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Found 7 results

  1. xInstead

    Dashboard improvements

    I once again want to point out how useful and convenient the Dashboard is, but it has much more potential to be a real productivity booster. Even though it gives you many possibilities to customize it, it still lacks the necessary flexibility. The following things for example would make it even more powerful. 1. The 'What's new in your Inoreader' gadget should be as customizable as the 'New articles' gadget. So I should be able to pick a specific folder or subscription to be displayed and not just being limited to the 'most read' or 'recently updated' option. 2. You should be able to mark articles as read/unread or starred directly on the dashboard. 3. The most desired feature. You should be able to view or preview articles directly on the dashboard as well. Something like an onscreen card or box that you get to see when you use the card or magazine view after selecting articles. Or even better but harder to imagine, previewing the content by hovering over the article titles on the dashboard. The functionality of the Dashboard is probably restricted to some limitations, but it would be great to see some improvements regarding it in the future.
  2. Hi guys, I'm a new user of Inoreader. I want to use it for two utilisations : in personnal way to see all the news I like and in professional way to be informed of the news in my domain (webmarketing) I have done lot of categories for the personnal things and one for the professional one but I have issues : - How to view the hundreds rss feeds fairly on my dashboard? I mean I have added french and english news but I've got more english news than french because they are most see I think.. - How some websites which publish 1 article by week can be see in the big flow of articles ? I want to see all my feeds on the dashboard a little bit like it can be done on News Republic. Thanks for your help
  3. integrates with your favorite cloud applications, including Inoreader, to help you stay on top of your feeds, tasks, events, emails and more. You can read more about the integration at
  4. xInstead

    Twitter Gadget

    I don't know why, but only recently I noticed how great the Dashboard is, that's the kind of overview I was always looking for. And right after I started using it, the following thought crossed my mind. It might be too complicated to implement, but I will just leave the idea here. How about a timeline gadget especially for Twitter feeds, something similar to what you see on Twitter or Tweetdeck. So not just displaying a list preview but the full Tweets you can scroll through. Twitter is one of the things I always keep an eye on, and having the Dashboard set as start page plus an advanced Twitter timeline would be just great and make it really convenient to track things. Since Twitter feeds have profile pictures and names included, you could strip the whole title bar and make it look pretty clear and compact. Maybe have mark as read on scroll as well. Well, at this point it's simply a reverie so I don't want to obsess about it too much.
  5. In the beta version, for some reason I have recently started to intermittently experience the inability to close an item via the "X" once I have opened an item that is displayed on a dashboard. I can hit refresh on my browser (in this case Chrome) which brings me back to the dashboard. Please let me know if there is any additional information required.
  6. Hello all, I'm trying to add widgets to my dashboard, but it seems that each time I add one, it creates a copy of the dashboard. I tried to select "add widgets" form the menu, under "current dashboard" but it still creates a copy of the current dashboard. What I am doing wrong? Thanks! Sébastien
  7. Please prevent the "Dashboard" button from scrolling. In daily use of InoReader a very common action is to return to the Dashboard, which requires scrolling the tree all the way to the top repeatedly!