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  1. Dave

    Floating "Mark all Read" button :-(

    Has anyone actually tested the floating button with the new "section marked as read" message? The message obstructs the bottom half of the button. Trying to tap the button I now frequently end up pressing the "undo" instead. I'd really like to be able to disable the message. At the very least, could you reposition the button above the message?
  2. The article list font is decidedly smaller on my Pixel 2 XL than it was in v5. I have the "Use larger font in article list" checked. Would be great if we could just select a specific font size and not leave it up to an algorithm.
  3. Dave

    Feedback on 6.0(505)

    Overall, this is a nice update. Have some feedback though: Would it be possible to add an option to suppress the bottom "Marked Section as Read" message? I find it just gets in the way, and partially covers the floating "Mark All as Read" button when displayed. Also, (and I had this problem with earlier versions as well), tapping on an article title in list view is very unpredictable. Often times it takes more than one press to select an article. It seems very picky about how the item is pressed. Inoreader is the only app I have this issue with, so I don't think it's my hardware (Pixel 2 XL on Pie). I would like to see an option added to automatically turn on night mode if the time is within a window I set. Keep up the good work!
  4. Dave

    Floating "Mark all Read" button :-(

    It's back with build 505- Thank you!
  5. Dave

    App crashes opening settings panel

    Tried again, and got 505. Looks much more stable. Thank you!
  6. Dave

    App crashes opening settings panel

    6.0(503). Just checked for an update, and none was found.
  7. Dave

    App crashes opening settings panel

    It's actually much worse than the settings. Crashing all over the place when I scroll.
  8. Dave

    App crashes opening settings panel

    Where do I find the build #?
  9. Just updated to the latest version today. Now the app keeps crashing about 10 seconds after I open the settings panel, or if I start scrolling in the settings. Happens every time. I'm on Android Pie on a Pixel 2 XL. Cleared cache and data- no difference.
  10. Dave

    Floating "Mark all Read" button :-(

    Hmmm... Updated to the new version just now, and the app keeps crashing about 5 seconds after I open the settings panel. Will post issue in separate thread.
  11. Dave

    Floating "Mark all Read" button :-(

    I've been trying to adjust to the new size and position of the "Mark All as Read" button, but it just doesn't work in the new configuration. It's so frustrating I'm going to have to go back to News+ until this is addressed. Sure, it "looks" cleaner now, but it's very anti-user in actual use.
  12. Why did you move the "Mark all as read" button to the top right? The old position (and size) made it very easy for single-hand access on a large phone like my Pixel 2 XL. In its new position, there's literally no way to browse through sections with one hand now. This is EXTREMELY annoying- please reconsider this. There has to be a better way. While I'm here, I'd like to make my annual request to make night mode configurable to automatically display between specified hours.
  13. No problem. Hope you guys can figure it out.
  14. Same problem with that APK. Some additional non-default settings I'm using: Default layout: List View Text size: Huge Use larger font for article lists: ON Browser: Chrome Tab
  15. Happens wherever an article list is displayed (All, folders, etc) Options: List view, no images, Newest First, Unread only It happens both when you first enter the article list and after I've scrolled a bit Swiping appears to work normally Maybe I'm crazy, but the problem appears to be worse in the middle of the screen. If I press on articles at the top or bottom of the screen, I don't see the issue as much.