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  1. It looks like that they are having some kind of protection which can't be passed by our polling servers, they are not browsers. Here is the raw response from them: <html><head><title>You have been blocked</title><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/></head><body style="margin:0"><script>var dd={'cid':'AHrlqAAAAAMAargW5II2NlgAXPe1HQ==','hsh':'6241D004449DE90B9B5336EF520129'}</script><script src="https://ct.datadome.co/c.js"></script><noscript>Please enable JavaScript and disabled Ad blocker</noscript></body></html>
  2. Offline Caching issue

    Could you please give us little more details about that? I suppose that you are referring for the mobile apps for android or iOS could you please specify?
  3. inoreader dosn't work??????

    We had temporary issues but everything should be already working. Are you still experiencing some issues?
  4. Tablet Layout Suggestions

    Thank you very much for the extensive feedback! We really appreciate it! All sounds reasonable and adequate now and for sure we'll have it in mind for the future app development. We'll also consider the dashboard implementation.
  5. We'll consider what can be done about similar implementation but, "no promises" for now .
  6. kickass feed

    Are you able to provide us the exact feed URL (the xml URL) in order to check it?
  7. Thank you for the feedback. We'll check what could cause this.
  8. Hello, You may have 100 000 unread articles in your account. This is not limited. (Just the unread counter will show you 1000+ or 10000+ for example depending of the plan.) But if these articles from this feed/s are newer than a month they will remain unread regardless of the counter (which depends of the plan as we explained above). But articles older than month are automatically considered as read. Please refer to this thread were we discuss articles unread states. The limitation for unread articles applies to all tiers in our system. Also please note that the articles are not removed. Just their states are changed from unread to read when they became older than a month. They are still here and you can still read them. Do not hesitate to ask if you have additional questions.
  9. Are you still facing this behavior? P.S. We respond to your support request too.
  10. can't I subscribe to feed43 feed?

    This is really strange. Did you ask them what might be the reason about that?
  11. can't I subscribe to feed43 feed?

    Thanks for the update.
  12. can't I subscribe to feed43 feed?

    We are receiving "403 Forbidden" when we try to fetch the provided feed. We'll try to contact them and ask about that. Stay tuned...
  13. Happy new year! We've managed to evaluate the feature request but at this stage we can't promise anything about that.
  14. Suddenly Can't Subscribe

    I suppose we alreader respond to your support request. I suppose that its some extension which is causing this for you. Are you using Inoreader companion?
  15. Please note that this shortcut works for feeds and folders. So you need to select that feed in the subscription tree before using the shortcut. Anyways, we've managed to simulate this behavior here and it applies only if you choose the feed from a given article (under its title) and will be fixed asap.