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  1. Great. Thank you!
  2. Ran into what looks like an API bug while testing an app that uses the Inoreader API. Here's the sequence of events: Subscribed to a new feed Starred a couple of articles for further study Unsubscribed from the feed At this point, the Inoreader website continued to show the starred articles, but they were left out of my API calls. My call was (with app ID and key redacted):*****&AppKey=*****&n=20&r=o&ot=0&it=user/-/state/ When, the next day, I re-subscribed to the feed and re-starred the articles (they weren't marked as starred in the feed view on the Inoreader website, which I found strange), the web version of Inoreader added them to the starred list (as duplicates, from the user's perspective), but my stream call was able to pick them up. I was able to duplicate the problem, though the 2nd time the Inoreader website re-associated the stars when I re-subscribed. The feed I used, if you need it, was "MySQL Performance Blog" (
  3. I've seen this for some time, but I couldn't nail down how to make it happen until now. Here's how I can reproduce this bug: 1. Have multiple feeds with new articles. (I'm showing feeds with updates only) 2. Go into the second-to-last feed and mark all the articles read. (On my phone, I'm set to return to the main screen when I hit the check box. I'm also showing only new articles.) 3. Go into the last feed. 4. Wait a minute or so. The main screen seems to refresh itself at an interval, and that refresh appears to be the culprit here. 5. Try the check button. For me, at least, it doesn't work now. It looks like the main screen refresh is what causes the problem--at least, whenever I back out of the feed I can't mark read it's been refreshed. Backing out of the feed and going back to it again clears this problem, but it is annoying!