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  2. RSSCircus

    Improve filter

    I can imagine it would be hard to implement for you... but couldn't we get an intermediate option for filtering similar titles saying for example "consider as similar if the 50 first characters are the same" ? I also encounter the problem explained by VeilleTech for same titles syndicated by several sources displaying their name at the end of the <title> tag
  3. wesson

    Firefox Extension pop up window issue

    Thank you for reporting this. The issue is already placed in our internal ticketing system and we'll inform you as soon its fixed.
  4. wesson

    Please unblock

    They are already unblocked. The thing is that they are posting huge amount of content and we have automated protection system for feeds with unusual amount of articles per day.
  5. by sun

    Please unblock

    We recovered in the morning, but now it's gone. What's going on? Please unblock feed
  6. Yesterday
  7. If you put the Firefox extension in the spill menu (the arrows) pictured below, the pop up window gets buggy with weird looking scroll bars. If you add a feed this way you can't really see the complete status message to the right as it's out of bounds and you can't scroll far enough to see it. I'm running Firefox 60.0.2 at the moment but I believe this issue has been there since at least FF 57+.
  8. wesson

    Pocket: Articles not showing in feed

    Are you sure that you have any "shared" articles to Pocket from Inoreader? Please note that these sections are showing the already sent articles (from Inoreader) to the desired services (Pocket in this case). In other words, there is no 2 way sync in order to see your already saved articles to Pocket from external services.
  9. wesson

    Please unblock

    Both feeds are already unblocked.
  10. Last week
  11. by sun

    Please unblock

    请取消阻止供稿 和 就在昨天是正常的
  12. Hi, As the title implies, articles from Pocket aren't showing in my feed, either past or present. Says 'Everything read' and 'View All' gets me nothing, nor does refreshing/scrolling down. Screenshot attached. I've checked all integrations and they're in place. Anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it? 🤔 I'm on Inoreader Pro. Appreciate any help.
  13. Bahareh M

    merging or deleting (without deleting subscriptions) folders

    Thanks you so much.☺️
  14. Some more details about that:
  15. No, unfortunately this is core functionality implemented in our database model.
  16. I checked now and "Mark all as read" is used for all my articles. Is there a way to turn it off?
  17. Hello, You can do that from Preferences -> Subscriptions. When you choose some feed, just click on the folder tag in order to add/edit them.
  18. Please note that , keep unread and mark above/below as read is not shown (not available) when you use "mark all as read" or for articles older than 30 days.
  19. The videos under my subscription which are older than May do not have "Mark as Read" circle under them but my recent videos have. Is there an option to make this circle appear for older videos too? Thank you in advance
  20. Earlier
  21. Hello forum members, How can I merge subscriptions belonging to different folders? Currently I don't want to have folders and still cannot find a way to merge the feeds. Thank you.
  22. wesson

    Very difficult swipe on some feed

    Thanks for the positive response. As I said in the first response, this is related to the images "formatting" and we can't workaround this. The thing is if we implement some images postprocessing in order to workaround this behavior for this feed, we are risking to broke many other already "working" feeds. We hope you understand.
  23. You are welcome. I'm glad to hear that we've managed to clarify this.
  24. GRsurvivor

    These feeds stopped working only on Inoreader...

    Thanks a lot !
  25. Firestone

    These feeds stopped working only on Inoreader...

    Yeah, GDPR related, the feeds redirect to this when I access them from an EU IP:
  26. Hi! The following feeds (and many more from this newspaper..) have stopped working from Les Affaires newspaper in Canada. They are working on other RSS readers including the dynamic bookmarks on Firefox. I have checked with the Feed validator and they seem to be not validating : Any idea or clues? Is one possible explanation could be the new GDPR rules? Any solution? Should I check with the media. Thanks! Daniel
  27. zen

    Very difficult swipe on some feed

    without images looks fine...didn't try WebUrbanist but i guess it should be the
  28. Thank you for the answer. Yes you were right. All those were clicked... I unchecked them and everything is good now.
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