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  1. joshg253

    Instapaper integration stopped working

    Totally agree -- I did more than one post specifically regarding saving different types of articles from Inoreader to each of the "read later" site supported by Inoreader, and most of the time Instapaper was the clear winner. Ideally I'd like to see Instapaper acquired and rebranded as ~Inopaper.
  2. joshg253

    A different "View" for just the Stars section

    Me too! Was annoyed by this missing feature again yesterday.
  3. joshg253

    Rule preview and apply to existing

    For testing Rules, I subscribed to my own blog, boosted the sync time, and posted different things to it to match or not match. If you don't already have your own blog, you could try or Blogger or similar for free.
  4. joshg253

    How to user InoReader on News+ for Android

    Found a workaround for now: delete my 2700+ subscription Bandcamp folder. Updated the ignored Issue on GitHub as well.
  5. joshg253

    A different "View" for just the Stars section

    Yep, All Article and Stars share the same setting. Change the display order in one, it will also be reflected in the other. I generally like to view Stars from Newest to Oldest, but everything else has to be Oldest to Newest, otherwise I start losing Unread Items because I get busy. So this is my +1 for the request to give All Articles and Stars separate settings.
  6. joshg253

    How to user InoReader on News+ for Android

    Inoreader really is becoming quite the all-around web app, isn't it? Awesome you can save stuff in there from elsewhere now too. And I love the seamless Pocket/Evernote integration as well.
  7. joshg253

    How to user InoReader on News+ for Android

    Same here, except I look here:!categories/news_plus Wasn't sure where to post the issue, figured the Github was a good place. I don't listen to podcasts in Inoreader -- I might need to start doing so!
  8. joshg253

    How to user InoReader on News+ for Android

    Thanks for checking, fyako. Must be something to do with my account. I do have a LOT of feeds (2700+ in my Bandcamp folder alone) -- could have something to do with it. Yep, I'm experiencing the same results trying to contact them as well. Life does get in the way sometimes. Hope that's the case and they haven't actually abandoned it.
  9. joshg253

    How to user InoReader on News+ for Android

    I've not been able to use News+ with Inoreader since April. Is it working for anyone else? I get a "ERROR_UNKNOWN: remote connection error" when it tries to connect. More details on my issue posted here:
  10. joshg253

    Forum Logo

    Haha, ok.
  11. joshg253

    Forum Logo

    The image at the top says IPS Community, which appears to be the default logo for IP.Board. Didn't it used to be an InoReader logo? I vote to replace it with one either way.
  12. joshg253

    Date filter

    Someone was asking for something similar recently. (Assuming you're using the web version) You could click the down arrow to the right of "Mark all as read" (at the top) and then "Older than one day", but that seems a little too permanent, say, if you wanted to easily find older unread ones later, since they'd no longer be Unread.
  13. joshg253

    IFTTT (if-this-then-that) Channel Please!!

    I currently still have over 2500 Bandcamp subscriptions in Feedly. I tag the post for the 1st song on an album with the release year and use IFTTT to add a line with the Artist/Album/link in a Google Spreadsheet named the year. Would be nice to finally dump Feedly completely.
  14. joshg253

    Fresh articles?

    You could try viewing All Articles and sorting by Newest First. Though eventually as you go down the list they wouldn't be as fresh.