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  1. Filter out similar articles in RSS feed

    I definetly agree with Emilie even if I assume it could raise some technical issues for you. Such filter works only in the "unread" area of a feed or folder view, isn't it? But for people like me (us) wich use regularly Inoreader's RSS export feature to autoblog or feed a Mailchimp RSS newsletter... that would be great!
  2. Filter articles by language

    Hi, remember that if you ever monitor a search in Twitter, you can use the "lang:" syntax to filter language For example Inoreder lang:fr OR lang:en -RT Where lang:fr is for french and lang:en for english (for other languages look at the ISO 639-1 norm). -RT is to suppress retweets. In google alert (that you can monitor through RSS, you can also filter by language (one par alert)
  3. JSON Feed Support

    Oh Greaaat! I didn't noticed you did!
  4. JSON Feed Support

    And what about having the choice between RSS and JSON Feed in the tag/folder export feature?
  5. JSON Feed Support

    Agree :-)! Here is a simple JSON Feed viewer with some feed examples:
  6. Feed Filter not working

    Greaaaat! Thanks so much, guys!
  7. Feed Filter not working

    No change at all... ! "Just" add a radio button on top of the filter to choose between "REMOVE" and... let's say "LET PASS"! With the "LET PASS" button checked as default!
  8. Feed Filter not working

    The way Inoreader presents filter is totally illogical, and several users have tried for months to convince the team (without success) to tweak the UI. Your screenshot shows that you perhaps didn't notice that in Inoreader's way of implementing filters, they only consider that a filter have to "REMOVE" something (look at the first sentence). So if you want to get news wich CONTAINS "VR", you have to REMOVE (default way) news that "DOESN'T CONTAIN" "VR" ! It would be so simple to have the opportunity to decide wether we want that a filter "PERMIT" or "BLOCK"! Come on guys, one more times, tweak this!
  9. Support for the "category" tag

    Could it be possible to make the filter works with <dc:subject> tag (an alternative of <category> for Dublin Core? Or it would be great to let us the option to decide wich tag to filter. There where a brilliant "tag discovery feature" in Yahoo Pipes :-)!
  10. Hi, all excerpts are now displaying HTML tags. Best regards Serge
  11. Making feeds with issues more visible

    Would be cool to have a notification (upper right of the UI) when a feed poses problem!
  12. Always open some feeds with Readability

    Just to say that... Readability shot down month ago. But you perhaps now that Mozilla just bought Pocket and will become open source!
  13. @cresp Could you be more precise and give example of filters you've build and perhaps screenshots?
  14. Hi, I finally found a way to extract thematic feeds from the monthly Le Monde Diplomatique... (wich is using SPIP as CMS). It's validating in Feed Validator (with some problems listed) But I can't subscribe in Inoreader. Do you have a way to authorize this? BTW : Feedly doesn't recognize it either... but Feedspot does !
  15. I and several of my clients/students are complaigning about filters not working as they should. I've build a test crossing the possibilities of ALL/ANY and DOES/DOES NOT contain... and well... it doesn't work well ! I definetely know that filters are working on characters chains and not words... until you precise it. I'll ask some of my contacts to explain thir own issues ! Best regards Serge MATCH ANY + DOESN'T CONTAIN I get for example... wich doesn't fit! MATCH ALL + DOESN'T CONTAIN I get this that contains Berlin but no turq