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  2. It looks like that they are having some kind of protection which can't be passed by our polling servers, they are not browsers. Here is the raw response from them: <html><head><title>You have been blocked</title><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/></head><body style="margin:0"><script>var dd={'cid':'AHrlqAAAAAMAargW5II2NlgAXPe1HQ==','hsh':'6241D004449DE90B9B5336EF520129'}</script><script src=""></script><noscript>Please enable JavaScript and disabled Ad blocker</noscript></body></html>
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  4. Offline Caching issue

    Could you please give us little more details about that? I suppose that you are referring for the mobile apps for android or iOS could you please specify?
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  6. Saved items marked as read without opening them

    Why don't saved pages from ifttt act in rules as input? I seem to only be able to use rules for pages i manually save. Okay. it looks like tagging save web pages through an ifttt action overrides the rules for saved web pages themselves.
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  8. improve reading experience (font, full screen...)

    This would be great and has been requested before. See here. But all I've been seeing here as a response to sensible feature requests is the team going "yeah great we'll look into it" and that's it forever. Feature development seems to have all but stopped for a long while now.
  9. inoreader dosn't work??????

    We had temporary issues but everything should be already working. Are you still experiencing some issues?
  10. Hi 1. I love Inoreader, but its really hard to optimize my information space without richer analytics (beyond the current "Statistics" gadget). I don't necessarily think there should be a built-in analytics suite (that would be awesome, but probably a lot of work), but some sort of data export would be good enough. Specifically I'd like to track: - At minimum, articles posted & read per month/per year/per custom period in single feeds and globally; average time spent reading per feed and across feeds (could be calculated if you have timestamps on opening and closing an article, or the difference between 2 "article read" events, though that would be less accurate). Total activity should track everything, including feeds that were active in a given period, but were then unsubscribed (if articles were still read in them). Maybe these could even fit into Statistics? - Ideally: all of the above + comparisons over a 3 year period. The ability to export a csv that has the variables: full headline, time posted, time spent in article, tags, source. This would allow for an analysis on which headlines get skimmed and which get read, which would in turn help a user better optimize their rules (which currently relies on manual work or intuition). 2. "Newest first/oldest first" keyboard shortcut. This is by far my most-used function that doesn't have a shortcut. 3. Google Keep integration. I use Keep as a notepad for ideas and it would be great if I could push articles there straight from Inoreader. Thanks for your attention
  11. inoreader dosn't work??????

    inoreader dosn't work??????
  12. Offline Caching issue

    Hi, If I mark a folder for offline caching everything works well when browsing articles from within that folder. However, browsing article via the "All Articles" option it does not detect that an article has been cached and only displays the article summary.
  13. Hi Inoreader Team, Here is the message when I connect a feed : "A feed could not be found at This does not appear to be a valid RSS or Atom feed." Yet, this feed correctly works with another reader. This his not the only one (also . can you help me?
  14. As the rule output, assign tags, and read the filtered articles under that tag name.
  15. Another take on Twitter feeds

    Just a heads up. Feedbin is about to take over the Twitter game while Bazqux is close behind them. Feedbin recently introduced Twitter feeds and they managed to do a superb job I have to say. If one doesn't care about realtime updates, it actually works, looks and feels better than using Twitter's homepage. They handle the most complex tweet structure without a problem. On top they embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos and even whole articles from attached links whenever possible. Even after personally seeing it in action, I have a hard time believing that it actually works, but it does, and very smoothly on top of it. This is just supposed to be a motivation post and I'm not asking you to completely do the same thing, but fact is that there are still some weak spots on Inoreader regarding Twitter feeds and considering how we almost get realtime updates here, it kind of hurts to see this rather wasted potential. I love Inoreader and it really grew on me. I originally joined because you were the first ones that introduced Twitter to the RSS game. Since the very first day I've been fighting for the most perfect Twitter experience here. Seeing what other services manage to do with the api these days, I realized there's finally this possibility to fully enjoy Twitter outside of their homepage or an app and rather beside all your other web activities by using one single service. I'm not going to keep bothering you regarding this, but I hope you consider giving it another try and push Twitter on Inoreader to the next limit or level because I still think this is the best place for all your web activities, and it actually has the potential not just being a place but rather the home of all your web activities where you feel the most comfortable and satisfied whenever you enter it. If you got this far, thank you for reading.
  16. garbage collector? no???

    my bad, I was using another app to make inoreader app resident in memory (because I hated it when I wanted to switch to another app and to lose the article I was reading because the inoreader app had to restart), which was leading to memory accumulation... I disabled the above feature and now the app closes gracefully (sync feeds is disabled completely, since I'm not interested in that feature)
  17. Hi I suggest to add options to improve reading experience. I think a comfortable reading is such as made by Pocket and Readability apps and websites. Here are some ideas: - options to choose text font (very important in my opinion) and size - option to read full screen: only the article content will be displayed
  18. Hey there! I'm very much enjoying Inoreader, and I have been getting to grips with how it works this last couple of weeks. I think I've got the hang of how it works, but there is one thing I'm struggling with. I apply filters to a lot of my feeds. When I do this, I have noticed that each filter will apply to the same feed in every folder. The problem is, I am also trying to make an "Unfiltered News" folder, which contains many of the same feeds from other folders, but, well, unfiltered. I tried setting up some "Rules" as I noticed there are filter options here, but it seems as though this simply allows you to use keywords to trigger actions (such as desktop alerts), rather than generate a separate, unfiltered feed. Is this possible? I hope I am making sense with this. Thanks in advance! Reece
  19. Server Changes?

    Thanks. Everything fine after updating OkHttp.
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  21. Tablet Layout Suggestions

    Thank you very much for the extensive feedback! We really appreciate it! All sounds reasonable and adequate now and for sure we'll have it in mind for the future app development. We'll also consider the dashboard implementation.
  22. We'll consider what can be done about similar implementation but, "no promises" for now .
  23. kickass feed

    Are you able to provide us the exact feed URL (the xml URL) in order to check it?
  24. feeds issues

    it's the same with (with same issues) please sort it out edit: ok, maybe I've found it, I wasn't closing (last item) it properly
  25. feeds issues

    hello, I'm waiting for a fix for this:
  26. Server Changes?

    We have upgraded nginx to the latest version 1.13.8. There seems to be a breaking change in 1.13.6 that's causing Retrofit and OkHttp to throw this error. For OkHttp upgrading to the latest version seems to be fixing the issue. I'm not sure about Retrofit though. Can you try to upgrade it? Here's the link to the nginx issue -
  27. Server Changes?

    Sorry, haven't gotten much of a chance to debug this yet. I'm using Retrofit, and from what I can tell my request for a token comes back with an error "Expected ':status' header not present". I don't know exactly what is going wrong, but I don't have the time to check into it more tonight. But I know I had the headers working fine before this weekend, so maybe that can give you a hint as to what changes broke my app.
  28. Server Changes?

    There were some infrastructure changes over this weekend. However we haven't touched anything in the app logic. You will greatly help us if you check what is causing your app to crash? Do you get any response from the API? Do you have the usual headers present in the response? Do you receive http code 200 or something else?
  29. kickass feed

    I'm having issue with kickass feed that are not working for example category:books/ is there a way to fix it ?
  30. Server Changes?

    Has there been a server update that changed the public API? My app, which had been working fine with Inoreader for years, suddenly stopped working over the weekend. I kept getting server read errors when trying to browse through the app as usual, and when I tried to re-login to see if renewing credentials would fix the problem I could no longer login through OAuth. I haven't made any changes to my app for a while, so the sudden appearance of errors seems to indicate something changed on the server side. Was something changed? Did my app get blocked for some reason?
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