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  1. Beta testers

    I would like to be a beta tester. Thanks!
  2. With the bigger iphones it has become harder to press the "Mark section as read" check mark on the top of the screen. Suggest it be moved to the bottom of the screen for easier one handed reach.
  3. The check mark on the mobile ios app is at the top of screen. Suggest moving it to the bottom to facilitate one hand operation, especially on larger phones. Also when you swipe up and feeds are marked as being read it should automatically forward you to next unread folder. Thanks.
  4. Android client

    One thing d7 Reader does is to make the feed source a different color (blue) then the article snippet (grey). You wouldn't think it would make much of a difference but for me it's much more appealing visually to look at the sort through the articles.
  5. New logo and login page

    Love it!
  6. Channels

    I haven't seen any discussion on Channels. Honestly I'm at a lost what this is so I figured others might be as well. Could be a good topic.
  7. d7 Reader for Android

    D7 Reader is a GREAT mobile interface for Inoreader.