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  1. When I write this topic - I use 2.x version, now I upgraded to 3.0 and all works well, thanks!
  2. At now Inoreader android app have 2 types of widgets: - Unread count for one subscription - on tap it open items of this subscription - Unread count for folder - on tap it open list of subscription in this folder But there are no way to open all items in folder directly from widget, I need to do additional click. Can you add new widget type for direct opening all items in folder to read instead of showing subscription list?
  3. I have many feeds and tags in subscriptions, but not all of them are comfortable to read in mobile phone. So from more than 100 subscriptions I read only 10 of them in mobile phone, other I read only in normal computer. Reading offline are very useful feature, with it I can read feeds in places without internet. But if I enable "Synchronize feeds" device will download all feeds, but I need only 10 of them, so it waste device free space and traffic. Will be good if we have option for select favorite feeds and tags and sync for offline access only them. This feature was have many other Google Reader apps (Reader+, JustReader, etc), and will be good to see it in InoReader android app.
  4. Will be good to see in the android desktop Unread posts count widget for specific tags and feeds (one widget per feed), and on click open InoReader with this feed. I active use this feature in Reader+ app and it is very useful every day. But now Reader+ not add support for InoReader, so I lost this feature Can you add this feature to InoReader android app or as separate application?
  5. How to reproduce this bug: 1. Add som rss feed (named rss1) and move it to folder Folder1, in left sidebar you will see Folder1 with 10 unread items. 2. Open some item from feed, and add tag Tag2 to this item, you will see that Tag2 is added to left sidebar, and Folder1 will have 9 unread items. 3. Mark this item (that have Folder1 and Tag2 tags) as unread. You will see that Folder1 return 10 unread items, but Tag2 still have zero unread items. So if I filter folder-tags "Updated only" I will not see Tag2, but it have unread messages. 4. Add another feed (rss2) and move it to Tag2 tag (folder). After this you will se in Tag2 folder only rss2 items, so item from rss1 in that I manually add Tag2 tag and mark as unread, will hide and I can't find the way how to see it. 5. InoReader android client have this issue too. Can you fix this issue or describe the way how I can add tags to some items without losting messages? P.S. Tag2 I use as "Read later" tag, so I mark with it items that I want to read later. Also I use Tag3 that mark messages with video, and other tags, so this issue is broke this ability.
  6. Murz

    Hotkey for add tags

    Wow, thanks! I didn't find it in help - it missed in hotkey list, so I feared to try it
  7. Murz

    Hotkey for add tags

    At not in help I can't find the hotkey for adding tag to post. Will be good something like "t" or "shift+T", can you add it?
  8. On some sites when I try to look the original post, I always got the message: But it shows correctly in iframe. So each time I must press "No". Will be good to see in settings option for globally disable this message. Can you add this?
  9. In Google Reader I can add tag to post via mouse and do mouse click on other post (without using keyboard), and tags will saved. But in via this way tags will not saved, for save I must press "Enter" key on keyboard. But this is not comfortable when I use only mouse or touch screen. Can you add feature for saving tags via lost focus?
  10. At now there are many Google Reader apps in Google Play Market, and many of them has broken after stopping Google Reader service. And authors of this apps looking for alternatives. So will be good to contact with them and provide the API for intergrating his apps with Some of them already do integrations with,, or other service. But is best of the best (imho), so I glad to see support for inoreader in other apps. Can you contact with autors about support your services?
  11. Murz

    You can do domain working via 301 HTTP redirect to, so users can enter to it via both urls.
  12. I can't post direct links because Forum disable this, and this post in current RSS file is removed by new posts, but you can see code in page seonews. ru/analytics/yandex-ostrova/ (remove space before 'ru') in url.
  13. When I look the page that contain HTML tags in InoReader, for example RSS copy of this page: seonews. ru/analytics/yandex-ostrova/ I see that examples with html code are missed in InoReader, but it show successfully in web browser. For example in this string that is reproduced in HTML code like: <p><i><description></i><i>Хорошая</i><i>фриланс</i><i>биржа</i><i></description></i></p>tags and are missed in InoReader but shows in browser. Is this an InoReader issue or bad RSS file?
  14. I have post an idea in Reader+ for add support inoreader: readerhd.uservoice. com/forums/153897-reader-hd/suggestions/4144659-add-sync-with-inoreader-com - please vote all who are interested.
  15. For InoReader Android application you can talk directly with authors of some apps that now works with Google Reader. Many of them now looking the way how to continue work without Google Reader. For example, I use this application: ... ile.reader - it is the best for Google Reader for me, and author now looking the way what to do after google reader: "We're working hard to update the application so that it can work without Google Reader".