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Found 4 results

  1. xInstead

    Dashboard improvements

    I once again want to point out how useful and convenient the Dashboard is, but it has much more potential to be a real productivity booster. Even though it gives you many possibilities to customize it, it still lacks the necessary flexibility. The following things for example would make it even more powerful. 1. The 'What's new in your Inoreader' gadget should be as customizable as the 'New articles' gadget. So I should be able to pick a specific folder or subscription to be displayed and not just being limited to the 'most read' or 'recently updated' option. 2. You should be able to mark articles as read/unread or starred directly on the dashboard. 3. The most desired feature. You should be able to view or preview articles directly on the dashboard as well. Something like an onscreen card or box that you get to see when you use the card or magazine view after selecting articles. Or even better but harder to imagine, previewing the content by hovering over the article titles on the dashboard. The functionality of the Dashboard is probably restricted to some limitations, but it would be great to see some improvements regarding it in the future.
  2. Yuri

    Progressbar in iOS app

    Hi! Please, add the same statistic bar to the iOS app as in desktop version. Now I every day open inoreader desktop version to see how much did I read. It's not handy. __ Thank you for your work! Yuri.
  3. integrates with your favorite cloud applications, including Inoreader, to help you stay on top of your feeds, tasks, events, emails and more. You can read more about the integration at
  4. I've noticed that the 'keep unread' feature isn't really persistent. It does a great job for most of the feed-reading time, but is there a way you can make it more permanent, such as 'always stay unread until i physically click the article?' Or at least make it more resilient to 'mark all as read,' since 'keep unread' dies in that situation. Keep up the good work.