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  2. Here's a possible feature idea to address the issue above. Make a preference that would allow setting the "height" of the body text for each Expanded View article listing. This would allow the user to set how tall each item in the list would be. Some might want one to a few lines, while others might want all the body text that is available. Thanks for considering this.
  3. Problem with Greek characters

    There seems to be some kind of problem with Latin characters too. For example, with this article:
  4. help with feed

    can somebody help with this? @wesson??? @Jacket??? I'm having issue with another feed too: I can subscribe to the latter in feedly, but not in inoreader!!
  5. Do your REFRESH tokens expire?

    Do REFRESH tokens returned by your API eventually expire? Note that I am not asking about ACCESS tokens (which of course expire).
  6. Last week
  7. Clear All Tagged Articles?

    I'd love to see the ability to clear tags in the future. Tags would work perfectly for me if I didn't need to manually clear them one by one (this week I needed to clear 542 tagged articles and it took over two hours!). I'll play around a little more with folders and stars to see if I can find a solution to fit my workflow. Thank you for your reply.
  8. by native app you mean youtube app? there is not such app in any of my (two) phones, I don't need it, so I uninstalled it, in any case you can give users the option from the app settings on how they would like videos to be played
  9. Hello, First of all thank you for the kind words about our app and welcome aboard. About the suggestion. We'll consider it, but can't promise anything about similar implementation for now. Actually we had many opposite requests in the past . Namely to be able to play youtube videos inside the native app.
  10. Original enclosures in email ?

    I see. It looks like the issue appears while you are using Rules. Manually sending doesn't have these issues. It's already placed in our internal ticketing system for resolution.
  11. Original enclosures in email ?

    ok but in my case, it is a rule with "send to email" action. and I would like to see that external link when i receive email.
  12. Hello, First of all: Inoreader on Android is a great app, thanks. I suggest new possibility for the Youtube channels subscriptions like this one: Today we can play videos in the Youtube App or the in browser (internal or external). It would be great if we can play videos directly in the Inoreader view with full width (like you do already for images) in addition of the existing possibilities. This is faster than opening a new app (or webpage) for each video. Thank you KNL (happy new subscriber)
  13. help with feed

    I want to subscribe to: which is fine when I check it from my browser, but, when trying to subscribe to it via inoreader, it gets redirected to: which isn't what I want, I found an alternative, subscribing to: but doesn't fetch articles, old at least, to check if it could work with the proper filter
  14. MRSS feeds

    Yes, we are supporting such feeds. But let's continue on the support ticket where we already asked for examples if you don't mind.
  15. Clear All Tagged Articles?

    Hello and welcome aboard We are very glad to hear that you are finding Inoreader invaluable for your workflow. Unfortunately at this stage you can't clear all articles from a given tag in bulk instead deleting the tag itself. But your questions will be considered as feature request. Best Regards
  16. Original enclosures in email ?

    Could you please give us little more details about that? Here is how it looks like now:
  17. Open link from Facebook post

    Hmmm, I'm not sure about that... Will add it for consideration but can't promise anything for now.
  18. Problem with Greek characters

    Unfortunately, this is happening again.
  19. Hi, Is it possible to add the original enclosures URL from a feed when I send it to email ? For instance, this one : has MP3 link which I would like to display inside email Does a predefined value exist for this ? thanks
  20. Clear All Tagged Articles?

    Hello, I recently subscribed to the Inoreader Professional plan and wish I would have discovered Inoreader sooner, as I've found it an invaluable tool for my workflow. Presently, I'm sorting articles for work purposes into tags by category that match my workflow (e.g. Science, Wellness, News, etc). At the end of the week I need to clear these tagged articles to start fresh the following week. I don't see an option to 'Clear All Tagged Articles' like you can do with starred articles. I have to go in and clear the tag manually from each article one by one and it can sometimes take a couple hours depending on how much I've saved and tagged throughout the week. Is there a way to clear all tagged items, without deleting the tag itself, or does anyone have a suggestion on how I might modify my workflow to be more efficient? Thank you! Laurie
  21. I opens links from Facebook feeds every day. I need to open link from Facebook post instead Facebook post (after pressed V or B). It would be possible add this option to settings?
  22. MRSS feeds

    Hi there, Is it possible to import MRSS feeds into Inoreader? I have tested one and find that it only accepts the title an description. There are a number of tags that aren't being pulled in (video url amongst them). Thanks, Paraic
  23. Basic Changing - August 1

    Yep - I would assume they have data on each account and how long it's been in existence. If cashflow *isn't* the concern (and it's been stated that it isn't), then providing the 1 rule/1 social feed to existing accounts would seem to be the most fair (since, as @Kovaelin said - there was no prior indication these features were "temporary." Maybe it's true - maybe this IS the only game in town. Maybe the other options aren't nearly as robust. Maybe I'll need to find alternatives/hacks to get around this. Or, maybe there's a hidden gem (much as InoReader was, originally). Until I start doing research, I won't know But, I hadn't planned on doing any research. I was content with InoReader for what I needed. So be it.
  24. RSS Guard - Inoreader integration plug-in incoming

    At this stage no. But for sure you'll be informed timely about similar changes. BTW, we will consider about such API method in the future.
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