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  2. Hello, That would be great because I always have to click again under the title, or scroll down so that the article fill the screen (in expanded view), and that's not fast and easy with that iframe. Thanks,
  3. A way to display the real article count ?

    Thank you for your answer, I should consider subscribing
  4. A way to display the real article count ?

    @wesson the "unread count" line line is gone from the plan comparsion list, you aware that? @Gokudera ElPsyCongroo it depends on your plan, I have plus with 10k limit, and it's unlimited for pro (afaik).
  5. A way to display the real article count ?

    Hello, Sorry for spamming threads, but why the companion and Inoreader itself displays "1000+" ? Is it a technical limitation or only pro users can see the full count ? (because if you can display 1000 you can display 1001 ! Or you can't?)
  6. Bigger frame or no frame for the web view?

    Hello, Also, is there a way to scale the frame content ? It is often too small to read properly, and zooming the website tends to reduce the frame size. Thanks again ! Edit: or not use any at all, as I was suggesting, like in the mobilizer
  7. Beta testers

    Hello, why not having access too !
  8. New sorting methods ?

    Hello, That feature was already requested, but I don't know if you plan to add new sorting methods ? I think this feature is the only one left that would allow me to completely move from Feedly, because Feedly already has a sorting script ( (sorry if I'm not allowed to put links) very useful to not having to read two articles from the same source in a row (which I don't like but it happens a lot with feeds that upload several articles in a row), but it's not a smart sorting : it permits to sort by title, popularity, random etc, not really by interest, but it would be great to have those for a start. Also, how are the articles of the dashboard selectionned ? It's not by date I think but it always pick articles I'm interested in. Maybe there should be an auto tagging feature, that would fetch tags not only on the feed (since many doesn't have any) but a more intelligent system. And an upvote or like/dislike feature that would sort articles consequently. Their is already feeds recommendations, why for example not having articles recommendations ? (I very appreciate how feeds recommendations change depending of the surrounding articles, and not all the articles (otherwise they would always be the same when like me you have a lot of articles)). But please, for everything that comes to recommendations, don't forget other countries and languages (many apps that offer such features doesn't provide French articles when you read in French, which is sad) I'm interested of what they're doing for example ( but their app isn't quite as powerful as yours for everything else. Thanks very much,
  9. WHY I can not pay for medium account with my visa card

    I retried today . It works . I don't know what happens. But i upgrade successfully now . Thank you for your help
  10. Last week
  11. Okay, that's interesting. I experienced the same behavior a few times in the last 2-3 weeks on my S8+, which has Android 7.0. I thought the screen is smudgy, maybe my hand, but your post made me realize it's an Inoreader issue. Android 7.0 Inoreader 5.3.20 (427), db: 21 (also, off, but support ticket #11093 is still an issue)
  12. So I just upgraded my phone from a Nexus 6 to a new Pixel 2 XL (running Android 8.0). I'm seeing a strange issue that appears to be isolated to the Inoreader app. It's become more difficult to press on a story in list mode and have it bring up the article. It's very hit and miss now. Sometimes I have to press 3-4 times in just a certain way to get it to "take". I initially thought it might be an issue with the touch screen on my new phone, but I haven't seen the issue in any other app that has selectable list items. It also doesn't happen on all list items, but I can't put my finger on any sort of pattern to it.
  13. No, I did not read all the replies. But if the developers have not yet ruled it out, there might be some hope.
  14. Have you clicked the link and read the thread? It should actually be quite obvious.
  15. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this feature probably won't be implemented.
  16. Skype blog

    Yes, I should told you this before. Sorry about that...
  17. Skype blog

    Oh, OK. I should have taken the clue from the error message, but I knew that there wasn't a general problem with https since I know of many feeds that are working fine as https. There must be something different about this one though.
  18. Skype blog

    Yes, but you need to use this url -
  19. WHY I can not pay for medium account with my visa card

    We can't see any new orders for your account in order to start further investigation with our payments partners. Could you please contact us and provide us little more details about that (errors, etc) using the "contact support" option or PM me in order to keep your privacy?
  20. email site notifications?

    It sounds good, we'll consider this.
  21. WHY I can not pay for medium account with my visa card

    Yes , Failed Again. It is terrible, i can not bear the ads.
  22. Skype blog

    Is it?
  23. email site notifications?

    from time to time I receive this notifications on the site (top right corner) that facebook authentication has expired and needs renewal, is it possible to get those kind of notifications to our (registered) email addresses? I think this would be more convenient
  24. Skype blog

    It's already working. Strangely, we didn't change anything on our side.
  25. Skype blog

    For me, it's reporting: "cURL error 6: Could not resolve: https (Misformatted domain name)."
  26. WHY I can not pay for medium account with my visa card

    Thank you for your willing to upgrade. Could you please try again and let us know if you are still having issues processing your payment?
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