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  1. Hi, a quick question: has this issue been fixed? I had been very careful in the last weeks to load articles first but in cases I didn't, there is still some scrolling happening but the articles seem correctly labeled unread now. If this is fixed, I could save the time of pre-pre-loading articles... many thanks!
  2. Hi, I predominantly use the magazine view but reading in this view on a 16:9 screen it seems a lot of space is wasted - would it be possible to adjust the column width so eg headlines are in one line and one gets more text to read? At the same time, it would be good to be able to adjust the picture and font size as - on my screen only 4 articles are shown and it is often endless scrolling through articles. At the moment this view seems to be more optimized for portrait view (eg on an iPad where one can easily turn the screen - but those users can use the app, too...). Thanks for the consideration.
  3. I don't think it is complicated but it's simply not working this way! Offline folders behave like they are offline regardless of the real on/offline state.
  4. Hi, When manually marking an article as unread and having switched on the 'mark as read on scroll' function, these manually marked unread articles are not marked as read - which is great as it is some sort of dodgy snooze function (feature request?). But the 'mark as read on scroll' function does not work for the last 5-6 articles as one cannot scroll past them. So I often use the 'mark all as read' button (hook) too clean up the folder. But by pressing that button the manually marked as unread articles disappear, too. Is there a way to make the button behave like the mark on scroll function? That would be great!
  5. well understood! And that is what I am complaining about I would love to see the offline folders behave like the online folders and showing the 'real' last first and not the last of x articles - which is somewhere in the middle of the unread articles. It is kind a weird to read articles from 100th to 1st and then 200th to 100th, 300th to 200th, etc. That sort of defeats the 'last first' function. That comment is interesting and if I interpret it correctly, this means that if I'm ONLINE, it should show the 'real' oldest first? That would make sense but it doesn't work! Even while being online, the offline folders behave like offline...
  6. sure, I am aware that only the last month worth of articles are show (yet, I would love to have an option to switch this off). BUT in one folder, I have about 900 unread articles ranging from new to 4 weeks old (with a little gap between new and 3 days old as I read a few from the top and a few new ones came in). If I chose "oldest first" it shows articles 18h old and younger. There is no way to make Inoreader show the really old articles. If this behavior is not intended, it seems to be a bug! Generally speaking, the offline folders behave strange at times. The "latest/oldest first" seem only apply to the recently downloaded articles. And it doesn't seem to download "from bottom (old)" but only from top (new articles). I think Inoreader does not check where it is on-/offline (often enough) and just uses what is stored in offline folders. Or doesn't change the cache or something. That also explains the other bug when there is a delay in downloading new articles in offline folders.
  7. Hi, when using offline folders, it seems that Inoreader shows the oldest of the last 100 (or I guess whatever has been chosen in the settings) articles and not the oldest articles. In this context another issue: for the offline folders, Inoreader also doesn't seem to load old articles for offline use. It would be great to at least have an option in the settings to define what an old article is. At the moment, it seem that if there is a "break" of 2-digit hours or a day, Inoreader considers the article old and does not load it. So sometimes I have the situation that Inoreader loads only a handful of articels and I still need to reload the next ~95 articles mobile... I personally would vote to have an option to simply switch off "old articles" altogether as I find it annoying to manually reload older articles and it is basically impossible now to use the "oldest first" read option as it ignores old articles altogether.
  8. I can't confirm yet but the behavior seems to be related to offline folders. It seems that if Inoreader is downloading new articles and one reads the offline stored articles, after the import Inoreader is adding the new articles and scrolls down as many articles as one read before. So it seems to be related to the initial sync when opening a folder. Consecutive syncs seem to add articles right and just show the little 'x new articles' message but no scrolling. Hope this helps.
  9. @wesson great, thanks a Bunch! I'm using an iPhone 6
  10. Hi, It happens to me regularly that I get interrupted by something in the middle of reading an article or get sidetracked from a website I opened through a link in the article. As long as there is the back-to-inoreader link in, say, Safari, everything is usually fine and I can return to the article but if I eg leave Safari and do something else and return to Inoreader via app icon, Inoreader starts with the home screen and I have to find my way back into the right folder AND the article I just read is gone as I have the mark-read-on-scroll. The same 'often' happens via '2xhome button access'. That behavior is 'unfortunate' and it would be great to (always) be able to return to where I left.
  11. OK, here is how it happens: I opened an folder and started reading an article, the screen flickers briefly and after I go back to the article list, Inoreader scrolls to the top of the list, adds newly downloaded articles and then scrolls down to last position - and thereby marking all newly added articles as read (if one has the mark-read-on-scroll switched one). So it seems to be caused by the way Inoreader adds new articles in 'unsynced' folders. In the past - if I remember correctly, Inoreader just added new articles 'quietly' on top WITHOUT the scrolling. If I remember correctly, this also happens with 'synced' folders (wait until all new articles are loaded) simply when new articles are fetched.
  12. Version: 5.2.4 build 5505 Unfortunately, I cannot replicate the error as it happens only 'once in a while'. I sort by newest first and the error seems to be triggered when new articles arrive while reading an old article (Old = loaded articles after clicking "older articles") and then going back. One can literally see the new articles being added and then the scrolling down. I'm sorry I can't be more precise but will try to remember everything next time it happens. In the past I actually thought I accidentally pushed the scrollbar when going back causing this but I can confirm it happens simply by going back (pushing back arrow). Maybe it was just a weird hiccup - the other day it happened 3 times a day, last 2 days not a single time.
  13. Push, push! Now since I'm actually paying for the offline folder feature, I think the automatic background updating of such folders should be mandatory. Otherwise the offline folder feature is not much more than manually preloading one feed before leaving home wifi - which works well without paying for pro... Only with pro one can preload more than one folder, of course - that is if you spent the time standing in the doorway going through all your offline folders waiting to download... Seems a bit technically outdated (especially considering the much higher price).
  14. Hi, I have an annoying bug: I have a few feeds which have a lot of unread articles and I read the feed with the mark as read on scroll function switched on. Now, sometimes when I return to the feed after reading an article (by pushing back button), the scroll bar jumps down 20-50 articles and marks them as read!! The same seems to happen, when new articles are fetched while reading an article. Inoreader jumps to the top of the list and scrolls down to last position marking all the newly fetched articles read, too. Please fix this!!!! Edit: I do have old articles (older than 3-4 weeks) in those feeds/folders if that helps to fix the problem.