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    We are aware with this behavior but unfortunately we can't fix it on our side. The issue is about article title looking so 'ugly'. It's url-encoded and this is how it has to be, as title is part of the url during the process of sharing. I think Diaspora should take care about decoding of the title when it's already on their site.
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    there is a diaspora sharing error, when you click diasp button to share (*) inoreader opens the diaspora server dialog with a text like this ---> ### Spot+#Jupiter’s+stripes!+Each+of+the+light+&+dark+atmospheric+bands+in+this+#JunoCam+image+is+wider+than+Earth++ … [Click and drag to move] links appear fine, BUT, if you see the text, appears with some plus + signs between words something+like+this i try with different servers and always inoreader do the same thing.
  5. The process just came "up-to date". So, the things should start working as they should.
  6. filters are very late to catch-up in problematic situations, mine are yet to catch-up yet, unfiltered content still fetched
  7. Thank you for your advice. I'd check it again in the morning tomorrow. Because I can't work today, I go home (22:23 Tokyo). See you tomorrow.
  8. No, no. Do not readjust anything. It took more time than expected (the caching up). I'll let you know as soon as its ready.
  9. Correction: Filters doesn't also seem to be functioning about new subscription(1.) .
  10. Hello, sorry for this delated reply. Yes. Some precisions : 0. (Under Professional subscription only) 1. considering two Tags, each one having a unique eMail address (proposed by Inoreader) 2. I send only one eMail (from outside Inoreader), but with these 2 recipients. 3. Each Tag correctly receives my eMail, but only with its tag label under the Currently Tags area of that eMail. ++ I'd expect to see all recepients Tag labels ..... +++ If you fix that, you open a very large new way to "really" tag pieces of information. Thanks a lot, dream team D.AR
  11. Rules and Filters Result after 1 hour Rules : OK   I checked the log of all rules. No problem. Filters: NG 1. New Subscription's Filter :OK           2. Old Subscription’s Filter: NG          Filter Delete ->            It takes more than 5 minutes. A completion message is not displayed.            After 5 minutes, reloading… ->            I could confirm that <filter> has been deleted.            And I set the same filter rule again.            However, the setting is not completed. What is this? The filters established by yesterday aren't functioning. Filters don't seem to be functioning right yet for me. I'm managing subscriptions of more than 300. I don't want to readjust those.
  12. OK, thanks for the understanding. Let us know about the result then.
  13. Thank you very much for your advice. Then, I'll try again 1 hour later.
  14. You are welcome. Actually new filters creation might take more time (because of the above) but they should create properly. You can try switching the feeds and then go back to the filtered one in order to check about the result. It should be filtered.
  15. Thank you very much for your correspondence. But I can't do addition of filters and elimination. I waited for many minutes. But registration of a filter isn't completed. Is this issue?
  16. P.S. Please note that they are still "catching up". So you may notice delays on some of your rules/filters but this guarantees that you wont loose some important results. Everything should become fully operational/real-time in the next 30-40 minutes.
  17. Hello, first of all sorry about the caused inconvenience. We had a stalled process which was affecting Rules and Filters processing. Anyways our engineers already fixed it and everything should work as expected from about 40 minutes ago. Are you still having issues with your Filters?
  18. Indication of status has normally returned. But addition of filters isn't also functioning as elimination. This doesn't indicate right status.
  19. Hi, Does it stop? I can't work. I'm waiting. When does it work?
  20. Hi, just wanted to say thanks very much for this. The workaround I found works OK for me but this works far better. So glad you shared!
  21. Hi everyone, I too was having this issue and had reached out to Lifehacker and they have been unresponsive. The other day I put in a ticket with Inoreader because I discovered that when using the feed in the Firefox RSS reader, it was displaying fine. Only inorader had the issue. Inoreader directed me to this thread and I tried the the workaround of running the feed through "" but that actually made the formatting even worse. In the end, inoreader informed me of the "original style" setting and once set to Override it seems to have fixed the issue.
  22. Unfortunately no and we can't promise anything at this stage. Since the Kindle devices does not support officially Google services framework. Sorry.
  23. Has there been any progress on this since then? I found myself having the same problem on an Kindle Fire with Google services installed. Feedly, Google+, Youtube, Gmail, and all other apps do detect and show the option to log in with Google except Inoreader.
  24. Thank you for your feedback and willing to use our higher tier of the subscription plans. About the issues: 1. We'll appreciate if you provide us the exact Rule setup and respectively the matched results in order to give you more adequate solution about your issues. Please note that when you are using "is" in the conditions, the articles authors should have exactly the same names (when we are talking about authors) and if they have only one additional/or less symbol (including spaces) they won't be matched. And as soon as you are having better results with "contains" this might be the case for you. BUt this is only an assumption since I don't know your Rule setup and respectively its matches. 2. Please note that the sorting inside Inoreader is always done by the articles received/tagged/starred dates not their published dates. Sorting by published dates hides many pitfalls bearing in mind that <pubdate> parameter is easily customizable and isn't reliable. You can read more about this here or here. You can't see their published dates (instead on mouse-hover over dates) as you can see them in "normal" articles list, because they are not stored in our database system as a regular articles and their dates are considered upon their tagging/starring per user. It’s by design. For example - if you have to make a research and tag different feed's different articles and maybe there are older ones, you can't use it as a checklist for later, because if again add an older article it will be mixed somewhere between the other articles. Also you can't really use this tag as HTML export or RSS because of the same reason, if you add an older article, it will be mixed somewhere between every other article by its date, and not as the newest item as expected. So this can't be changed such easily. 3. Please note that you can't keep unread states for articles older than a month. This is related to our database architecture. Unread articles older than a month are automatically considered as read and they can't be marked as unread again. Also, keep unread and mark above/below as read is not shown (not available) when you previously used "mark all as read" over these articles. We've created this mechanism purposely to prevent overloading of our databases, because of the huge amount of user flags we need to store. Do not hesitate to ask if you need any additional information related to our service.
  25. That's because Youtube seems to cap the number of videos in the RSS feed to 15, you can count the number of entries in the XML here: Since the feed is new to Inoreader's system, it doesn't have any of the older history, it can only grab what present now in the feed.
  26. PS/FYI: I just check for the Firefox shortcuts for scrolling - they (and other browsers) implemented scrolling via page up/down and e.g. space etc. So - in case other people have this idea - these "external solutions" doesn't work with Inoreader. SO, the solution actually needs to come from within Inoreader as it looks.
  27. +1 I'm also using the columne view on PC and was just about to request the same thing: it is great to navigate with the cursors through the article overview. And it is easy to load the full article with W - so far so good. But once the article is loaded, one has to switch to the mouse. Especially on the laptop this is really annoying as there is no mouse wheel and one need to find that little arrow on the bottom to scoll down by using the left mouse button. This always feels like a big disruption in the process. Having buttons to scroll would be a huge improvement. Naturally, cursor buttons would be ideal. left/right for past/next article and up/down for scrolling. That would make it super efficient. One idea: maybe one workaround could be working with the numpad? Wouldn't that bring another input not distrubing the cursors? Or something like shift + cursor up/down? Thanks a lot!
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