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  1. Account type degraded

    It was a global issue with the team settings. Should be fixed now. Sorry about the troubles.
  2. search reset

    Should be fixed too now.
  3. JSON Feed Support

    Yes, we are using only the "alternate" link in the RSS. My mistake with the terminology. However see here: https://jsonfeed.org/mappingrssandatom I think that's an issue with the DF feed. Or rather, now the feed is correctly presenting its internal and external urls.
  4. JSON Feed Support

    Do you have an example of an old feed that shows the alternate URL? I don't think that we've ever parsed and saved those alternate URLs. Where exactly? I think we've added it everywhere.
  5. JSON Feed Support

    That's coming too, although I don't think there will be a choice. We'll just choose the best format, maybe it will be JSON Feed Currently we are doing that with sites that offer both RSS and Atom. P.S. some new goodies:
  6. search reset

    Yes, it was inconsistent. It is now fixed. Thanks for the report.
  7. JSON Feed Support

    Yes, we really liked the idea and the best part is that the id is now mandatory. I wish it was in the RSS spec too...
  8. It was an issue with one of the database queries. It should be fixed now.
  9. Yes, this one seems like a regression. We'll look into it.
  10. inoreader has stepped on the gas!

    No changes at all to the backend recently. There's no reason for slow-downs and we are not seeing any on our monitoring. Can you tell us in more details what exactly feels slow?
  11. let's talk about email

    We will "fix" it, it's in the list. The idea about retention is good too. We have a similar issue in the queue for folders so we might combine it.
  12. More and more feeds I can't subscribe to

    I didn't have any problems subscribing to this feed...
  13. Exclude feeds from the "All articles" view

    I don't think filters will help here. There's no direct way to do this, but there's a workaround. You can create a folder and place it at the top of your subscriptions. This folder can contain all your feeds without this one or any other that's too noisy. You can then just read this folder and discard the rest. Note that one feed can be included in multiple folders. You can easily do this from Preferences -> Subscriptions. There's an option to bulk add feeds to folders there. Another option depending on your need is to temporarily disable the feed (again from Preferences -> Subscriptions). Disabled feeds are not shown in the tree pane, you don't see articles from them and are not included in the unread counts. However you can still use them with Rules if that's your reason to keep them.
  14. I understand. We have worked on this in the past, but we weren't happy with the results. This is something we are really looking forward to restart again in the future though.
  15. inoreader has stepped on the gas!

    It was a DDoS attack. See this https://twitter.com/Inoreader/status/864457583658242049.