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  1. Hello, First of all thank you for the kind words about our app and welcome aboard. About the suggestion. We'll consider it, but can't promise anything about similar implementation for now. Actually we had many opposite requests in the past . Namely to be able to play youtube videos inside the native app.
  2. Original enclosures in email ?

    I see. It looks like the issue appears while you are using Rules. Manually sending doesn't have these issues. It's already placed in our internal ticketing system for resolution.
  3. MRSS feeds

    Yes, we are supporting such feeds. But let's continue on the support ticket where we already asked for examples if you don't mind.
  4. Clear All Tagged Articles?

    Hello and welcome aboard We are very glad to hear that you are finding Inoreader invaluable for your workflow. Unfortunately at this stage you can't clear all articles from a given tag in bulk instead deleting the tag itself. But your questions will be considered as feature request. Best Regards
  5. Original enclosures in email ?

    Could you please give us little more details about that? Here is how it looks like now:
  6. Open link from Facebook post

    Hmmm, I'm not sure about that... Will add it for consideration but can't promise anything for now.
  7. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    At this stage no. But for sure you'll be informed timely about similar changes. BTW, we will consider about such API method in the future.
  8. Here is how the pulling process works: Our polling servers are making GET request to the remote server and in most cases are receiving 200 OK including the feed content and also a hash + date/time stamp. After that, on each new GET request we are sending the provided hash and date and the remote server decides to return something "new" or simply return 304 (as in the case above). This way, we are saving additional traffic and load for our service. At least 30-40%. We know that there are some sources having issues with this approach but this is how the whole process should work. That's why we are deleting the hashes and dates each day per each feed in order to eliminate similar issues with such feeds. And that's' why you are seeing one "Success" each day in the crawler log.
  9. news feed stopped

    Could you please give us the exact feed URL you are using in order to check it?
  10. Toggle filter on feeds on/off

    Your suggestion has been added in our to-do list for consideration.
  11. For some reason we are receiving 304 Not modified from the remote server for that feed. You can see how many requests we have to the remote server until they respond with something different and respectively pull that articles. Feed crawler log: So, we are not manipulating anything for the freemium model in order to promote our premium model.
  12. filter / customise the trending feed

    Yes. It sounds good. Your suggestion will be considered for eventual future implementation.
  13. No, there are no any changes related to this. And no one else is reporting this.
  14. tweet author in mobile notification please

    I think you are misled by this because the tweet author has never been in the title.
  15. Mobilizer fetches wrong page content

    It looks like they have some protection which triggers sometimes when the mobilizer tries to fetch the full content. There is a lot of javascripts and cookies if you load the articles directly in browser and the full content fetcher is not browser. It can't behave same way. I've tested the articles here and the 1st one was fetched properly but the second one not. We'll try to fine tune little bit further but can't promise 100% success.
  16. Mobilizer fetches wrong page content

    Hello, Thank you for this comprehensive feedback. We "fine-tuned" the full content fetcher and newly arrived articles should be fetched fine. Please monitor the feed in the next couple of days and let us know if you are still receiving these errors for some articles.
  17. Latest version of Firefox browser extension corrupted?

    You are welcome! Thanks for the understanding.
  18. Latest version of Firefox browser extension corrupted?

    It looks like the compatibility checker (which is automatic) isn't showing proper information. I've also checked the extension on the same browser and saw the issue. But we strive to support nowaday platforms, so unfortunately can't promise you anything about supporting Firefox 48.0.2. Sorry.
  19. Getting duplicate articles from a single feed

    Please note that all exampled articles have similar titles but different content. That's the reason to see them. They are updated articles. I can suggest you to enable the "filter similar articles" feature from Preferences -> Behavior for such cases.
  20. tweet author in mobile notification please

    Your suggestion will be considered but can't promise anything. As you know we are not twitter client and we don't strive to be such.
  21. Getting duplicate articles from a single feed

    Could you please give us some example/s? I've just checked both feeds but can't see duplicates in the latest 20 articles.
  22. You are welcome. I thought it was changed but we might missed it. Let us know if you are still having "broken" forum feeds in order to check them.
  23. Actually they have new URLs because of one of the latest updates for the forum platform. But we've changed them manually right after this. Could you please check them in your subscriptions? https://forum.inoreader.com/feed is now https://forum.inoreader.com/discover/all.xml/ https://forum.inoreader.com/index.php?/forum/20-announcements.xml is now https://forum.inoreader.com/forum/20-announcements.xml/ Or you can simply re-subscribe for them using the RSS icon under each forum section.