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  2. global filter please

    I mean overloading because of huge amount of articles we need to process simultaneously. I suppose you are aware that we can't control the number of feeds inside a given folder not to mention in account... That's the concerns, but this is not the single request about filtering so we are keeping it in mind. If/when we found a solution about that we'll inform you.
  3. Basic Changing - August 1

    You pretty much sounds like "OMG, it's SO important for me, however, I don't want to pay a price of two Bigmac menus yearly. So please change your whole business model because of the ONE feature I use!!!!"
  4. global filter please

    risks you mean of people losing valuable articles?
  5. global filter please

    At this stage we can't promise anything about this. There are too many risks to us if we allow filtering for folders or per global basis.
  6. Incoming e-mail address for folders

    At this stage we can't promise anything about this. You can achieve this even now. Just use the tag export feature and then subscribe to the generated feed.
  7. Thank you for reporting this. We'll check what could cause this and respectively fix it.
  8. Site Not Reachable

    The routing to your location might be changed because of this but can't be sure. Did you try the
  9. global filter please

    I'm using a rule to "mark as read" but I would prefer if there was a global filter that would filter out results edit: I had suggested you give us filters in folder level in the past too, but no changes..
  10. Basic Changing - August 1

    All this means to me is no more push notifications, which sucks because that's the whole reason I use Inoreader. I subscribed to a few android/tech "deals" feeds/blogs and had the one "rule" to notify me when they update, but that's no more... =\ ---just wishing notifications was a normal feature/toggle; a long time user.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Open your preferences and go to the Subscriptions tab Type in a filter (e.g. "Youtube") to "search in subscriptions" Click on the pencil icon to customize the title of one of your feeds After you save it, the list is refreshed and only the filtered subscriptions remain visible. However, the string you entered in the textarea is erased. You need to manually click on the blank field and press enter to see all other subscriptions again. Firefox 55.0.2 Windows
  13. Site Not Reachable

    The site seems to be a bit slow to load up for these past couple days. Is it related?
  14. Subscribe to new feed and get all articles

    Thanks for the link. But since I often find old and obscure blogs on norwegian I guess I'll have to take what I get:) Ahh, but I found this: And was able to get a rss with all posts Maybe something similar exists for other blog-platforms. If you explore that route, maybe you can let users choose to get older articles when subscribing to new feeds? Ove B-)
  15. Incoming e-mail address for folders

    I got that:) Is there any plan to give folders incoming email address? Or allow rules to move articles to folders? Or could I use a tag to receive e-mails, and then subscribe to that tag's rss in a folder? Ove B-)
  16. Subscribe to new feed and get all articles

    How old articles you’ll see depends of when the feed was imported to our system and how many articles are listed in the original RSS feed xml file, before they expired. Please take a look this thread in our forum where we discuss this behavior with other members.
  17. Disable autoplay videos in feeds?

    Sorry but we can't control this in mobilized content.
  18. Incoming e-mail address for folders

    Only tags can have incoming email address. Please note that articles can't be added into folders, only feeds/subscriptions can be added inside them.
  19. Navigation changed

    This one is solved now, right? Thanks a lot:)
  20. I sometimes stumble upon a great feed that is dead, but I like to read the backlog of articles in Inoreader. Is there a way to subscribe to a new feed and get all old articles loaded? Ove B-)
  21. Disable autoplay videos in feeds?

    A lot of articles from autoplays ad-videos. Example: (Only the mobilized content...) Ove B-)
  22. Hi, Is there a reason why folder don't have an incoming e-mail address? I browse articles in inoreader by folders, and uses tags to group similar articles. As a way around, I thougt I could add a rule to a tag, to move the article to a folder, but move article to folder is not an action in rules... Ove B-)
  23. Tapatalk

    Please refer to this -
  24. Tapatalk

    the problem still persists, am I the only one having trouble to connect with tapatalk?
  25. Filter system stopped working

    We don't have any known issues with the Filters processing. And also there is no any other similar feedback. We'll appreciate if you provide us little more details about your issues. You mentioned screenshots. Also, please describe what is the expected behavior when you are filtering and what is the current situation. P.S. We'll keep your ticket open. Despite we are talking here.
  26. Halfway between List and Expanded view?

    Thanks for explaining. I've found a bookmarklet which increases/decreases the font sizes on the entire page… not ideal but it gets the job done:
  27. On multiple feeds. It doesn't matter if there are only 1 or 10 conditions. Either if it is case sensitive or not. Keywords are inserted under content/title/content or title contains/is/or others depending on the context. yet the posts supposed to be removed (i didn't mistake where to click) are shown. The same happens when I use the option for keeping articles with only certain words. I could send screenshots but at this stage, it seems unnecessary because the whole thing that used to work before perfectly is totally broken!
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