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  1. Jacket

    6.1 Layout Stinks

    6.1.1 update is now live.
  2. Jacket

    6.1 Layout Stinks

    We are working on a release that will add an option to disable this split view in landscape mode. We are sorry to hear that some people don't like this. It's based on the overwhelming majority of the feedback for version 6.0. In version 5 our iPad app was also using a split view, which was kind of clunky so we removed it in 6.0 (based on previous positive experience from the Android version). But we were greeted with tons of negative reviews from people that wanted back the split view. So we added it back in 6.1, but more polished than in 5.x. We also didn't change anything in portrait mode, so if you don't want to take advantage of the sidebar, you just turn your iPad in portrait mode and it's gone. I guess it was silly for us to assume this. So we're adding back the option for for iPhone layout on the landscape mode and hopefully everyone will be happy at the end.
  3. Jacket


    Yes, that's exactly the issue. Unfortunately a lot of sites are now broken due this. We are trying to add work arounds for the bigger ones, but they are not guaranteed to last, so the publishers really need to address this. We have added a work-around for this site too, so it should start updating now.
  4. Jacket

    Tumblr Feeds Unavailable

    The NSFW feeds are fixed too.
  5. Jacket

    Tumblr Feeds Unavailable

    Another solution was just implemented. Feeds should start updating again. Sorry about that, hopefully they will finally remove this nonsense page for /rss links. I should also mention that our work around only work for *.tumblr.com URLs. Any blog hosted with a custom domain will still be unavailable until Tumblr officially fix this.
  6. Jacket

    Tumblr Feeds Unavailable

    It looks like Tumblr now returns 403 Forbidden error to our crawlers when they try to obtain the consent cookie. We are investigating why, but it looks like a "security" measure on their end. Sorry about that, we'll try to find another way to deal with this again.
  7. Jacket

    Tumblr Feeds Unavailable

    Since obviously Tumblr won't do anything anytime soon, we have put more effort into simulating the consent cookies. I think we've succeeded now and all Tumblr feeds should start working properly if not already. It took us some time, because we didn't want to sacrifice performance and stability of the backend. We saw the TT-RSS implementation, but TT-RSS instances usually process several hundred and rarely more than thousands of feeds. We need to add a fix in a code that is executed millions of times per hour, so the solution was quite different here. In the process we also tried to pass the traffic to Tumblr through an AWS proxy and it worked for a short time, but our AWS IP addresses were quickly blocked by Tumblr. I don't know why they have so strict rate limits to those addresses. Our backend IPs doesn't seem to be limited so hard. Anyway everything should be back to normal now. Sorry it took so long, but we really thought that Tumblr will fix this in a timely manner, since it doesn't seem to require a great effort on their end.
  8. Jacket

    Tumblr Feeds Unavailable

    Yes, it's obviously related to GDPR since it's only being shown to EU IPs. We have now rerouted all Tumblr traffic through a US VPN, but we are already seeing a lot of "Rate limit exceeded" errors from their end since we only have one US IP address... Some of the feeds should start updating now and we will try to add more US ips, but the best solution of course will be for Tumblr to notice and fix this.
  9. Jacket

    Tumblr Feeds Unavailable

    Unfortunately Tumblr started to show some new privacy policy consent page to our crawlers. See this tweet: We can't bypass it in any way. We have tried to simulate the consent cookie, but it's hashed and we don't know the logic behind it. It's also apparent that they only show this page to EU based IPs and that's why the feeds still work in some other readers. TT-RSS users who are hosing their instances in EU are also complaining: https://discourse.tt-rss.org/t/change-on-tumblr-rss-feeds-not-working/1158/15 As of now we don't have backend servers outside of EU, so we hope that Tumblr will notice us and will fix this.
  10. I understand, you want to have the full content saved for offline use. This is what we are seeing too (why people want to use the Saved web pages as internal bookmarks). We are planning to do something like our Offline folders with the stars too, which should be a better solution. Offline folder already can cache images and full content. The Stars are even now synchronized for offline use in our apps, but without the full content and images. This is the icon I'm referring to:
  11. Thank you for the detailed feedback. The feature to save links "a la Pocket" was always a side feature of Inoreader and not a core one. You know that Inoreader is primarily an RSS aggregator so the normal way to save something for later is to use stars or tags. Saved web pages is for those cases where you don't have an RSS feed and you just want to save a random resource from the web. We have the tough task to balance so many features and to have some way of leading users into using the correct feature set for their use case. E.g. we have received requests to add a "save as web page" button to each article. We don't want to do that, because we have stars for this. For your Desktop feedback - you know we have an extension and a bookmarklet right? They're mentioned in the blog post you linked. The extension could be a little too much for what you want, but the bookmarklet is very straight forward. It just saves the current page. There's a big plus icon in the action bar (top right) for saving via URL. It's available both on the iPad and iPhone. OK just re-read that. So you really want to do what we don't want you to do... Why? As wesson mentioned we will consider all your feedback, but know that we have to be careful not to promote too many features as 1st class citizens as this will create a lot of clutter for people who will never use them and just want an RSS reader.
  12. I appreciate your feedback. We are releasing the builds when we feel they are ready. We are doing extensive TestFlight tests only for really major builds as they tend to take a lot of time and feedback is usually scarce. If we are to wait for full Test Flight tests and coordinate an external issue tracking system with all users, we will just sink into project management and you will feel it because releases will just grind to a halt. We also have apps for other platforms with their own bugs and issues and we can only focus so much on one of them. We try our best to bring you a polished product, but this doesn't mean that we have the resources for continuous professional testing teams and QA. We just do what we can internally and hope for some honest feedback during the TestFlight tests. P.S. We just pulled the latest approved version from the App Store before it was released, because we found a minor bug that we have introduced there - dark themed Safari View on the light theme. At this point we prefer to delay the release with a day or two instead of compromising usability even a little. It's all about the specific case and we have to make the decision here and internally. It can't be coordinated with everyone or we'll stop doing what we do. Thank you for the feedback and your proposal. We are surely taking it into consideration. It's another step we could make in the future, but for now, check what I've said above.
  13. Jacket

    Bug: newly added articles are marked as read

    Thank you for the feedback. Yes, we have tracked and fixed the bug in 6.0.3. But what you describe now is the normal behavior of the app from the very beginning. Whenever you refresh the list of articles (and tapping on the "X new articles" popup does just that, the previously marked as read articles disappear. There are also requests to remove the read articles immediately, but we are resisting this exactly because you might want to return and mark it as unread or star it. Refreshing however will always remove the read articles. Due to some technical limitations we can't just prepend the new articles on top while in online mode. We do that only for offline folders.
  14. Unfortunately I don't think that we will officially provide an IPA file for iOS. Some changes that we are making to APIs could render very old versions inoperable in the future and if we provide an official build for one version, then we will be stuck with old APIs and data models. We much prefer to focus on optimizing the new version for everyone. Thank you for your understanding! You can sign up for beta tests by writing to testflight AT inoreader.com. I can't promise that since we are already doing it in the Testflight app and we are gathering the feedback from there. The person responsible on our end for gathering beta feedback is already overloaded, so one more channel to follow could probably lead to release delays and we'd like to be able to move fast right now. We don't have test scenarios for the testers if that's what you ask. If it's something different. please explain.
  15. To be honest we were a bit eager, but if you know how many months and iterations went into this build you would probably understand. We have changed so many things so many times that some of them aren't even in the project files anymore. We were just exhausted at some point and were in desperate need of real user feedback. So we set up a Testflight program with 150+ users and that went really well according to the feedback, so we thought that we're ready for a launch. And I really think the effort we put into stabilization and bug fixes payed off, but we lacked a fresh perspective on the design and UX. We were internally testing it for months here and we gradually got used to everything new in the app, so we never really thought about the shock we are going to unleash on you. I really want to apologize for that, but at the same time I don't think thank anything would've been drastically different had we waited for another month. We were just burned out and tired of reiterating on the same things over and over again. Now this is not our first launch of a major design change, so we weren't expecting THAT much negative feedback. So we are now frantically working to fix everything we can in the best possible way. That's why it now feels as if we are experimenting on you and really this is more or less true. I wish it weren't like this, but this is what we can achieve with so much resources. At the same time we can't just undo everything to the way it was, because this basically defeats half a year of development and planning for something a lot bigger that should help our team sail smoothly for years to come. It's not possible for any business these days to just sit there and do nothing. It will sooner or later not be competitive and will have to shut down. There are examples, a very recent ones. We (and hopefully you) don't want this to happen to us. So we need to keep moving, even if it means that sometimes we break something in the process. We're always listening to the feedback. I'm personally reading every forum post (via RSS of course), tweet or support ticket and even though I can't physically answer everyone (but @wesson can and he does), so keep it coming, but when you want to just bash us for changing something, please think a little bit from our perspective and try to be constructive, because any moment spent in answering rage posts can be put into real effort on making things better. Thank you for being with us!