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  1. Yes it's the ONLY major thing (other than sort by feed in starred articles) that Inoreader doesn't have but Feedly does.
  2. Because Reeder will NEVER have the features that Reeder has. I currently keep both but use Reeder as my main player, but it will NEVER have search, NEVER have share sheet for OneNote (native, not iOS which blows so badly), NEVER have half of the cool stuff inoreader's native app can have. I agree about Mr. Reader. It was the best iPad RSS reader in existence. Reeder for iPad is now the king. For iOS, Reeder is the best, but it has shortcomings (features mainly). I wish someone would step up and take up the empty slot that's there. Inoreader is the logical choice.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. In all honesty, I love RSS so damn much. People keep saying it's a dying technology but it's still the ultimate way to keep track of everything. I've saved (or wasted? LOL) COUNTLESS hours because of it EDIT: And I switched from Feedly > Inoreader because you guys keep advancing quickly!
  4. lol I just checked m saved pages and it's fixed. Did you do this globally or on my specific account?
  5. Why can't an app come up with both? It's such a no brainer. Reeder is widely considered to have the best interface of the group of apps. Inoreader has the best RSS service and the best feature bar none. I know these are first world problems but damn it's so darn frustrating. I know you guys have limited resources but we are so close to RSS nirvana... Thank you. It's been happening for a while and I keep forgetting to report it. I wouldn't say the design is "bad" but I definitely, definitely won't say its good. There's just so many horrific design decisions (dark blue on black? mark read on top of tall phone instead of bottom? yikes!) At any rate, thank you for adding my entries to your tracking board and taking them into consideration. I really hope you guys take every point I said to heart because this is coming from decades of experience. Other users can chime in. You can also read Reeder's iOS reviews (most of the neg. ones are based on lack of support - not the design or usability of the app).
  6. The Inoreader iOS app is advancing pretty quickly features-wise, but it is still horribly lagging behind the best coded RSS app for iPhone in human history - Reeder (iOS) in terms of usability. Please don't just come in and say "we'll consider your request". If you haven't already used Reeder, please pay for it, download it and see what I am talking about. Inoreader is really behind in the silky, intuitive feel that Reeder has. If you couple the same usability features Reeder has with Inoreader's service and built-in app features I am CERTAIN you will attract loads more people to Pro plan. Background: 1.Extensive background in software and industrial design. 2. Almost psychotic/manic RSS reader for over 10-15 years - daily. I've got so many feeds I review daily - it's dizzing Here are my suggestions: ash 1. Option to sort by number of feeds - This makes it easy to begin with the smallest # of feeds and snowball your way up. 2. An option to open "list of articles" instead of "list of feeds" instead of having to swipe for list of articles. 3. Option to sort by feeds while the subscription FOLDER is open instead of just by date. Example it says sort by latest - oldest - when it should also have a feed option 4. Offer TRUE black theme like reeder. Reeder offers all 4 colors. (See pic below) 5. PLEASE pick a Better color than dark blue for text when using dark mode. (See pic below) I have no idea who decided this, but this is a major design mistake, especially if the user has night shift mode. With brightness down and/or night shift mode on it's very difficult to read the text and strains the eyes. 6. Allow us to customize share screen. I don't use Evernote or instapaper or Dropbox and it clutters up my view and mind when trying to find OneNote. 7. Swiping left to open an article is a huge mistake and a royal waste of a usable swipe. Universal design convention dictate the user can click to open; allow us to change that to something that we actually do (star, send to onenote etc. should be customizable based on inoreader share 8. Provide option to move the mark feed as read to the bottom left or right. I am absolutely *baffled* as to why the mark feed read checkmark was placed at the top of the screen. As phones grow bigger it's so difficult and makes the app very cumbersome and difficult because one has to reach to top of the screen to do this. If you're reading your phone in bed (shame!) it makes it that that much harder. PIC: 9. Allow us to see fav icon in list mode. Remove that blue unread marker and make the article either pronounced text or dim text to indicate whether it's read (like Reeder). 10. Please make every screen swipe able to go back. IOne of the most frustrating aspects of the program is its inconsistent interface. Some screens the user is able to swipe back, while others not so much. It's very frustrating when you're open the web page and then have to click the x mark to close it instead of swiping back. Just copy what Reeder has done. Their swipes/interface is perfect. PIC: Bug? Saved pages is saying I have saved articles when I dont PIC: The Inoreader app is acceptablee, especially if you are a Pro user, but it will never be great without these usability adjustments I mentioned above.
  7. [Facebook] how to subscribe?

    I know this isn't inoreader, but I would kill for feeds to personal profiles.... oh god.. it would allow me to skip all the nonsense and focus on stuff people's walls. I would be able to delete the facebook app. Stupid facebook!
  8. OneNote Integration not working?

    Hi wesson, Thanks for the response & no worries for the delay. Yep, looks like OneNote servers were having connectivity issues. Hope I didn't lose anything important *bites fingernails*
  9. The iOS version of inoreader RSS reader allows you click and unclick OneNote (for example) to add or remove the item from your Onenote. Unfortunately there's no way to do this for the web interface. Wouldn't it be absolutely fantastic and useful to have a rule entry for "Unstarred article" to be able to remove it from Onenote or evernote or whatever. What do you guys think?
  10. OneNote Integration not working?

    This has resolved. You may want to notify your users that OneNote had connectivity issues the past week. Articles were lost, not synced in time or synced waaaaay late. I can confirm this for sure. Starring an entry now instantly sends it to OneNote.
  11. OneNote Integration not working?

    There is definitely something wrong. Stuff I starred 2 hours ago just posted now. There is extreme lag between Inoreader & OneNote Confirmed. Wait is about 1-2 hours before the articles are showing up.
  12. I have always used OneNote rules to send articles to my OneNote without any issues. Recently things have been extremely sketchy and now things have stopped altogether. Here's what I've done so far: 1. Deleted all OneNote settings and start fresh 2. Log out and log back in to OneNote 3. Re-setup OneNote 4. Disconnect OneNote in Inoreader and re-connect 5. Refresh the rules' save location and re-save. 6. Star a bunch of stuff. 7. Nothing shows up in OneNote. I am expert-class in OneNote and in computer in general, but I need help with trying to figure out what's going on here. My dashboard is claiming the rule fired, but nothing is going to OneNote! EDIT: It should be noted that yesterday I actually did see something crossing over HOURS AFTER starring them and they all came in bulk. It should also be noted that EVERY other function in OneNote sync works. It IS syncing properly. emails come in... onenote clipper works, etc. Only this Inoreader integration rule doesn't seem to work.
  13. Question about specific Rule

    Hi wesson, Forgive me. I believe I pasted the wrong link. I edited. The most recent game did post, but I could have sworn that specific game ( warriors vs grizzlies) did not fire. And yes, you're right the link is not from the same place. I need to get more sleep I will continue to monitor and please you do too. Let's see if it fires :-\ There is a game TONIGHT (Wednesday) Golden State Warriors 46-9, 1st in Western Conference Today, 7:30 PM on CSCA, CSBA Oracle Arena, Oakland
  14. Question about specific Rule

    EDIT: Removed per posting guidelines