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  1. A way to display the real article count ?

    Actually we intentionally removed the unread counter cap comparison in the upgrade page but it is still the same. It's just "visually" removed from the upgrade page because many users were thinking that we are limiting the number of the unread articles for the different tiers which is not right :). So the cap is still the same - Basic - 1000, Plus - 10 000 and Pro - unlimited.
  2. WHY I can not pay for medium account with my visa card

    You are welcome! I'm glad to hear that. We didn't change anything on our side. It might be a temporary connectivity (or similar) issue.
  3. We'll consider what can be done about that, but can't promise anything for now.
  4. Beta testers

    Why not? You are set.
  5. Skype blog

    Yes, I should told you this before. Sorry about that...
  6. Skype blog

    Yes, but you need to use this url - http://blogs.skype.com/feed/
  7. WHY I can not pay for medium account with my visa card

    We can't see any new orders for your account in order to start further investigation with our payments partners. Could you please contact us and provide us little more details about that (errors, etc) using the "contact support" option or PM me in order to keep your privacy?
  8. email site notifications?

    It sounds good, we'll consider this.
  9. Skype blog

    It's already working. Strangely, we didn't change anything on our side.
  10. WHY I can not pay for medium account with my visa card

    Thank you for your willing to upgrade. Could you please try again and let us know if you are still having issues processing your payment?
  11. Skype blog

    For some reason we are receiving "301 Moved Permanently" when we try to fetch the feed (from any of our polling servers).
  12. Inoreader becomes slow after a while

    I see. Please refer to this thread for more details about that.
  13. Mobilizer fetches wrong page content

    Unfortunately we can't "workaround" this... Also it looks like that are more often returning this: "У вас слишком много отобранных вакансий. Вам нужно удалить ненужные вакансии из списка отобранных, чтобы добавить ещё одну. Удалить самую старую вакансию и добавить эту Отменить"
  14. Inoreader becomes slow after a while

    Are you experiencing this in any other browser (including official chrome)? How long it takes until you start experiencing this?