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  1. amdou

    Inoreader App Crashing on iOS 11.3

    inoreader ios beta app v5.4.5(5575) works perfectly on ios 11.3 beta So have to wait till that build is pushed to all or you might want to request for ios beta app through testflight.
  2. amdou

    inoreader has stepped on the gas!

    as per alexa,
  3. amdou

    Remove new items in sidebar

    awesome, this really solves the issue, thank you.
  4. amdou

    Out of office...

    enjoy your timeout. post us your vacation photos
  5. amdou

    Multi-reddit subscription how-to?

    you can subscribe to muti sub-reddit, using + sign for example to subscribe to r/architecture r/building r/Futurology try - rss will be -
  6. alright thank you. this is what am dealing with
  7. Hello, Can we have a rule filter where we can mark feed as read if the article is not in english? this will be helpful if we are subscribing to feed which publishes other languages including english. thanks
  8. haha lol we should wait till world catchup with latest browsers yes bug exist in stable version too on all said browser.
  9. Yes am still seeing the behavior, it appears in beta as well as in stable version. I tried firefox v37 nightly, chrome v41 and IE v14 (all 64bit), it does exist. even in private mode in FF and chrome.
  10. Hi, In firefox, inoreader beta version. in List view, when preference popup is open and clicked "save", unread count disappear from top and number of feeds are reduced. Have to click on same folder in tree view to get it back. Just minor inconvenience but still a bug. regards