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  1. wesson

    Firefox Extension pop up window issue

    Thank you for reporting this. The issue is already placed in our internal ticketing system and we'll inform you as soon its fixed.
  2. wesson

    Please unblock

    They are already unblocked. The thing is that they are posting huge amount of content and we have automated protection system for feeds with unusual amount of articles per day.
  3. wesson

    Pocket: Articles not showing in feed

    Are you sure that you have any "shared" articles to Pocket from Inoreader? Please note that these sections are showing the already sent articles (from Inoreader) to the desired services (Pocket in this case). In other words, there is no 2 way sync in order to see your already saved articles to Pocket from external services.
  4. wesson

    Please unblock

    Both feeds are already unblocked.
  5. Some more details about that:
  6. No, unfortunately this is core functionality implemented in our database model.
  7. Hello, You can do that from Preferences -> Subscriptions. When you choose some feed, just click on the folder tag in order to add/edit them.
  8. Please note that , keep unread and mark above/below as read is not shown (not available) when you use "mark all as read" or for articles older than 30 days.
  9. wesson

    Very difficult swipe on some feed

    Thanks for the positive response. As I said in the first response, this is related to the images "formatting" and we can't workaround this. The thing is if we implement some images postprocessing in order to workaround this behavior for this feed, we are risking to broke many other already "working" feeds. We hope you understand.
  10. You are welcome. I'm glad to hear that we've managed to clarify this.
  11. Of course it's not normal behavior and you shouldn't experience this. But in some conditions, this could happen. Are you by any chance having the "clickable counters" enabled, which you mistakenly use for that section? The other possible culprit might be the "scroll tracking" (Mark items as read when you scroll past them.) and "Article clicking" (Mark article as read and scroll it into view when you click inside it).
  12. wesson

    No images feeds

    I see. We'll "Popular+Latest" sort is not available for now, but we are considering similar implementation. Unfrotunately can't give you ETA for now.
  13. wesson

    Create Custom Theme

    We'll consider your suggestion but can't promise anything about similar implementation for now.
  14. wesson

    Very difficult swipe on some feed

    Thanks for the video. Could you please enable the "disable images" option and tell us about the result?
  15. Yes, it's in the roadmap, but can't give you any ETA for now.
  16. wesson

    Reddit display problems in Internal Browser

    It is related to the Android app, so i don't think it's the same case here... @hbojangles, could you please give us screenshots with the issue? What about the other browser options?
  17. wesson

    repeated articles from the same feed

    You are welcome and no worries for the URL.
  18. wesson

    No images feeds

    You are very welcome. Yes, most probably they are fetching them from different source or they are using some image postprocessing for these feeds. About the "Android app" question, could you please give us little more details about it?
  19. wesson

    No images feeds

    Hello, Thank you for the feedback and welcome aboard! We also really appreciate your opinion about our service! About the provided feeds. Unfortunately there are no images provided in the feed source for the first 2 publishers which is the reason about that. But there are attached images in the last one, so you shouldn't have issues with it. Also you can try using articles full content (shortcut key "w" or the coffee cup icon) in order to pull articles full content including their images.
  20. wesson

    repeated articles from the same feed

    Are you referring about this feed URL? If so, it looks like they are changing the GUID elements for some reason. Anyways we already change the deduplication for that feed, so it should start behaving normal again.
  21. Hello, You can use wildcard search but only with suffixes. You can read more about that here:
  22. wesson

    Improve filter

    Unfortunately we can't workaround this since there titles and URLs are different (because of the different shortener). We'll consider what can be done about this, but can't promise anything for now.
  23. wesson

    Images Show Up Twice

    You are welcome
  24. wesson

    Very difficult swipe on some feed

    Thanks for clarification. Yes, we compared the swipes with other feeds, can't find much difference but images might be the culprit here.