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  1. Hi, I still have an issue with offline folders: there seems to be a 'barrier' to download articles. Only 'recent' articles (whatever recent is) and not the real last 100 are shown. That is annoying as in some folders I have hundreds of unread articles but it keeps only a handful offline... I think this is related to the 'old articles' link that shows at bottom.
  2. Great! It seems to work like a charm and is a massive improvement for me!! THANK YOU!
  3. Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is a bug or feed related but I cannot get (automatic) full text (or mobilized content / hotkey W) for the Engadget feed ( ) . I always have to load the content from remote site / hotkey Q to read the full content. If loaded with W most of the time only "the second half" of the article shows. That should be a pretty popular site - is there any way to load the full content automatically? Especially for the iOS app (offline folders!) that would be absolutely brilliant because there it is really annoying to load in Safari (or inside browser).
  4. Practically, the new version actually does have no effect for me as I use the offline folders together w/ pictures and full content. So, I still cannot get more than 100 articles. Would it be possible to load more articles while having these two features activated? Or say at least upgrade to a few 100 articles - depending on what the reason for the limitation is. There could also be a warning saying "if you switch on pictures & full text, your cache will be big or low response" or whatever the reason. Sorry to come back on this and many thanks in advance!
  5. super and thanks for the explanation! Can't wait to get the update! Thanks a lot!
  6. K, understandable but this basically means that 1. this is actually happening in the background? or "in the background" when the app is opened? 2. one "run" might not catch all articles and pictures but consecutive runs would continue to fill the cache? Or the caching process re-starts every try? Thanks a lot, this is a huge improvement for me!
  7. yeah! thanks! Should be disabled or will be disabled or has to be disabled? I assume this has to do with download time and cache size or is there some 'incompatability'?
  8. Super, that would be great - if we would have automatic background updating or at least automatic updating of (all) the offline folders when opening the app (eg like Pocket does), it would be perfect! Thanks!
  9. Hi, I find the 100 (max) articles to preload for offline folders not enough. It would eg be great to be able to go through folders with large numbers of old articles during a flight... The 100 are usually not even enough to cover a commute (for me). Would it be possible to chose higher numbers of articles for offline reading? It would be great to have more control. Thanks for your consideration!
  10. Hi, a quick question: has this issue been fixed? I had been very careful in the last weeks to load articles first but in cases I didn't, there is still some scrolling happening but the articles seem correctly labeled unread now. If this is fixed, I could save the time of pre-pre-loading articles... many thanks!
  11. Hi, I predominantly use the magazine view but reading in this view on a 16:9 screen it seems a lot of space is wasted - would it be possible to adjust the column width so eg headlines are in one line and one gets more text to read? At the same time, it would be good to be able to adjust the picture and font size as - on my screen only 4 articles are shown and it is often endless scrolling through articles. At the moment this view seems to be more optimized for portrait view (eg on an iPad where one can easily turn the screen - but those users can use the app, too...). Thanks for the consideration.
  12. I don't think it is complicated but it's simply not working this way! Offline folders behave like they are offline regardless of the real on/offline state.
  13. Hi, When manually marking an article as unread and having switched on the 'mark as read on scroll' function, these manually marked unread articles are not marked as read - which is great as it is some sort of dodgy snooze function (feature request?). But the 'mark as read on scroll' function does not work for the last 5-6 articles as one cannot scroll past them. So I often use the 'mark all as read' button (hook) too clean up the folder. But by pressing that button the manually marked as unread articles disappear, too. Is there a way to make the button behave like the mark on scroll function? That would be great!
  14. well understood! And that is what I am complaining about I would love to see the offline folders behave like the online folders and showing the 'real' last first and not the last of x articles - which is somewhere in the middle of the unread articles. It is kind a weird to read articles from 100th to 1st and then 200th to 100th, 300th to 200th, etc. That sort of defeats the 'last first' function. That comment is interesting and if I interpret it correctly, this means that if I'm ONLINE, it should show the 'real' oldest first? That would make sense but it doesn't work! Even while being online, the offline folders behave like offline...
  15. sure, I am aware that only the last month worth of articles are show (yet, I would love to have an option to switch this off). BUT in one folder, I have about 900 unread articles ranging from new to 4 weeks old (with a little gap between new and 3 days old as I read a few from the top and a few new ones came in). If I chose "oldest first" it shows articles 18h old and younger. There is no way to make Inoreader show the really old articles. If this behavior is not intended, it seems to be a bug! Generally speaking, the offline folders behave strange at times. The "latest/oldest first" seem only apply to the recently downloaded articles. And it doesn't seem to download "from bottom (old)" but only from top (new articles). I think Inoreader does not check where it is on-/offline (often enough) and just uses what is stored in offline folders. Or doesn't change the cache or something. That also explains the other bug when there is a delay in downloading new articles in offline folders.