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Found 1 result

  1. Longtime paid user of Inoreader here. I use the Inoreader web interface (desktop) and the News+ app on Android with the Inoreader extension (which in turn uses the Inoreader third-party API). The Android setup with Inoreader through News+ has worked reliably for years. However, as of around December 1, 2015 I'm experiencing sporadic sync issues when syncing changes made in News+ up to the Inoreader web interface. Here's what's happening: Read several articles in News+, or "Mark all as read" in a feed Perform a "sync" in News+ to make sure the Inoreader server is notified of read items View the Inoreader web interface Expected result: The items I read in News+ are marked "read" in the Inoreader web interface Actual result: The items read in News+ still show "unread" in the web interface I am a daily user of News+ and Inoreader for years and I'm inclined to suspect a problem on the Inoreader API side rather than News+. I say that because the News+ app has not been updated in months, the News+ Inoreader extension is unchanged in years, and there are no other recent changes to my device or Android version. Essentially, all other code involved is unchanged and has worked consistently for months or years up to this point. Mods/Inoreader staff: Any recent changes to the API, platform or availability issues that would be causing trouble here? I've noticed the issue multiple times over the past several days, which suggests more than a one-off glitch. Thanks for a great service.