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  1. This option is has been added too. Best regards.
  2. Yes, it should be fixed and on 5.3 (5522) you shouldn't have these issues. Sorry that we didn't inform you earlier. Let us know if you are still experiencing similar behavior.
  3. We've made a lot of scrolling optimizations in the past days, so we think its us.
  4. HI all, All issues here should be already fixed. Could you please test and tell us if you are still experiencing some?
  5. Hello, This behavior has just been fixed. You may need to refresh your browser in order to see the changes.
  6. Hello, Thanks for the reports. It must be something related with the "Full width" option which extends the article content to the full width of the screen. It looks like you both are using it. We already placed the issue in our to-do list for resolution and will inform you as soon as its fixed.
  7. You are welcome. I'm glad to hear that everything is already fine.
  8. No, unfortunately we don't have such option because articles list structure is different than feedly. But I think you can easily achieve that just by using the mark all as read button as trigger when you end up your reading in the current section. You may have already read all articles manually before that but taping it will move you forward to the next unread section without need of any additional iteration with the tree pane.
  9. We are thinking about it, but we can't promise anything for now.
  10. Thanks for the provided URLs. Actually this is caused by the URL encoding and its not applying only for the Android app and pocket it happens always. Similar topic about this. We'll see what can be done on our side about it but can't promise anything for now.
  11. This is really odd behavior. There is no logic to have these issues only on Samsung devices. Are you sure that they have stable internet connection? Furthermore you are experiencing this on both - android app and mobile web. This can happen only if there are connectivity issues between you and our servers.
  12. Hello, Thank you for the good opinion about our app and welcome aboard! We have similar feature called "Advance on Mark all as read" which will automatically advance to the next unread section when you are using the Mark all as read option. You can find it in settings -> Interface.
  13. Are you sure that you are using the same account? There is no way to have old content / subscriptions, especially upon login.
  14. Could you please give us the exact feed URL in order to test it here?