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  2. Thanks!
  3. How this button "Mark all as read" differ from "Mark as read"/"Undo" in Tree?
  4. It would be nice if, in addition to the new option, you could make the popup smaller and have it disappear a little sooner.
  5. It's fixed! You shouldn't experience this behavior anymore. Sorry about the caused inconvenience.
  6. Hello, You can't set the duration of this message but we've just added and option to turn it off. You can find it in the Mark all as read drop down menu or in Preferences -> Behavior - Marking as read.
  7. Hello, Thank you for the extensive feedback. It looks like a bug in the latest release and will be fixed asap. We are already working on it and will let you know as soon as its fixed.
  8. I always use "Mark All as Read" with Undo/Redo feature from Tree and it always worked fine. With new Undo feature "Mark all as read" blanks and reload feeds every time I use it instead of just update list as it was before afair. Weird UX from pre-ajax era...
  9. Last week
  10. I agree, the undo feature is potentially very useful, but it's an extremely distracting message to be seen every time I move to a new section. Could the design be made a bit less 'loud'?
  11. When I try to add new feeds, they're all empty. For example, in the attached photos, I go to the feeds section, I click on "US News" and get a list of sources. I click on New York Times and I get an "everything read" message, no articles. If I click on "view all" I get a spinny ball for a long time, then it goes back to "everything read". This happens on all feeds, all sources, regardless of whether I navigate to the source or if I search for it. version 5.3.2 build 5542 iOS 10.3.1 iPad Air
  12. I almost never have to undo a "Mark all in section read" action. While having the new Undo option is nice, can we have an option to set the duration of the Undo message display? It's very distracting to me because it stays on the screen for far too long.
  13. Right, so that would be fine, except it's not displaying the most recent 20 videos, but the first/oldest 20. Also, I didn't notice this at first and left it for a week. A new video was added to the playlist, and not displayed in Inoreader. Any more thoughts? (Edit: Checking again, it actually shows videos 1-22, not 20. But still.)
  14. Since you are adding new source, the system automatically shows the 20 most recent articles from this feed as unread or the articles from the past month (if the feed has low update frequency). Please note that articles older than a month can't be presented as unread. How old articles you’ll see depends of when the feed was imported to our system and how many articles are listed in the original RSS feed xml file, before they expired. Please take a look this thread in our forum where we discuss this behavior with other members.
  15. Hello, You can sort your subscriptions by drag and drop in the subscriptions tree pane. Also you can have alphabetical or manual sorting for all of them, but you can't sort them by the date you had import them. We'll consider your question as feature request but can't promise anything about similar implementation for now.
  16. You are welcome. We've just released it
  17. Thanks for the additional explanation. Overlapping is already fixed.
  18. Thank you for this. It helps
  19. I subscribed to a youtube playlist, and it only added 20 of the 37 videos there. Is there a limit at which point new videos aren't reflected in the RSS? The playlist in question, if it matters: Thanks.
  20. Actually, I was able to fix it by running the feed through and resubscribing, in case anyone is having the same issue.
  21. From experience I can tell you that they are not very encouraging of things that pull people away from their sites. They left the VIP feeds but don't advertise them in any way. So I'm guessing this was either deliberate or they'll ignore my request. But I'll give it a try, thanks.
  22. Since this is something the sites should fix the best thing to do is to contact them and report the bug. All of them have contact info on their /about pages: Be polite, and hopefully they'll take care of it, this was most likely accidental on their part.
  23. Thanks. I guess no fix then?
  24. "read/unread" button should be visible.
  25. Hello, You can easily achieve that. Just choose "Hide tags and read folders" and "Show updated subscriptions" from the subscriptions tree gear wheel menu.
  26. We are considering it but can't promise anything for now. P.S. You have PM.
  27. It looks like there are issues with the feed sources about this. You can easily see that opening the feed url directly in browser. Actually there are "wrong" img src elements which are causing this:
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