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  1. OK, after your comment I tried with a clean installation of Firefox (stable, previously I used my Nightly installation) and it works fine. Sorry for the inconvenience
  2. Shouldn't it add InoReader in the list below? Clicking on the link does nothing on my installation, and InoReader isn't added
  3. As in title, the 'Add Inoreader as a feed reader in Firefox' feature doesn't work, Can you fix this? Thanks in advance
  4. lollox85

    [Facebook] how to subscribe?

    Yes, I totally agree. Hope things can change in future
  5. Hi as in title, how to subscribe to a Facebook user's feed? I've a Plus account, but when I try to subscribe to a FB user InoReader doesn't find anything I'm interested in getting a feed from some artists that moved all their workflow from good old blogs to FB. Example: Thanks
  6. lollox85

    Pixiv support please

    Hi as in title, I'd like to see support for Pixiv user's galleries in InoReader. I'm an RSS addicted and this trend (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc) of forcing users to use a proprietary platform instead of an open technology as RSS hurts me very much. Please consider to add this platform to your reader as you did for Facebook, YouTube, etc. Thanks in advance
  7. lollox85

    An issue with an userjs

    You've to edit the script.... go to your script manager extension (I use Violentmonkey) and open LinkDragSelection. Then you've to add these lines in the header: // @exclude // @exclude* // @exclude // @exclude* Here there's a screenshot of the final result:
  8. lollox85

    An issue with an userjs

    Well, consider the problem started few days ago (I always used it before without issues) so I think a change in InoReader broke the userjs I disabled the script on IR, but a real fix would be glad
  9. lollox85

    An issue with an userjs

    Hi. I don't know what happened, but sice few days I've problems in InoReader with an userjs I use: LinkDragSelectionForChrome Now it seems that the text selection starts with a single click instead of the usual click and hold mouse button to select, so everytime I click on a title to expand an article the text selection begins. Can you investigate on it? Obviously this happens only on InoReader
  10. lollox85

    FB token expired bug

    Hi, sorry for the delay. I tried all possible things. I also - removed Inoreader from FB apps; - disconnected the FB integration from InoReader; - logout from FB; - logout from InoReader, - cleared all cookies - Connected again to InoReader - clicked on the notification and logged in FB but without any result
  11. lollox85

    FB token expired bug

    Hi I followed your instructions but the issue is still here
  12. lollox85

    FB token expired bug

    As shown in the image below, InoReader ask me to renew the FB token However when I click the link InoReader simply reloads the page without any result and that alert still is present. I also tried to disconnect InoReader from FB and connect it again but nothing changes. How to fix it?
  13. lollox85

    Feature requests

    Yes, but I was wondering if you can simply give an option to select preferred behavior (a simple page preferences in in which user can select actions for "touch" "swipe left" "swipe right") Sadly I found very unhandy the swipe left gesture to open the article list Thanks
  14. lollox85

    Feature requests

    Hi I installed the Android app some day ago and I noticed that using it isn't as good as I expected... here there are some requests I hope will be accepted - option to show only updated subscriptions as in the normal Web app (and so DON'T LOAD at all all the complete list) - option to change the behavior of "click" on a feed/folder : open the list of unread items (actually this is instead implemented in the swipe action) Thanks in advance
  15. lollox85

    InoReader is down for me

    It now works again ... I'm wondering what kind of issue there was on my ISP Thanks for your help