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  1. Problem with Greek characters

    Yes, it's fixed :).
  2. Help with rules

    Thanks wesson, that clears it up. So, i guess that if i want to match a specific word, case insensitive, without adding mutliple conditions for the same word, the best way is to use regex /example/i, right?
  3. Help with rules

    Hello, i need some help with the rules because it seems that i'm a bit confused. So, a few questions: What will matches regular expression and /Google Home/i match? Will it catch "Google" or "Home" or only "Google Home", case insensitive? What will title contains and Google Home match? Is there a difference if i put it on quotation marks? Will it match "Home Google" or only "Google Home"? I'm looking for the best way to match titles that contain some specific words, in a specific order, case insensitive. I need something that will catch "Google Home" and "google home" but not just "Google" or "Home". Thanks in advance!
  4. Problem with Greek characters

    There seems to be some kind of problem with Latin characters too. For example, with this article:
  5. Problem with Greek characters

    Unfortunately, this is happening again.
  6. Yes, updated and works great. Thanks wesson!
  7. Hello. After the newest update for the Android app [version 5.3.16 (419) ], scroll tracking changed behavior on my tablet (Galaxy Tab A 2016, Android 7.0). It's now marking as read everything that appears on screen. I think that the previous way of doing that, marking as read everything that went off screen after scrolling, was better. Right now, the app thinks that i'm reading every title that appears on screen the moment it appears, making it harder for me to keep track of the articles. Here's a video of that: Scroll tracking on my Nexus 5X works as before, no problems there. Any chance of fixing? Thanks
  8. Problem with Greek characters

    Yes, thank you :).
  9. Problem with Greek characters

    I just emailed the following Greek articles and got the same results (refreshed the page & restarted the browser)
  10. IFTTT integration is down

    No response from IFTTT. Just a note here, back in April, when i first contacted them about this issue, their response was I never heard from them again and they haven't responded to my new mail yet (it's been 6 days). This is a few minutes ago: Since you checked this issue, something is broken on their side and they can't/won't fix it. So, Inoreader's integration with IFTTT is essentially broken for me and their support is not responding. Guess i won't be using IFTTT that much from now on.
  11. Problem with Greek characters

    Hi wesson. How did you create these cards? Maybe with the Trello extension or something similar? Because the results i get are different when sharing an article using the email function (or rules and mail) and my mail-to-board address ( And that's when i'm experiencing that bug. Sending an article using Inoreader's mail function gives me a "username shared this article with you from [Inoreader]", "Inoreader is a light and fast RSS Reader. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook" and no image or attempt to attach/generate one. EDIT: The url on your screenshot is using IFTTT's format (, so i guess that's what you tried. But this problem occurs when sending something using Inoreader's built-in mail functionality.
  12. Problem with Greek characters

    Just tested that it's also happening with the RSS feed of my (Greek) website. For example, i sent this article to my Trello board and this is what i get:
  13. Account type degraded

    Same here, this has happened before so i guess it's a mistake/glitch.
  14. Hello again. After this issue, i tried sending some posts from Inoreader to Trello, using rules and Trello's mail-to-board function. Unfortunately, i found out that when sending articles with Greek characters on their title, i'm getting... gibberish on the title of the card. I have contacted Trello for that. They requested to send some test email and, after some debugging, i got this response: I thought you'd want to know, in case there's some bug.
  15. IFTTT integration is down

    OK, i've contacted IFTTT (again), i'll let you know if anything comes up.