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  1. Citation Generator?

    First of all sorry about the delayed response. Now I see what you are talking about. But unfortunately can't provide you with solution for now. We'll add your use case in our to-do list for consideration for eventual future implementation.
  2. Inoreader mark my unread feeds as read

    Thanks, we'll need some time in order to try simulating it here.... Meanwhile i can suggest you to turn off the scroll tracking in this view in order to prevent similar behavior in the future. Will write as soon as have some news...
  3. Feature Request: Immersive Mode

    Will be considered.
  4. Translate 'only' titles of articles

    We'll consider your suggestion but can't promise anything for now.
  5. Don't Be Spooked Promotion

    It should be already fixed. Also, you'll see the actual end date in the checkout page.
  6. Make ebbeded videos more visible

    Thank you for the extensive feedback and welcome aboard. We'll consider your suggestion but can't give you clear answer or ETA about similar implementation. Also, please note that we are showing the articles content which is exposed in the original feed source. That's the most possible reason to not see videos in the tumblr articles/feeds. But can't give you clear answer about it until we check it.
  7. Optimized Tablet Layout

    Thank you for your extensive feedback and good (overall :)) opinion about service and sorry about the bad experience with the tablet view. Yes, we completely agree with you and we are already working in this direction. We are planning huge improvements here but still can't give you clear ETA. As soon as we are ready we'll surely inform you.
  8. Inoreader mark my unread feeds as read

    Can't simulate similar behavior here. On which browser you are simulating this? How often it is happening? Are you able to reproduce it easily? Did you try testing on different browser?
  9. More and more feeds I can't subscribe to

    Yes, it's already in the to-do list.
  10. Date option: specifically show # of days

    We'll consider your suggestion but can't give you clear answer or ETA about such feature for now.
  11. Article snippet gone from feeds

    Are you sure about the URL? Could you please open that feed inside Inoreader and click on the "feed settings" -> "feed info" and the copy the exact feed URL (XML address) and provide it to us? You can also use shortcut keys "Alt+i" about that.
  12. Jalopnik.com not working with Inoreader

    This one works fine here. That's why I thought you are following the gawker one.
  13. CityJobs.com: RSS feed not working

    It's still in the queue. Sorry.
  14. This website is not parsed.

    We can't see any issues here. See the crawler log about this feed: Are you sure that you are reading the provided feed in the 3rd post?
  15. Jalopnik.com not working with Inoreader

    Hello, I suppose that this feed is coming from http://feeds.gawker.com/It looks like http://feeds.gawker.com/ are down for some reason in the past months .We are searching for information about that but can’t find such. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do in this case. We hope they’ll fix this soon.
  16. Feeds double posting

    You are welcome
  17. Inoreader showing only unread articles

    You are welcome
  18. Why can't my account upgrade

    Glad to hear this. You are welcome.
  19. Feeds double posting

    In fact, there is a known issue with the wordpress feeds. We have a pretty comprehensive discussion about the issue here.After all the problem is in the different guid elements for these articles on each push and pull requests (these feeds are realtime). The simple solution here is to subscribe to their http feeds where duplicates not appearing. Or just try using our "Filter similar articles" option available in Preferences. Actually there are many other similar feeds duplicating articles for different reasons. That’s why we decided to add the "Filter similar articles" option.
  20. Inoreader mark my unread feeds as read

    This is really strange... Are you able to provide us little more detials? Can you simulate it (somehow)?
  21. Article snippet gone from feeds

    What is the source from these articles? Is it a feed, or it's a search? Most probably the publishers changed something because we didn't made (and don't want to) such changes to the articles content.
  22. Thank you for the suggestion. We'll be glad if we can help to increase their popularity. We'll consider similar implementation but can't promise anything for now. The thing is that even now, we already have more than 30 social media services implemented in our sharing options and adding more might confuse some members instead to help them out to find theirs favorite. That's why we actually limit them to 3 in the first glance. You can read more about this here. But you can add them for yourself even now, using our custom sharing options. All you need to do is to have their sharing URL which you can add easily in the sharing services.
  23. More Rule Options

    We'll consider your suggestion but can't promise anything for now.
  24. Inoreader showing only unread articles

    I'm quite puzzled here... Are you willing to see All articles in list view instead unread only? If so, you can easily achieve this, just by clicking on the unread articles count in the toolbar (between "Mark all as read and Feed/Folder/Section settings). Or simply use the shortcut keys "Shift+1" / "Shift+2" in order to switch between them. If that's not the case. Are you able to provide us screenshot with the issue?
  25. All Google News feeds "Deprecated"

    Thanks for the understanding. We'll think about the filter similar articles feature per feed basis but can't promise anything for now.