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  1. IOS reader subscriptions disappear when all read

    Most probably you have enabled the "Show only updated" option available in settings -> Interface. Could you please check its state?
  2. In subscriptions section in Preferences, you can choose given folder first (next to the filter field). When you choose that folder, you can easily then manipulate subscriptions in that folder.
  3. Auto-updated Youtube Subscriptions

    Actually we support dynamic opml subscriptions (auto-updated) but I'm not familiar if Youtube are offering such. I'm afraid that this is pretty trickier since there is no 2-way communication with youtube for now.
  4. Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    We already try to workaround this article but we are risking to broke the others, so we prefer to keep it that way. Sorry.
  5. confirmation email

    We'll recheck this.
  6. confirmation email

    The limitation has been removed so you should be able to resend the confirmation email.
  7. Links expanded in feed.

    That's because our bots can't behave as regular browser.
  8. confirmation email

    Thank you for the feedback. It looks like you’ve reached the limits about email validation requests for your account. We’ll check what is causing this and will fix it asap. Please note that you’ll be able to use all Inoreader features without validated email during this time. You only won’t be able to send emails.
  9. problem in updating crawler

    I think we already responded about this (in the support ticket) . We can't see issues here.
  10. For the first feed - it looks like they've stopped accepting user-agent which we use on our polling servers. Which is "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; inoreader.com-like FeedFetcher-Google)". The exact term they don't "like" is "FeedFetcher-Google" which we deliberately use since the google reader died and we started our service. We'll check what could be done about this but can't promise anything for now because changing user-agent might "broke" many other feeds. For the second - we are receiving Error 404 (not found) when we try to fetch it. Maybe it's geolocation protection or something similar.
  11. Version 6.0

    We are already working on it but can't give you clear ETA for now. P.S. Please post in the Android forum about the Android app.
  12. Site doesn't load

    We are not aware with such issues. Could you please try in other browser (ust for the test)?
  13. problems subbing to craigslist feeds

    There’s a known issue with Craigslist feeds. You can read about it here - https://forum.inoreader.com/index.php?/topic/11306-craigslist-feeds-not-working/We have developed browser extensions to help with this:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/craigslist-helper-for-ino/fhfdnklhlckheciomgmomcgbemceefabhttps://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/craigslist-helper-for-inoreade/?src=cb-dl-recentlyadded
  14. How do you eliminate the sidebar in search results?

    We had similar reports in the past and the culprit then, was a adblocking extension which was causing this.Are you using such on your browser? As far i can remember it was "uBlock Origin". You can find similar threads here and here for example.
  15. Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    OK, you are welcome.