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  1. coding.buffalo

    New Android app: Daily Feed

    Hey, thanks for the feedback. The app is still young so there's certainly room to improve it. - Option to choose a dark theme We understand that some people prefer to read white-on-black, but selectable themes require a lot of work to make sure your app looks ok in all configurations. For now we'd rather use that time to improve other parts of the app we consider more important. - Button to mark all as read like the official InoReader app There's an option in the app menu for that, and each feed in the list has a context menu as well. Generally we tried to have as few visible buttons as possible in order to streamline the UI, and to leave us room to grow in the future. The only buttons we kepts are those which we feel are used very often: refresh and mark read/unread, for now. - Option to condense the titles of feeds in order to be shown more news. This is a good idea. Again the only issue is how to present this in the UI without cluttering it up, but we'll see how to solve that.
  2. coding.buffalo

    New Android app: Daily Feed

    We've just published a new app for Android which supports the InoReader API. The app is called Daily Feed and can be found in the following link: Feedback is welcome!