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  1. The State of RSS

    Maybe I wish there were a technology like AMP that could operate at a level above the publishers themselves and force otherwise static, feedless content in to making feeds available.
  2. The State of RSS

    You have created the most perfect RSS reader. For those of us who pined after Google Reader, Inoreader is perhaps more than just a worthy replacement, it's better in many regards. It is about this time of year, each year, that I resolve to more mindfully consume news, information and feeds in the year ahead, with RSS. But, now that I endeavour to again, i am reminded of the increasingly parlous state of RSS. Organisation that you would expect to be RSS-friendly have abandoned the format - often during site redesigns in which the format is demoted or removed, often as part of a deliberate strategy to lean in to social at RSS' expense. This is all wrong. It doesn't lend itself to mindful, deliberate news consumption of the kind I always used to enjoy. Social is cacophonous, it is also a single, unmanageable stream comprising both friends and massive organisations. We all know this. The question is: what can be done about it? Many of the organisations I want to follow offer no way to do so via the channel with which I want to follow them. How can we convince them otherwise? The future of RSS readers depends on it. Over the years, there have been several tools designed to craft RSS feeds from sites which have none. They often relied on crude, Xpath-like knowledge, and they have never scaled well, eg for those of us that want to create a large number of feeds for the increasingly-large swathe of sites that fall in to this sad category. What are the contemporary equivalents of these services? How do we easily get more RSS action back online?
  3. Redirect Facebook to inoreader using hosts

    Thanks. Funny, I am specifically not using a https protocol in my access. Yet Chrome calls it as such. Is there a setting to force https, I wonder? I'm not running such an extension. In Safari, the URL goes to Inoreader ok, but won't move past the login. I don't want to redirect to localhost. I specifically want to change my habit - that "f" key has become too prevalent in my life. I guess I should try finding a Chrome redirect extension or something instead.
  4. This is non-specific, but I think you'll like it anyway... I'm trying to redirect my Facebook habit to Inoreader. I'm trying to modify my Mac's hosts file. I have added the line "" I have flushed my machine's DNS cache. But, when I think load any of those URLs, Chrome intervenes with the message in the attachment. Any guidance or challenges you see in doing this?
  5. iPad feature requests

    I have reinstalled the iPad app - I really want to get back on top of my conscious feed reading, away from inconsequential social stuff. I'm reminded of some of the features I wished it had... Full-width items list: Honestly, the items list is too narrow. It is because you include both the items list and the content window on the same viewport. It makes it too hard to scan through items at speed. My usual behaviour is to visually scan through items only by headline/image - that's how I determine whether to click to read or not. The current configuration makes it too hard to read through the list. It doesn't help that the items column is so narrow that headlines wrap to the next line. This means you show fewer items on a single screen than is possible. Most importantly, this is inconsistent with the web version of the product, which allows for a wide items-list view in the biggest, main window (on the right-hand side) rather than the narrowest one (on the left). And it can show this both beside a folder view (my preference) or, even wider, on its own. It's all about context - when I am browsing through the items list, that is all I care about, so let me go large with it; when I want to read an article, I'll click it, so vanish the list let me go to the article in isolation, and let me call down the full text. Favicons for item list: Items in list view show the feed name in text. But this still doesn't make it especially easy to scan the list and ascertain what I want to read. What I want is to see the feed icon in the list view. This would make it much more scannable because you are reducing my reliance on text only. I do use this visual indicator to judge which articles, out of many hundreds, are worth my time. Plus, it's just nice. I believe Mr Reader had this, and other RSS readers do. More to the point, the web version of Inoreader has it. Favicons for item article view: While I am at it, why not put the icon on the feed item, too? All these visual indicators aid speed and comprehension and experience, and they are so lightweight. Folder click should show items, not feeds: Default behaviour (and not changeable?) when clicking a folder is to show the list of feeds within. But that is never my intended action. I have subscribed to these items and taken the time to curate them in to folders - I want to see the items all in one view. But I always need to click "View folder", an additional step, to get to the items. It really slows things up. So just help me go straight from my folder to the items underneath, regardless of the feed. Top takeaways for me - Mr Reader is sorely missed, and I wish for closer alignment between Inoreader on iOS and web. I'm sure you have good reasons behind feature choices, just as when I requested nested folders. And please correct me if I am overlooking available features Happy to file these requests individually if you prefer. Thanks.
  6. Multiple Folder Levels

    Here's an after the fact +1 for this again. Here's why... I know you guys have said multiple times you wouldn't do this. Just thought I'd state it again
  7. Best way to bookmark organised articles?

    Oh that sounds perfect. Don't know how I didn't see that. Didn't seem to be an option in the Mr Reeder app, but this is great, thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I have a meticulous system of dozens of folders, containing hundreds of feeds. I read material that I want to effectively "bookmark" for later research, maintaining something like this folder structure. But, when I Star an article from any, they all just go in to Stars. What are some techniques I could use to do this? ie. Can I create anything like a "smart" folder, perhaps with the same name as the original, which would house Starred articles from a particular folder only? ie. Should I just think about creating dozens of tags, and tagging articles for later return? Rules doesn't quite seem to fit the bill, as that is more about pattern matching. What I'm looking for is a way to say, if an article from folder X is starred, then place it in some unique container equivalent to folder X. Or, otherwise, a folder view that only shows starred articles within this folder, not the rest. Thanks very much.
  9. Subscribing to feedless sites

    I've seen a few of these over the years, but I didn't know about Distill. Thanks.
  10. Subscribing to feedless sites

    Sorry if this has been dealt with, but does Inoreader yet have functionality to subscribe to sites that don't have any feeds?
  11. Right now, the Folder Grouping appears under the global Reading Options menu, which appears to fix it for all folders. How about enabling this setting, instead, on a per-folder basis? I want to see the contents of some folders ordered by Feed, but others ordered by Date. As is, I have to keep switching between these. Thanks.
  12. Coloured folder titles

    How about picking a font colour for folder titles?
  13. Full export to full import (reset?)

    If I do full export (subs, stars, likes & broadcasted), can this be reimported? It's not OPML. It's a zip. Can it work like a roll-back? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Multiple Folder Levels

    Yes, thanks. I recall a Greasemonkey extension for Google Reader that did this by interpreting a key character in the folder name as a nesting branch point. But I haven't seen similar for Inoreader.
  15. Multiple Folder Levels

    What's the current position on nested folders?