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Found 5 results

  1. Ran into what looks like an API bug while testing an app that uses the Inoreader API. Here's the sequence of events: Subscribed to a new feed Starred a couple of articles for further study Unsubscribed from the feed At this point, the Inoreader website continued to show the starred articles, but they were left out of my API calls. My call was (with app ID and key redacted):*****&AppKey=*****&n=20&r=o&ot=0&it=user/-/state/ When, the next day, I re-subscribed to the feed and re-starred the articles (they weren't marked as starred in the feed view on the Inoreader website, which I found strange), the web version of Inoreader added them to the starred list (as duplicates, from the user's perspective), but my stream call was able to pick them up. I was able to duplicate the problem, though the 2nd time the Inoreader website re-associated the stars when I re-subscribed. The feed I used, if you need it, was "MySQL Performance Blog" (
  2. Longtime paid user of Inoreader here. I use the Inoreader web interface (desktop) and the News+ app on Android with the Inoreader extension (which in turn uses the Inoreader third-party API). The Android setup with Inoreader through News+ has worked reliably for years. However, as of around December 1, 2015 I'm experiencing sporadic sync issues when syncing changes made in News+ up to the Inoreader web interface. Here's what's happening: Read several articles in News+, or "Mark all as read" in a feed Perform a "sync" in News+ to make sure the Inoreader server is notified of read items View the Inoreader web interface Expected result: The items I read in News+ are marked "read" in the Inoreader web interface Actual result: The items read in News+ still show "unread" in the web interface I am a daily user of News+ and Inoreader for years and I'm inclined to suspect a problem on the Inoreader API side rather than News+. I say that because the News+ app has not been updated in months, the News+ Inoreader extension is unchanged in years, and there are no other recent changes to my device or Android version. Essentially, all other code involved is unchanged and has worked consistently for months or years up to this point. Mods/Inoreader staff: Any recent changes to the API, platform or availability issues that would be causing trouble here? I've noticed the issue multiple times over the past several days, which suggests more than a one-off glitch. Thanks for a great service.
  3. Backspaze

    About Youtube RSS feed

    I posted a comment in the blog post about the changes to Youtube RSS feed and thought I'd post it here too in case someone missed it and might have use for it. "Ok maybe I've missed something but when I found out about this I unsubscribed from my Youtube-feed in Inoreader and then subscribed to it again the same way I did the last time, using "{USER_ID}/newsubscriptionvideos" and it's working exactly like before with video descriptions and all. I followed the instructions in this link """ I prefer this way since I can just browse Youtube and add subscriptions and they will all just pop up in Inoreader automatically instead of having to add every channel manually. As stated above, I may have missed some news/statement/info somewhere that explains why this still works even though, as I understand it, it shouldn't. But it works for me at least so I thought I'd share it. EDIT: Ok so, since about a week ago this method doesn't work anymore for me either. Must have been some kind of delay or something since they officially pulled the plug on April 20. Feel free to delete this thread.
  4. If anyone else is getting this error Please go to my error report at Issue 6333 Please "Star" the report and add your own comment, hopefully one day they will fix it...... This api url worked for months with no issue and now its back They must be blocking it since browsers can view the feed without issue. Only readers and validators get the 403 error. The api url I was having issue with is:
  5. shamo42

    Fetch and edit rules

    Hi, Are there plans for an API to fetch and edit filter rules?