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  1. RSSCircus

    Feedbro - Source of new ideas for Inoreader?

    And by the way! I assume your question would have been better hosted in the "Feature requests" forum Cheers Serge
  2. RSSCircus

    Feedbro - Source of new ideas for Inoreader?

    Hi Stephen. The full-text feature have been already discussed several times here. I let Inoreader"s team respond to your proposal but the reason to say "no" is that full-text is a real ethical if not legal problem. It's certainly usefull for monitoring specialists/professionals but it's a real problem for authors/editors. I can elaborate if you want ! Feedbro is a great tool but it's a software tool. So it's understandable you like having the possibility to determine the depth of the archive. Inoreader, as an online tool, have the great power to archive all the items. But you can now determine how long it will consider an item as unread. Surprisingly this feature is only accessible to pro accounts. What are others features you like in Feedbro?
  3. RSSCircus

    More Filter Powers

    Regarding the possibility of naming the "filters" and thus to unify your interface to join the way you treat "rules" ... it's really a pity! it is a lack that my trainees / clients regret recurrently!
  4. RSSCircus

    More Filter Powers

    any response @wesson ?
  5. RSSCircus

    Combining folders and tags

    It would be interesting to have a "tag:" operator in search...
  6. RSSCircus

    More Filter Powers

    Another long awaited feature is to have the ability to give a name to each filter (like rules). It would be so much easier to apply a specific filter to several feeds/folders. Another one ? (suggested years ago) Having the ability to choose the tag to filter by detecting the tags present in a feed (for example dc:category) That was such a great feature in Yahoo! Pipes!
  7. RSSCircus

    Improve filter

    I can imagine it would be hard to implement for you... but couldn't we get an intermediate option for filtering similar titles saying for example "consider as similar if the 50 first characters are the same" ? I also encounter the problem explained by VeilleTech for same titles syndicated by several sources displaying their name at the end of the <title> tag
  8. RSSCircus

    Instapaper integration stopped working

    It seems that Instapaper was pretty unprepared to GDPR compliance. The "freezing" announcement have been made on may 24th... only one day before the implementation of the GDPR!
  9. RSSCircus

    Instapaper integration stopped working

    Instapaper have decided to suspend temporarly their activity because lack of compatibility with GDPR:
  10. RSSCircus

    Tagging and multitagging issues

    Hi, I encounter two problems when I want to tag an article. First... well... tagging doesn't work! When I try to select a tag... nothing happens. Second... clicking on a tag leads me to the item! So I would have to reclick to select another one. Waste of time ! Bes regards, Serge
  11. Hi, would it be possible that sharing a page in Inoreader from iOS sharing feature could prompt a tag selector? Best regards, Serge
  12. One of the feature I like in Reeder is its ability to detect feeds through RSS Autodiscovery when you only propose the homepage URL. You can't do it in Inoreader (only if one Inoreader's subscriber subscribed to it).
  13. RSSCircus

    Offline reading?

    Oups OK Great!
  14. RSSCircus

    Recovering "view only new items"

    Hum, after hiting the "View all items" link, I'm now unable to recover the "View only new items" mode...
  15. RSSCircus

    Offline reading?

    Alas, the pro feature section of the new MobileApp doen't peopose it anymore!