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  2. Citation Generator?

    First of all sorry about the delayed response. Now I see what you are talking about. But unfortunately can't provide you with solution for now. We'll add your use case in our to-do list for consideration for eventual future implementation.
  3. Inoreader mark my unread feeds as read

    Thanks, we'll need some time in order to try simulating it here.... Meanwhile i can suggest you to turn off the scroll tracking in this view in order to prevent similar behavior in the future. Will write as soon as have some news...
  4. Feature Request: Immersive Mode

    Will be considered.
  5. Translate 'only' titles of articles

    We'll consider your suggestion but can't promise anything for now.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi Inoreader crew, I'd like to put in a request for immersive mode on the Android app. It would be nice to be able to hide the status and navigation bars, the way many Reddit clients do. It would be a big help to avoid burn-in on OLED phones. Thank you.
  8. Don't Be Spooked Promotion

    It should be already fixed. Also, you'll see the actual end date in the checkout page.
  9. Inoreader mark my unread feeds as read

    I just recorded my screen for this issue. please watch that: 2017-11-20_19-30-24.mp4 for more explanation, i should add that i browse from one title to another using keyboard's Right arrow key. also i used W for loading full content.
  10. Inoreader mark my unread feeds as read

    i tested it in both firefox (56 and 57) and chrome 62. as i said, it does not happen always. also i do recognized this behavior in persian languages web pages. in fact i rarely brows english web pages by inoreader. i will try to find a pattern or some thing about this behavior and will share it here for you to debug.
  11. I already know the rejection of automatic translation features. about only translating titles of articles? It maybe requires you much less characters to translate than translating all the contents. I only read titles when I skim through articles so it would be really helpful if titles were translated automatically to my native language in each view.
  12. Don't Be Spooked Promotion

    Hello, same again if i want to use the black friday deal i only get one year without the free 6 months
  13. It is very-very annoying to realize that I'm signed out of innoreader. This means that after a while I notice that it was some time ago when my Firefox addon showed me that I've some unread things, when this happens I click on the icon and it shows me the login page, that is when I realize I was logged out for some reason (I never logout manually), so after login I have hundreds of thousands of unread feeds. Can you make something about this? Maybe not signing out the user ever, or somehow show in the icon itself that it cannot check for unread feeds because the user is signed out.
  14. Make ebbeded videos more visible

    Thank you for the extensive feedback and welcome aboard. We'll consider your suggestion but can't give you clear answer or ETA about similar implementation. Also, please note that we are showing the articles content which is exposed in the original feed source. That's the most possible reason to not see videos in the tumblr articles/feeds. But can't give you clear answer about it until we check it.
  15. Optimized Tablet Layout

    Thank you for your extensive feedback and good (overall :)) opinion about service and sorry about the bad experience with the tablet view. Yes, we completely agree with you and we are already working in this direction. We are planning huge improvements here but still can't give you clear ETA. As soon as we are ready we'll surely inform you.
  16. Inoreader mark my unread feeds as read

    Can't simulate similar behavior here. On which browser you are simulating this? How often it is happening? Are you able to reproduce it easily? Did you try testing on different browser?
  17. More and more feeds I can't subscribe to

    Yes, it's already in the to-do list.
  18. Last week
  19. Inoreader mark my unread feeds as read

    maybe i should record my screen. but in first step, please look at following image, it shows that i opened a title and as it obvious, some later articles marked as read by inoreader while i did not read them. also, as you can see, the number of "marked as read" titles is ruffly equals to the size of the opened article (bigger articles, more titles to mark as read).
  20. Optimized Tablet Layout

    I have been using Inoreader for quite awhile now. I switched form Feedly over to the service because of how powerful it is. However, Feedly still has a better design and handles image heave feeds very well compared to Inoreader. With the introduction of the Pixelbook and Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro Chroembooks can now run Android apps. Inoreader runs great on this form factor. However, the Inoreader app just looks like a blown up phone app. The best view of image heave feeds is the "Cards" view. Magazine view does not feel like a magazine. It would be great if the Inoreader team could really give Inoreader a full tablet experience layout. What I mean is that views like List view can be dual pane where when you click an article the article list moves to the left side of the screen and the content can be displayed in the right pane (Much the way it's handled on the web site. What would also be very nice is if the Magazine view actually handled pages in a more full bleed format. If you look at how the Feedly app handles magazine mode I think that is more pleasing with huge images that maybe display 3-5 articles per page. Then when the user swipes up they get 3-5 more but at least they get a Magazine style experience. Currently the magazine view is nothing but the list view with thumbnails that stretch across the full length of the laptop screen. This experience is not visually appealing and is not a good experience. This experience actually makes me use the "Cards" view which at least takes advantage of the larger display and gives the user a semi-magazine like experience. Overall I think all the views can use an overhaul to take advantage of these larger displays. I feel there is more reason now than ever considering Chromebooks are the number one selling platform for students. It has a huge marketshare and I think this would be valuable for Inoreader to invest time and effort into developing. Regards,
  21. More and more feeds I can't subscribe to

    Is this addon still required? Is the firefox version going to be updated to work on version 57?
  22. Date option: specifically show # of days

    We'll consider your suggestion but can't give you clear answer or ETA about such feature for now.
  23. Article snippet gone from feeds

    Are you sure about the URL? Could you please open that feed inside Inoreader and click on the "feed settings" -> "feed info" and the copy the exact feed URL (XML address) and provide it to us? You can also use shortcut keys "Alt+i" about that.
  24. In the interface settings you can choose relative or absolute dates, which is nice, but since Inoreader starts automatically marking things as read after 30 days, I would think having an option that tells you how many DAYS old something is would be obvious. As it is, relative dates use 'weeks' after 7 days, but knowing something is 4 weeks old doesn't tell me if it's going to be marked as read today, tomorrow, in a week... and using absolute dates isn't great either as the months aren't all 30 days long. I would just like something exact and specific if Inoreader is going to have a cut off date, you know?
  25. Article snippet gone from feeds

    These are Google RSS feeds (example below). I know they recently changed their URL format, but hadn't realized that the information would be coming in differently, too. Are there any other RSS engines you know of that you would recommend?\x22Rakuten\x22
  26. Thanks guys, works for me
  27. not working with Inoreader

    This one works fine here. That's why I thought you are following the gawker one.
  28. not working with Inoreader

    Gawker went bankrupt AFAIK, they sold their sites, so probably that's why. Have you tried this feed instead of the gawker one?
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