or content - contains - content marketing title or content - matches regular expression - /content marketing/ig
  6. toddlohenry

    Active search and rules

    Thank you for the excellent explanation. It is clearer to me now! Perhaps this should be a blog post?
  7. toddlohenry

    Active search and rules

    Inoreader asked me to post this after a statement I make in Twitter. I said "I'm struggling with understanding search for active search and rules." I have read the blog posts on both and consulted @cleverclogs excellent OneNote manual, but I'm still struggling with things like 1. When would I creative an active search to scan my content vs. creating a rule? 2. What is advanced syntax in Active search? 3. The RegEx site referred to in rules does not give much information. @cleverclogs is a much better resource in this case. 4. Why I can't edit an active search after it's created? 5. etc. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining! I'm a huge fan of Inoreader and have documented my passion in screencasts, blog posts and podcasts. As I try to dig deeper, however, I'm having a difficult time getting my mind around some of the more powerful features...
  8. Greetings, all. I'm very confused about query syntax in active search and in rules. I use Inoreader to aggregate content around sites, searches and sources and my plan is to OVER aggregate and use rules to call the most important content to my attention. My queries are very simple -- for example, I want to search all my inoreader content for the exact phrase "content marketing" but I am unclear as to what is the best way to do it -- especially with regex which seems very cryptic to me. Does anyone have any light they can shed on this issue?
  9. toddlohenry

    Bulk addition of feeds to bundle?

    Hey, Jessica. Welcome to the Inoreader community -- you've made a great choice. If I understand your issue, I would recommend turning on either the rss or opml feature for a folder of feeds to make the info public. RSS will provide a steady stream of content where OPML will provide a list of sites in the folder and a content stream as well. Using this approach, it's easy to batch add sites to the folder and this may get you the result you're looking for...
  10. I used to be a loyal Feedly fan but a client from Austalia turned me on to Inoreader. I did a screencast and I post on why I switched to Inoreader. Perhaps you'd like to Plus One the article and view the screencast? You can find it here:
  11. toddlohenry

    Unread items do not disappear

    Yes I believe that I am reading only unread articles and I am using the web app...
  12. toddlohenry

    Unread items do not disappear

    When I'm moving through a folder, unread items don't go away so I find myself reading the same things over and over. What am I not understanding?