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  1. And what about having the choice between RSS and JSON Feed in the tag/folder export feature?
  2. Agree :-)! Here is a simple JSON Feed viewer with some feed examples:
  3. Greaaaat! Thanks so much, guys!
  4. No change at all... ! "Just" add a radio button on top of the filter to choose between "REMOVE" and... let's say "LET PASS"! With the "LET PASS" button checked as default!
  5. The way Inoreader presents filter is totally illogical, and several users have tried for months to convince the team (without success) to tweak the UI. Your screenshot shows that you perhaps didn't notice that in Inoreader's way of implementing filters, they only consider that a filter have to "REMOVE" something (look at the first sentence). So if you want to get news wich CONTAINS "VR", you have to REMOVE (default way) news that "DOESN'T CONTAIN" "VR" ! It would be so simple to have the opportunity to decide wether we want that a filter "PERMIT" or "BLOCK"! Come on guys, one more times, tweak this!
  6. Could it be possible to make the filter works with <dc:subject> tag (an alternative of <category> for Dublin Core? Or it would be great to let us the option to decide wich tag to filter. There where a brilliant "tag discovery feature" in Yahoo Pipes :-)!
  7. Hi, all excerpts are now displaying HTML tags. Best regards Serge
  8. Would be cool to have a notification (upper right of the UI) when a feed poses problem!
  9. Just to say that... Readability shot down month ago. But you perhaps now that Mozilla just bought Pocket and will become open source!
  10. @cresp Could you be more precise and give example of filters you've build and perhaps screenshots?
  11. Hi, I finally found a way to extract thematic feeds from the monthly Le Monde Diplomatique... (wich is using SPIP as CMS). It's validating in Feed Validator (with some problems listed) But I can't subscribe in Inoreader. Do you have a way to authorize this? BTW : Feedly doesn't recognize it either... but Feedspot does !
  12. I and several of my clients/students are complaigning about filters not working as they should. I've build a test crossing the possibilities of ALL/ANY and DOES/DOES NOT contain... and well... it doesn't work well ! I definetely know that filters are working on characters chains and not words... until you precise it. I'll ask some of my contacts to explain thir own issues ! Best regards Serge MATCH ANY + DOESN'T CONTAIN I get for example... wich doesn't fit! MATCH ALL + DOESN'T CONTAIN I get this that contains Berlin but no turq
  13. I'm affraid the problem is at the source. Most of RSS feeds *generators* produce a feed with a "depth" of 20 items (les in some case). And well... in most cases, an RSS reader doesn't care as it visits regularly the feed and watch for any new item. But in certain circumstances, we need more than 20 items... mostly when we want to redistribute feeds. For example when you want to automatically produce a newsletter from an RSS feed through MailChimp. On a daily basis, MailChimp looks at the incoming RSS feed to feed the newsletter. And so, if you have a 20 items depth and that 30 news have been produced during a day, you'll miss 10 news. It would be really interesting if, in Inoreader, we could set a pecific depth *for outgoing feeds*, because, nowadays, to build an automatic newsletter based on items curated in Inoreader, I'm obliged to go through an autopublishing process to a WordPress site, where I can say : "put 100 items in the outgoing feed". So I can easily feed Mailchimp without being affraid loosing an item. But perhaps it doesn't feed your needs! Cheers Serge
  14. I can fully understand this reason. And by the way... what about entering the "Premium plugins" way of doing things (like Zapier does for example for some of its connectors). Yes I know... I'm insisting on this :-)(remember my "Yahoo Pipes-like" Premium module request and the HTML2RSS Premium module) cheers Serge
  15. Feed translation feature is a great new idea. But... [note that I know there's another thread about it... but I thought the best place was here...] I really missed the Google Reader way of doing this; because it was deeply adapted of profesionnal use. Remember: it left the choice to users to translate the feed they wanted without having a global way of doing this. So you could translate a feed coming in japanese and let an english feed untranslated. And well... the transation of titles and descriptions was automatic (you didn't have to click to transate). A much better solution when you want easily to read rapidly then republish an item.