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  1. hi wesson, I still cant manage to get a working link to Inoreader that opens in chrome on my start screen (even when creating it from the desktop version). but hey, thats not too important. thanks again! Best, Tobi
  2. thanks! one more thing. i want to open this page in chrome instead of this mobile app thing (to be able to load tabs in the background). but whenever i add it to my startscreen it links to the app thingy. any tip on this? thank you, tobi [edit] one more thing: after some testing of the font sizes: it would be really nice to be able to set the title font size without affecting the content. reason for this is that i have adjusted chromes text size already, but this does not affect the title and results in a really huge content (double scaled) with an just ok title size. well, these are problems you face with long-sightedness once you hit the 40 [/edit]
  3. Hi wesson, thank you for the fast reply. That mobile view I didn't heard of seems promising to me. Might get my daily driver. Whats the best way to only alter the size of the titles. Is it an Inoreader pref or one of the three font size settings i mentioned above? Thank you, Tobi
  4. Hi guys, I'm still a huge fan of the mobile page and never use the app - even on my Android devices. One thing that annoys me since 2 months (I guess) is a shrunken font size of the articles Title/Source bar (red area of attached screenshot). It's actually so small that its really hard to read for me. Might have to do with an Android update? Right now I'm on a Nexus 5X on Android 7.1.1 There seems to be no way to adjust this, It is not affected by either changing Inoreaders mobile preferences or Androids general font size or Chromes font size. Inoreader: Menu > Preferences > Font size Android: Settings > Display > Font size Chrome on Android: Settings > Accessibilty > Text scaling The lower part - the actual articles content (highlighted green) - is affected by all three of these settings. Is there any way to make this possible? Any help is highly appreciated Thanks, Tobi
  5. Hi, is someone out there that can take care of the german translation? I dont have enough time and there are quite a few string missing as of now (2000+) There is a user called "npostulart" that made sume suggestions for improvements. He might be the right person. Thanks, rassel
  6. hi, the example above is now fixed. but this one for example not: Hide feed icons gets not translated, but should translate to: Verstecke Feed Icons thx, tobi
  7. some strings that have been changed a while ago (4+ weeks) are still unchanged. f.e.: Hide unread counts is still Verstecke Anzahl für ungelesene Artikel but should be Anzahl ungelesener verstecken
  8. well, i recognized that they change the titles a lot while the feed URLs remain the same. this is why the already activated function to filter similar articles didnt work. (was set to "names und url's"). i changed it now to URLs only and hope that it will work from now on. thanks again.
  9. i just update the german translation - round about 1500 strings. submitting an entry is quite slow. as far as i remember it was always like this. any chance to boost the performance of it?
  10. will try that. thank you!
  11. for some time now (1-2 months?) i often have double posts. a triple post just happened. im not sure if many feeds are affected, but the verge is for sure http://www.theverge.com/rss/index.xml the feed adress itself does not show double-posts. any suggestions?
  12. seems like the dashboard has many hardcoded english strings in it:
  13. that's (almost) funny. the bookmark pointed to the login page, but pointing it to the correct page didn't fix it. i deleted all Android Chrome's browser data and will see if this helps. Thanks! rassel
  14. Hi, Im primarily using the mobile web version and need to logon each time i visit the page. That's annoying. It seems like the desktop version ist not affected, but im not quit sure as I`m using it only from time to time. Any chance to fix this? Thanks, rassel