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  1. newsome

    YouTube Videos Autoplaying

    This must have been a YouTube problem. A day and a refresh of Chrome later, it's working like it should.
  2. newsome

    YouTube Videos Autoplaying

    Suddenly tonight YouTube videos in my feeds started autoplaying when I open an article that had a video in it. I haven't noticed this happening before. Is there a new setting? I can't find a way to stop this.
  3. It's the CNN - US feed:
  4. I do want to see the blue highlight when I have new articles, but the CNN one won't stay black even when there's no new articles. I click on the subscription in the feed tree and it goes to black, but a minute or two later it goes back to blue without having any new articles.
  5. I have an article in the CNN - US feed that I'm hanging on to for a few days (it's been 5 now). The feed title in the subscription list keeps changing itself to blue. I click the title, it opens the feed and changes to black. The next time new articles come in, the feed titles are blue, and CNN's feed title turns itself blue again. I've tried turning that preference on and back off with no effect, and I've tried changing the theme, but it still happens. Any idea why?
  6. newsome

    Reeder 2 for iPhone/iPad

    I still update my iOS apps manually (mostly because I do it at home on wifi, as opposed to using my data plan), and I updated Reeder 2 today to find Inoreader support. I like the new Inoreader iOS app, but Reeder 2 is obviously much farther ahead in development, and is really slick.
  7. newsome

    unseen articles - marked as seen

    Yes! This just started happening to me in Chrome where the yellow fades to blue, and I hate it. PLEASE an option to turn that off.
  8. newsome

    Losing New Article Status

    I have found InoReader doing something strange tonight. When I click a subscription, the new articles have a yellow line beside them, and the ones that aren't new have a blue line beside them. The strange part is that, after about 4 seconds, the yellow line fades to blue, and it's much harder to tell what's new and what isn't. Is this a new feature? Is there a setting I'm missing? What's happening?
  9. newsome

    Some Feeds Insist I Have Unread Items

    I'd love to! Just let me know how...
  10. newsome

    Some Feeds Insist I Have Unread Items

    No extensions. Windows 7 with the latest version of Chrome.
  11. Some feeds turn red and say I have new items. I read the new items and leave only a few older unread items. The feed title will turn red again as if I have new unread items, even though I don't. I click on the feed title, and it turns black, but then turns red again a few seconds later, even though there are still no new items in the feed. It isn't one specific feed, and I can't seem to find a pattern to it.
  12. Oh. My. Gosh. I've been playing with this this afternoon, and it's fantastic! I love the update. Inoreader just keeps getting better & better.
  13. Just wondering if there had been any movement on this. When I click "Mark all as read", I should be dumped into the main list, not a blank list. That extra click is killing me!
  14. I would second this. It would be nice to not have to go back to the empty page after marking all posts as read, and being able to go back to the main list.