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  3. IOS reader subscriptions disappear when all read

    Most probably you have enabled the "Show only updated" option available in settings -> Interface. Could you please check its state?
  4. Welcome to our community and congrats on the launch. You app looks great. I have noticed that you are reaching your API limits quite easily. There's probably an issue somewhere in your code that sends too many requests. Please get in touch from our support form so we can adjust your limits, but it will also be good if you fix the issue and try to keep the number of zone 2 requests as low as possible.
  5. In subscriptions section in Preferences, you can choose given folder first (next to the filter field). When you choose that folder, you can easily then manipulate subscriptions in that folder.
  6. Auto-updated Youtube Subscriptions

    Actually we support dynamic opml subscriptions (auto-updated) but I'm not familiar if Youtube are offering such. I'm afraid that this is pretty trickier since there is no 2-way communication with youtube for now.
  7. Offline reading?

    Oups OK Great!
  8. Offline reading?

    hm, the process is the same as in the old app -> wipe the folder to right -> 3 dots menu -> make offline At least this works for me. I do remember that the new version did switch the offline folders off. You you will have to manually make them offline again. IF no "make offline" avail, maybe you're not logged in or something?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Full titles in magazine view?!?

    Yes! Only showing two lines is driving me a little crazy.
  11. Recovering "view only new items"

    Hum, after hiting the "View all items" link, I'm now unable to recover the "View only new items" mode...
  12. Offline reading?

    Alas, the pro feature section of the new MobileApp doen't peopose it anymore!
  13. Offline reading?

    if you have activated the offline folders (I think it's a pro feature), it should work.
  14. Hi, the new magazine view looks like it wastes a lot of space. The new big pictures are somehow nice but there is basically only empty space next to them. The old view was much more compact and helped "visually screening" a good number articles easily. Now is it annoying scrolling and every time "refocusing". For me, this makes a disturbing reading experience. The old view was actually great! Although having an iPad, I actually prefered to read on the iPhone as it was better and efficient. The list view would be an alternative but it is a bit to lean without pictures. I admit, the old app looked a bit outdated but it was functionally very efficient and I would love to go back to the old version. Sorry. I think one of the reasons why people like Inoreader is BECAUSE of this simple, nerdy, efficient reading experience compare to posh blown up news readers which try to make RSS more than what it is.
  15. Full titles in magazine view?!?

    Hi, although the new iOS app looks more fancy, in terms of usuability it seems a step back. It generally feels "confusing" to use. But a concrete issue: in the magazine view there are only 2 lines for the title! Half of my articles do not show the full tiles. For the list view there is a option to switch on full titles. Can we also have this for magazine view, please? Cheers!
  16. Offline reading?

    Hi, it seems that the new app doesn't propose offline reading? Do you have an ETA? I hardly need this feature as I'm doing a lot of selection inside the subway:-)! best regards
  17. In the new IOS reader the list of subscriptions on the left disappears when all articles have been read. Even after choosing 'All articles' in the View tab, the subscriptions are still hidden, which makes it impossible to look for a previously read article.
  18. Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    ok...thanks anyway
  19. Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    We already try to workaround this article but we are risking to broke the others, so we prefer to keep it that way. Sorry.
  20. Last week
  21. Dear Inoreader, #1: This week I re-enabled my folder 'Crypto coins' (see the image below). What I expected to do, was: I only had to tick on the 'Crypto coins' folder box. But no, I had to click at 'Deactivated' and then untick all the subscriptions I didn't like to activate... Why…? Why is this so cumbersome organized…? My intention was clear: I only like to enable the folder 'Crypto coins', not subscriptions from an other folder...!! #2: At this moment I have to go to the preferences to disable / enable folders. Why aren't there (un-)tick-boxes directly at the folders at the dashboard bar at the left (or management via a ctrl-click popup menu)? I hope you agree with me; A quicker way to get things done, is more efficient. I have 7 folders in my Inoreader. For a quicker overview, now and then I like to disable a (one or more) folder(s). And yes, I know I also can see the news overview per folder. But that’s NOT what I want. What I want is my complete news overview, minus one folder; This by unticking a box at the dashbar, or in a ctrl-click popup menu. Kind regards from Holland.
  22. Eurogamer Feeds Unavailable

    hi wesson, i've found an article that presents the "mobilized content" issue: try to compare all the viewing mode and you'll see the difference.
  23. Old verstion IPA

    I solve my problem by some tricks with downlloading older version of the app. All you need is about 20-30 minutes of time. At first, youtube the video "How to download older versions of iPhone apps" and do all things showing to you. With this CharlesProxy i download from AppStore version 5.4.4 of the app and right now i'm happy and in the future i'll never download any update of the app with new fulish UI and design. PS: During my experience with CharlesProxy i tried to understand information in youtube video about 3 times. At 3rd try i download it and install to the phone via itunes. Never give up!
  24. confirmation email

    We'll recheck this.
  25. Old verstion IPA

    Hello! Does anybody have old version Inoreader ipa file to download and install via itunes? Have new version and delete in from the phone.
  26. facebook feeds expiration

    it was exactly 60 days in my case (I added a google calendar reminder and it ringed 60 days - from febrouary 9) and that day my token expired
  27. facebook feeds expiration

    Any new on this ? Notification in inoreader is not enough. I set rules to send items from FB feeds to e-mail, how to know when renew if i'm not on the reader ? By the way, the 60 days limit is a bit optimistic, I have noticed token expire every 3 weeks more or less
  28. Links expanded in feed.

    Ah, I see - thank you.
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